New “Rock ‘N’ Sonic” Merchandise Available for Preorder

Sonic Channel have announced a new rock-themed Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise line and campaign, in conjunction with the release of new arrangements of some of the best-loved songs from the series.

Rock ‘N’ Sonic the Hedgehog Sessions! a new EP featuring new Sonic the Hedgehog artwork and containing new arrangements of Live and Learn, Escape from the City, and more tracks to be confirmed, is set for a February 2022 release.

In addition, a merchandise line including a T-shirt, face towel, acrylic stand, and badge set, will be released simultaneously.

The merchandise can be ordered via the dedicated storefront, which allows shipping worldwide.

Sonic Now Has Back-to-School Merchandise

It’s that time of year again: summer vacation is drawing to a close and kids are getting ready to back to school. With a new school year, comes news products, and this year SEGA has several new pieces of merchandise for Sonic fans, for sale at a few different retailers. Continue reading Sonic Now Has Back-to-School Merchandise

Merch Alert: Forbidden Planet stocking numerous new Sonic/Sega items


From out of virtually nowhere…

As part of their new ’16 bit Summer’ initiative, UK based pop-culture megastore Forbidden Planet have begun stocking numerous new merchandise items based off of classic Megadrive box art/cartridges. Thanks to Forbidden Planet, you can now have all of your following everyday items with Sonic 1’s classic megadrive box art:

  • Mug (£7.99)
  • Passport Holder (£4.99)
  • Travel Card Holder (£2.99)
  • T-Shirts (regular fitting or Skinny fitting) (£14.99)
  • Greetings Cards (£2.25)

All of the above are pretty awesome, but come on! Sonic 1 greetings cards! How awesome is that? If you don’t particularly feel like indulging yourself in more Sonic, all of the above are available with artwork from other classic SEGA games. The full list is as follows:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Alex Kidd and the Enchanted Castle
  • Ecco the Dolphin
  • Streets of Rage
  • Altered Beast
  • Golden Axe
  • The Revenge of Shinobi

You can browse the full range on Forbidden Planet’s website.

Grabbing any of these for yourself? Let us know!

ShirtPunch Offering AoStH Apparel for Today Only


ShirtPunch, an online store that specializes in limited edition apparel, is for today only, selling a range of apparel and accessories themed on the SSSSS Squad from the cartoon series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. You’ll have to be quick, because they’re only available for just less than 16 hours at the time of this post.

Source: ShirtPunch (via SEGA Driven)

Sonic The Skellinghog T-Shirt

Sonic has gone bare bones spikes and all in the above new t-shirt SEGA Nerds caught sight of at Tee Fury in one of their 24hr only availability sales. In this creepy looking T-Shirt Tee Fury have oddly captured Sonic’s essence as we can all agree Sonic would likely take his cool attitude to his grave but his sneakers and gloves too? Guess Sonic is quite literally attatched to his belongings. Since these were only on sale for 24 hours they’re going to be pretty hard to track down, we’ll keep an eye out for any on eBay and report back.

Mario & Sonic T-Shirt Competition CLOSED: We Have A Winner

M&S2 T-Shirt competition

Our Mario & Sonic Pre-Order T-Shirt Competition is now CLOSED.

The question we asked was –

Where are the 2010 Olympic Winter Games being held?
A: Antarctica
B: Beijing
C: Vancouver

The correct answer was of course C: Vancouver, we had 27 entries altogether of which were all correct answers.

Now my lovely assistant, I mean wife has just blindly picked one of your names randomly out of a shoebox.
Our winner is….

* Drumroll*

Emma Butler AKA Angel The Hedgehog

The Mario & Sonic T-shirt is yours, we will contact your for a delivery address and it will be sent your way in a Sonic second providing there’s no Royal Mail strikes in the way.


Hot Topic sells awesome Sonic shirts, sucks 10% less

Piercings and black hair stripe not included.

Hot Topic, the totally cool mall hangout for angsty, faux-punk, American teenagers that smells like parental hate, sells video game t-shirts in one corner of the store.  It’s always in one of the window corners, so you can gawk at them without going inside and sacrificing your dignity and musk.  The shirts are always so cool looking, but most in the store are absolutely ruined by silly phrases like, “I’m so money” or “Home Schooled”/”Classically Trained.” It’s a good thing that the Sonic shirts that they sell are not like that.

Hot Topic is offering up four styles of Sonic shirts for us to eat up.  A blue hooded sweatshirt with the iconic, finger-waving pose, two off-yellow tees with Sonic posing or laughing, and a red shirt with Sonic running.  They are all quality, retro, and awesome.  They can also be shipped worldwide!

Buy some damn shirts and wear ’em to Summer of Sonic ’09 already! (Thanks, Rio!)

Let’s look at Sonic T-Shirts in UNIQLO Japan

We have had a limited availability of these special SEGA Vintage T-Shirts in the UK, but before we were able to grab them (assumedly via online only), this much sought-after range of clothing was available for a long time in Japan. Well, if by a long time you mean a week or so, before the lot was sold out.

Artist and general Australian bloke Elson ‘Darkspeeds’ Wong took a trip to the land of the rising sun back in March to see the sights and invest in a little Virtua Fighter with his homies, and managed to stumble across these magnificent T-Shirts – this is, incidentally, how we got to know about the UNIQLO SEGA range and, because we told you, how you all got to know about them. Continue reading Let’s look at Sonic T-Shirts in UNIQLO Japan

SEGA UT Uniqlo T-Shirts hit the UK!

EDIT: Some sizes and colours are already sold out! If you want one, I suggest you get one soon!
EDIT 2 (3rd May, 16:30pm): The Sonic designs are now COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. Hope you got yours in time!

Japanese SEGA fans were recently treated to a selection of SEGA shirts produced by the highly fashionable designer clothing chain Uniqlo. Many fans (including myself) have tried to get their hands on these shirts, but to little avail; the Japanese stocks are now almost depleted (the Sonic designs are now sold out on the Tokyo site). Continue reading SEGA UT Uniqlo T-Shirts hit the UK!

Old-School T-Shirts Available in UK (Updated 22/8)

Ever since Hot Topic began selling specialised Sonic the Hedgehog T-Shirts, British fans have been pining for some extra hedgehog love. Four new T-Shirts can be found in your local GameStation store sporting classic Sonic poses in retro-cool designs.

Avid fans can buy a brown ‘Circles’ Sonic Tee, which has the words “Since 1991” like a Levi Jeans ad. Or something. A blue ‘Hisashi’ shirt features Sonic doing his funky finger-wagging pose with red stars circling him, in what is ultimately the sexiest T-Shirt man has ever created. If you like your music, there’s also a black Sonic shirt that mimicks The Ramones’ circular insignia. A fourth, which was not available for Sonic News to harvest, has Sonic running running along some psychadelic wavy lines. Continue reading Old-School T-Shirts Available in UK (Updated 22/8)