TSS Competition: Sales Pitch Winners!

Last week we posed to you the challenge of inventing something cool and original in the way of a new Sonic toy. Well, you all managed to decimate the comments box which ended up including over 150 ideas…and it has as always been a real pain choosing winners! There are far too many amazing to mention here, so before we announce the winners, here are a few:


Okay, what the Sonic merchandise series never get to have are collectors quality figures. With the sales of the first 4 figures by F4F, it is clearly shown that Sonic figure set with details that matches anime figures will sell well. The debut idea here is a “Sonic Adventure: DX Figure” set, recreating the Vs. Final Chaos scenery with a darker tone (ignoring the fact that Super Sonic did it all alone):
Link to Image
The figures will be PVC-made with the effects sculpted with clear materials and is around 210 mm, perfect for shelf stands! We must take on any price at all as this will be collector’s item. However, it is assured that even if one is only going to get one out of the set, each is as good as another as a stand-alone. This will be another feature of the series. [Wow! They look like The Force Unleashed Figures! Cool! – T]

Link to Image

So here are my Sonic The Hedgehog Friends & Foes statue line!
Each figure is made from high quality resin material (same as the great 15th anniversary Sonic statue)  and placed on a sturdy wooden base and a little plaque showing where Sonic first met that friend/foe.  As you can see, some figures are held up using small, transparent plastic poles to make it seem like they are in mid-air. This is just the first line of statues. The 2nd line could include more recent characters like Big, Cream & Silver for the friends and Chaos, Shadow & Mephiles The Dark for the foes. [A must for all the high-end collectors! – T]

Knuckles with a smashable master emerald? :B [I hope each bit has a built in homing device so you can find them again! – T]

Four Words.
BIG.THE.CAT.DISPENSER. Its a toy big that cat that can fire out lollies like pez and smarties and whatnot XD [Froggy Pez! – T]

For the 3.75 inch line there should be a bonus figure that you get with every set of five. Similar to the Sonic x Mega bot series or the Marvel Legends and Futurama figures. Each toy comes with a limb of a large character, then when you have collected all five, you can piece together the body of an additional character. Take a look, i made visuals: [Loving the SU set…but I need more swatbots! – T]
Shadow the Hedgehog Set
SatBK Set
Sonic Underground Set


(and the receipients of a Jazwares SatBK Sonic Action Figure!):

A Tornado-2 from Sonic Adventure. Basically it’ll have the ability to transform from normal bi-plane to the super jet plane! (Kinda like a Transformer, hope its not ripping it in anyway…). Plus it can include a miniuature Tails figure for the cockpit and a Sonic figure to stand on the wings! It should be small in size and easy to transform, good for kids ages 6 and up. [I want one now! – T]

This had better not have been said already…
*ahem* -steps up to front- BEHOLD!!!
The build-your-own Egg-machine!! Start with the basic Eggmobile (featuring of course, the fully articulated doctor with alternate heads of increasing degrees of rage) and use the peices provided to constuct your favourate bosses or your own attempt at hedge-cide! buy booster packs as well as new mobiles with different versions of his moustatchedness for endless possibilities(to kill sonic)!! made to scale with our current lines, naturally! (c) yours truly. How DO YOU like it?!  [A lot! I know where my pocket money would go!  – T]


(And the winner of the Sonic, Tails & SatBK Figure set!)


First, we were very impressed by the filly illustrated technical design for the Sonic Adventure 2 playset  – we could probably build one from these schematics!

Artistic Impression of Set
Schematics and working sounds and lights
Super Sonic figure design

Secondly, we then laughed our arses off at the second idea:

A Dr RRRRRRRRobotnik room guard. Stops people from rooting through your belongings. Set it up before you leave the room, and when someone enters they are caught “snooPING AS usual, I seeeee!”. Thanks to the used phrase, it also insults them.

Enough to scare off any burglar or badnik I think! Congratulations to all the winners, please as usual send your postal info to tbird [at] sonicstadium [dot] org as per usual!

If you didn’t win anything this time around, do not fear!!! We have YET ANOTHER COMPETITION beginning in May…all I can say is you’re going to be at an advantage if you’re good at putting names to faces!