Shadow the Hedgehog up for Golden Joystick Award

Shadow the Hedgehog, after going on for ages about being alone and stuff, finally needs your help as he’s nominated for a national gaming gong in the UK Golden Joystick Awards.

Shadow is up against nine other games (most of which are pretty damn awful to say the least) competing for “The Sun’s Family Game of the Year Award”. The Sun (also known as ‘the replacement for Andrex’) seems to be getting into the swing of this “video-game-ing” lark – at least more so than the Daily Mail – with the newshounds getting an interview with ‘Sonic the Hedgehog himself’ not too long ago. Continue reading Shadow the Hedgehog up for Golden Joystick Award

The Sun interviews Sonic the Hedgehog

The well known and extremely popular british newspaper The Sun, held an exclusive interview with Sonic yesterday. A few interesting tidbits came to light, including Mr hedgehog’s diet and his favourite Sonic game in the series.

Granted, the article in the famous paper doesn’t reveal much. But this is not really a surprise considering Mr Hedgehog in the photo in the article looks considerably bigger than his videogame self. Milk drinking confessions and the potential benefits of drinking the white beverage aside, Sonic admits that he is quite busy with his current games in development, such as Sonic rivals, Sonic the hedgehog and Sonic wild fire.

This article may not be 100% accurate but british Sonic fans familiar with the newspaper should at least be happy that Sonic has got some coverage in a media that is very widely read and therefore, allows Sonic to at least be presented and be even more known amongst those who have not even heard of a Sonic game.