#101: The Sonic Show’s Fave: Females!?

The Sonic Show is back again, this time to discuss the lovely ladies of the Sonic universe.

Instead of doing the usual formula of a top 5, we decided to change things up and simply have a discussion on the subject, so enjoy as Tanner and Fuad join forces to share with each other their own personal favourite female characters from the Sonic franchise.

Do you agree with their choices? Join the discussion in the comment section.

The Sonic Show Live: Sonic 06 and a bottle of booze

The Sonic Show now hosts a weekly live video show featuring a selection of your favourite community characters.

Tune in January 8th at 8pm GMT to see how Jay aka Discoponies fares at Sonic The Hedgehog on the Xbox 360, where he will be drinking for every death as the likes of  Turbo and friends look on in fear.

For the air time in your time zone just click here.

(The Sonic Show does not recommend anyone take part in drinking games as careless drinking is nooo good)

The Sonic Show: #100 – Top 5 Monsters

It’s a new a year in The Sonic Show offices (let’s pretend we have offices), and
what better way to start it off than this…

…something we released on our Youtube channel a few weeks ago. But don’t let that put you off, as it’s the return of the popular “Top 5″ feature. It’s also a time to welcome our two new friends on The Sonic Show team, Tanner and Fuad. So be nice and say hello!

#89 Death Egg Robot Boss Fight Footage!

A german website just uploaded a long preview of this years hot game (linked to in video annotation if you want to see the full thing while its up!)
. Since we fear that it could randomly vanish, we reuploaded the bit we care about,  that Death Egg boss battle!

Are you excited? Comment below!

Sonic Show Site and Youtube Channel Hacked

Most of you will have enjoyed many years of entertainment from original videos to Summer of Sonic coverage through the Sonic Show‘s website and youtube channel.

Unfortunately due to a malicious attack, the Sonic Show site and youtube channels both suffered an internet attack from a hacker earlier this week. While the Sonic Show site has survived, the youtube channel was deleted by the hacker, and unfortunately this has meant the loss of many years worth of hard work from the likes of hard working staffers such as Discoponies and Brad – including the Summer of Sonic 2008 retrospective.

However it will take more than one moron with nothing better to do to bring the Sonic Show down! A new youtube channel has now taken its place, and slowly but surely materials are being re-added.

I call upon all of you Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there who love the community to unite and support this rebuild by subscribing to the new Sonic Show youtube channel, so we can get this great show back on it’s feet.

The Sonic Show Website
The New Sonic Show Youtube Channel


The Sonic Show’s Summer of Sonic Retrospective

This year’s Summer of Sonic convention had so much going on…competitions, Sonic Generations, music performances, guests and loads more – even if you attended, you no doubt missed some parts of the day.

But have no fear! Discoponies and the cyberwizards over at The Sonic Show have put together a 75-minute Summer of Sonic retrospective show, absolutely packed with all the events of the day!

Even if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite for Summer of Sonic or if you’re still feeling blue and missing hanging out with all your fellow Sonic fans…there is a whole heap of other bonus footage to catch including the Nevermind the Buzzbombers competition, all 40 minutes of Julien-K’s performance, and of the uncut, unedited Sonic Team Interview!

You have absolutely no excuse to be bored this weekend!

Can’t Make It To Summer of Sonic? Watch the Live Stream!


Live in America and can’t afford the flights over? Mum and Dad are busy so you can’t be accompanied? Can’t come because you’re washing your quills that night? Don’t worry! Our Summer of Sonic technical team headed by Sonic Show guru Discoponies have got it all sorted!

Those of you who can’t make it to Summer of Sonic for the event itself will be able to tune into the live video stream from the event itself. Join fellow Sonic fans and have a chat while you watch the event from a bird’s eye view of the stage!

To tune in on the day, follow this link!


Sonic Show: Top 5 Biggest Assholes

There are a lot of assholes in Sonic games.  A lot.

Ben and I meet up again to rank our personal top 5 biggest assholes in Sonic games.  What ensues is a list featuring frustrating badniks, notoriously difficult levels, and seemingly unpassable objects.  Who will take the top spot?  Watch it all below, knuckleheads.  (Be sure to watch in high quality!)

