Mash-Up Monday: Sweet Labrys

It’s too cold outside. We need more hotblooded mash-ups. Good thing for Mash-Up Mondays!

For this December week, we have just the remedy: Labrys’ boss theme, The Ultimate in Mayonaka, from Persona 4: Arena appears to work incredibly well with Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colours! Definitely one hot mix!


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Sonic Colours – Sweet Mountain & Planet Wisp Videos

Who fancies some more Sonic Colours, then? The more eagle-eyed of you will have noticed that we added two videos of gameplay from the first world, Tropical Resort, when we opened our Sonic Colours Game Archive. You wanted more, and so here you go – four more videos of footage, from Sweet Mountain and Planet Wisp. You can find them on the same page – just click here.

Keep an eye on TSS over the weekend for some more 10th Anniversary updates – our Sonic 4 review is also hitting on Monday. In the meantime, enjoy the videos!

Sonic Colours Wii: Full E3 Sweet Mountain Act 2 Demo Video


We posted some Sweet Mountain Wii gameplay footage yesterday that claimed to be Act 1 footage but now we have a video of the full Act 2 E3 demo from WiiNintendo’s YouTube channel including Act 2 title cards that prove yesterdays video from HedgehogZone was in fact Act 2 footage. Despite being the same stage, the footage shown yesterday was barely over a minute long while this video displays the full E3 demo of the stage so it’s still worth a look. In the extra footage we get to see more side-scrolling action including a pool of popcorn(yes popcorn) and some more platforming which should put a smile on some faces before finishing with a grind rail ring collectathon.

We’ll keep an eye out for some Act 1 gameplay footage and report back here but it appears that this level is cut short for the E3 demo which is evident by the Act ending with a Goal Ring instead of a Wisp capsule, plus there is an Egg Pawn aswell as some obstactles on a path seen behind the goal ring so Act 1 might not be on the showfloor which would explain why the first video poster HedgehogZone mistook the stage for Act 1 despite the Act 2 notice at the start.