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISXg8N263oI[/youtube]

What are your top 5 biggest assholes in your Sonic experiences?  There are plenty more assholes to rant about!  Let us know and stay tuned for more cool shit from The Sonic Show.

Watch the Top 5 Biggest Assholes at The Sonic Show

Sonic Show: The Marcus Minute, Ep. 1

TSS’ vidcast, The Sonic Show, has a new face… and it’s the face of a generation.

If you were anywhere near SAGE 2009 this past July, you should know Marcus.  He had a few hours of air-time that everybody loved.  If you are unfamiliar with him, here’s his story of how he ended up on The Sonic Show:

Marcus was born in 1995.  Marcus’ first Sonic experience was Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast.  He didn’t know what a “Genesis” was until last year.  He decided to play the games that started it all.

One day, Marcus decided that he wanted to be like everybody else on YouTube and review classic games.  Nobody watched him and those that actually did hated his guts.  Marcus locked himself in a closet of Shadow plushies and cut his wrists with the instruction manual of Sonic ’06.

We saw him in action and, quite frankly, he’s the best at what he does.  Jay (DiscoPonies), head of the Sonic Show, decided to pick him up.  Marcus emerged from his closet a new man.  Today, we bring you his first review as he takes a retrospective look at the original Sonic the Hedgehog.


Watch “The Marcus Minute” at The Sonic Show.


Also new at The Sonic Show is #47, a behind the scenes look at the making of a film that you probably didn’t even know existed.  It’s a sequel to boot.  What?


Watch the behind the scenes footage of “Return to Little Planet II” at The Sonic Show.

NEW @ The Sonic Show: Top 5 Winter Levels!


You ever watch The Sonic Show here at TSS?  You haven’t?  Start now.

I have returned to The Sonic Show, but I’m not reading e-mails anymore (so you can stop sending them, please).  This season, I’ll be trying many different things, but my friend Ben and I will be making “Top 5” lists.  (You may remember my new co-host from “How I Celebrated My Sonic 2sday.“)  Our first Top 5 list coincides with the holiday season, as we count down the best winter levels in Sonic games.  Which winter wonderland will take top honors?  Hit the jump to watch and find out!

Continue reading NEW @ The Sonic Show: Top 5 Winter Levels!

Watch Jay Paint His Sonic Room

Couldn't get one of you dancing Jay, sorry.
Couldn't get one of you dancing Jay, sorry.

Those of you with nothing better to watch on TV tonight (let’s face it, it’s all pretty crap this year) can do worse than watch some live Internet TV, courtesy of our video brethren The Sonic Show. The event? Jay (aka DiscoPonies) is painting his room, all Sonical like. You can even comment on the uStream page that it resides on and try and convince him not to draw a huge penis on that Buzzbomber he’s already painted up there.

Seriously, as I write this progress is pretty good in Jay’s room – the characters are starting to look really awesome in white outlines. Hm. I’m starting to think that we’ve hit Big Brother territory for some reason, what with writing about what someone’s doing in their own house and all. But hey, Jay’s publicising himself, he’s asking for the attention!

Watch the painting – complete with more dancing and gurning, no doubt – here.

Watch or Listen to Summer of Sonic 2009 Live

Can’t make it to the biggest Sonic event of the year? Fret not, for The Sonic Show, SEGASonic Radio, TSS and the SoS website have you covered! There are two ways to enjoy the event, depending on whether you like multitasking or your Internet connection.

Thanks to The Sonic Show, there will be a special live video feed that will overlook the day’s events and focus on various things on the show floor during the day! Roareye Black will be your presenter for the day, and DiscoPonies your producer/cameramans. Say hello to them if you’re at the Summer of Sonic tomorrow and you’ll be shown online! A video feed is below via uStream, but you can also watch on The Sonic Show’s website, Summer of Sonic’s website or on the special uStream page.

The other method you can tune into the day’s activities is by listening to SEGASonic Radio – thanks to our radio station, we’re able to broadcast the DJ’s tunes and the crowd live to your eardrums. The two feeds will provide different services – the radio feed will work right off of the live source, meaning if you’re into learning more about the Q&A and the power of sight isn’t a big deal, you may get a better result from the SSR feed. Listen in either using the panel below, or by going on the SoS website (link above).

EDIT: As embedding the SSR player isn’t working on TSS, you can head to SoS’ Live page and listen to the proceedings from the player on that page instead if you wish. SSR 24/7 will continue to play until the day kicks off.

See you guys tomorrow!

Sonic Show Presents A Fan-Made Sonic Live Action Movie!

Charahyde Beryl copy

Even though Discoponies is on holiday at a secret location he still has time to post some fantastic things over at the Sonic Show. Today he’s posted something a little unique. Jim Sass, the guy who runs Sasso Studios has put together along with a cast of family and friends, a full-length Sonic fan-movie…

Continue reading Sonic Show Presents A Fan-Made Sonic Live Action Movie!

Watch The Sonic Show: Season 2, Episode 4

It is that time once again for another installment in The Sonic Stadium’s own podcast, The Sonic Show.  After a one month delay, caused by me (my bad, but school comes first), the fourth installment of the second season is ready to hit your iPods with style.  What is jam packed into this episode?

  • Turbo, from “Turbo Drive Live,” guest hosts!
  • All the latest Sonic news
  • New Unleashed and Black Knight footage and trailers
  • Slingerland’s Corner goes to college
  • Red Hedgehog visits G.U.N.
  • Finally, Red Hedgehog does some silly shit.

The Sonic Show: Episode 2-3 available for download!

Hey, Sonic Show fans! Are you ready for another episode of TSS’ chart-topping podcast?! Well, here it is! Season 2, episode 3 is a “Summer of Sonic” special episode, so this go-’round is not your traditional offering of Sonic Show goodness, as it mostly acts as an archive of all the media Jay (aka Disco Ponies) and other expo-goers managed to film at the event.

However, there are a few non-SoS skits in there, so there are some surprises to be had in this episode! Featuring:

  • Exclusive Summer of Sonic coverage and footage! Featuring all the concert numbers by Richard Jacques, TJ Davies, and Lee Brotherton, T-Bird’s Quiz Show, and more!
  • An exclusive promo video for the re-opening of the Sonic Cage Dome!
  • The SAGE 2008 Promotional Video!
  • What’s going on as SoS U.S.A.? Our cameras dropped in on the show!
  • RedHedgehog doesn’t have an episode this time, but they show up to announce a new contest! What is it and what is the prize?
  • Slingerland’s Corner at the Olympic Games

With the Olympics in full swing and my love for attention, I shoved a Corner segment out the door. Fun fun fun. RedHedgehog will return to its usual antics next week, as well. We really hope you enjoy all the SoS coverage in this episode, though. The audio quality of the concerts is really good!


Episode 4 will air on TSS on September 5th. Be on the look out for brand new content and higher production values?

The Sonic Show’s New Groove

Hey, everybody!  The Sonic Show has followed suit with TSS’ WordPress update and has now launched its own, brand new WordPress site!  Updates are now more manageable for Jay to update and for you to view.  The new site is an RSS feed for you to subscribe to, so that you know when the next episode of the #1 Sonic podcast is available, or when Jay scores some rare and/or exclusive media!

The Sonic Show has been on a roll since moving here to TSS.  The show has now been downloaded 170,304 times (season 1 and 2 combined) and the most recent episode (Season 2, Episode 2) has been downloaded 8,125 times, according to the RSS feed.  Episode 1, which debuted back in February, has now reached the 15,000 download mark and is truly impressive.

Look out for Episode Three of the second season to debut after the much-anticipated Summer of Sonic.  The show will feature Unleashed news, new Sonic shorts, and I will continue to read your e-mails.  I encourage everybody who loves Sonic to tune in and to check out the new site!


Sonic Show Season 2 Roaring Success

Plenty to celebrate for The Sonic Show and The Sonic Stadium this week, as Episode 1 of the new series has proven to be a bigger success, beating its own records for downloads and hitting iTunes charts around the world.

Episode 1 is the first time The Sonic Show has been proudly hosted by The Sonic Stadium, and featured a lot of changes in production, including a heavier emphasis on new material and less time-filling music videos. Slingerland’s Corner has remained a hit favourite with many viewers.

The 40-minute premiere has been downloaded over 3,000 times in the two weeks it has been released, compared to over 5,000 downloads for Episode 10 of Series 1 (since Autumn 2007). The Sonic Show jumped to the Top 30 in the UK and US iTunes charts the week following its release. Continue reading Sonic Show Season 2 Roaring Success