The Road to Summer of Sonic – Only Two Days to Go!

SOS09-LOGO-WITH-DATEMy bags are packed, I’m checked in online for my flight, and I tell you what – SoS fever is just about to kick in!

Everything is finally beginning to come together – Dreadknux, AAUK, Urtheart and many other staffers have been working tirelessly to bring everything together for the big day on Saturday; it is definitely shaping up to be a very busy day indeed! The stage schedule is packed – there’s just enough time to move things around in between the events going on there, and that is the tip of the iceberg; there will be a whole host of activities and contests going on throughout the day – some of which you know about, and some of which will be surprises!

For those of you turning up ultra-early in the morning due to whatever means of transport you are taking to the event, serial deviantartist Elson “Darkspeeds” Wong will be hanging around nearby – check out his plans on his deviant art account.

If you’re wondering what the special gift is – check out the Summer of Sonic website – yes, it’s a rather nifty artbook full of artwork old and new, of high quality, and surely something very special! There are a very limited number of them, so ticket holders, be sure to get there early to nab yourself one!

If you really can’t wait for SoS, and you want to tell everyone about how excited you are, what you’re going to be wearing (maybe you’re competiting in the cosplay contest?), or just generally want to gab about the event, head on over to the SSMB and join the chat there! Can’t be there in person? Then watch the live feed over at the Sonic Show site thanks to the amazing powers of Discoponies!

Right, I’m off to get my beauty sleep before my long day of travel down to London tomorrow – See you all on Saturday!


SoS 09 Countdown Day 5: The DK Rap

At the end of Summer of Sonic everyone paid tribute to Sonic with a massive cake – except it wasn’t for him but for someone else! Then ArchangelUK has to ruin it all naturally by reminding everyone that Rory and Svend still owe him the Wrecks Factor forfeit and that they would be singing the DK Rap.


(Footage courtesy of SEGA Nerds)

The Road To The Summer of Sonic – 17 Days To Go

It’s almost time for the return of the world’s first Sonic the Hedgehog convention. And I am positively excited about the whole affair. Excited and nervous, actually. Who would have thought that an idea formed in my little head several years ago would actually become one of the most talked about events on the Sonic fan calendar? Not me for starters.

Thanks to the growing relationship I have with Sega Europe, which first began in 2005 when we ran Shadow Week, myself and a group of TSS staff and SSMB community members worked together with Sega to make the first true, real-life Sonic gathering. And it was really awesome. SoS 2008 couldn’t have gone better for a bunch of first-timers who never had any prior experience to hosting such an event.

Fast forward to 2009 and already SoS has grown exponentially. Sega are more heavily involved in the process; we have a budget rather than paying for a tiny hall out of a pool of community money; the success of last year’s event gives us some clout in inviting more special guests over… I haven’t had a second to really stop and think about it all this year, but given a chance this morning it’s really hit me how big and successful this thing is.

Of course, the additional luxuries mean additional pressures – we have a 500-strong space in the form of the Truman Brewery this time around, with a nice outdoor area, public parking, easy access and even a balcony (which I’m so using as a Command Deck! Watch me act like a pirate overseeing the sea of Sonic fans on the day!). But, seemingly endless amount of red tape are associated with actually hiring the space, because of the fact that it’s a proper professional venue rather than Dragon Hall’s cool and cosy community hall.

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M&S Winter, All-Stars Racing At Summer of Sonic

Those going to this year’s Summer of Sonic convention (a joint venture between The Sonic Stadium, Sonic Wrecks and Sega Europe) will have yet another few reasons to get excited, as Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing make their first ever playable debuts in the UK.

Both the Wii and Nintendo DS versions of Mario and Sonic’s new athletic adventure will be playable in the Games Zone, alongside a bunch of Xbox 360 demo pods that will feature classic games from Sonic’s gaming past. Sega reps will be on hand to help fans trial the game, and there may even be a contest or two for those who take to the games very well indeed.

A PlayStation 3 pod will also house a playable copy of Sumo Digital’s upcoming multiplayer, Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing – this will be the first time outside of E3 that a copy of the game has even seen daylight, let alone the first time anyone from the gaming public will get to try it. Sumo Digital’s Executive Producer, Steve Lycett and Lead Designer, Travis Ryan, will also be present to demonstrate the game.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is set for an October 16th release in the UK, with Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing due for release TBA 2010.

Bentley Jones to Attend Summer of Sonic ’09!


If the Summer of Sonic wasn’t already awesome enough, it just got a whole lot more exciting.

Lee Brotherton a.k.a. Japanese chart-topping solo artist and Sonic fangirl heart-throb Bentley Jones has announced via the good old communication media of Facebook and Twitter that he will be attending Summer of Sonic again this year. Bentley Jones is the musical genius behind several Remix-Factory songs to have featured in recent Sonic titles, and more notably known for “Dreams of an absolution (Silver’s theme)” from Sonic ‘06 as well as versions of “His World”, “Open Your Heart” and “Seven Rings in Hand”.

To what capacity Lee will be attending the event is yet to be confirmed, but either way, we are absolutely stoked to have a legend of the Sonic universe return for the second year running. Only 34 more days to wait!

Advance Registration for Summer of Sonic 09 Begins

The Summer of Sonic 2009 website has opened up ‘advance registrations’, which will allow those who send in their contact details ahead of time to jump the long queues that people will face on the day. By sending an email that includes names, addresses and other information to convention staff, you will get an e-ticket that can be printed out and handed in on the day for immediate entry. E-tickets can be personalised by submitting a username/name to be printed on the ticket.

Attendees will be required to submit their details via a form on the day if they choose not to register in advance. The information is needed for fire and safety purposes, as well as a legal obligation. The convention confirms that whichever method visitors choose to register, attendance will be free for everyone.

To register in advance for the Summer of Sonic 2009, due to take place in London’s Truman Brewery on 29th August, visit the Summer of Sonic website for more information.

So, who wants to go to the Summer of Sonic 2009?

6th March Update: All comments have been wiped with the site’s recent server crash. We still have a count of all the people who took the time to write a comment showing their interest. So as not to mess up our ballpark figure, if you have already written in this post before the server wipe please do not so so again. If you do, please let us know you have already posted before. Thanks!

Last year, The Sonic Stadium held, with support from SEGA Europe and Sonic Wrecks, the world’s first Sonic the Hedgehog fan convention in London’s Covent Garden. With a playable demo of Sonic Chronicles, the Guinness Book of Records adjudicating Sonic 2 times, a special song from Dreams of an Absolution singer Lee Brotherton, signings from Sonic the Comic’s Nigel Kitching and a performance from TJ Davis and Richard Jacques (!), the Summer of Sonic metamorphasised overnight from a quaint little British meetup to an internationally recognised, had-to-go-there event.

And as you may already know, we’re doing it all again this year. Only bigger.

I can reveal right now that the confirmed date for the next Summer of Sonic will be Saturday 29th August 2009. The venue has not been finalised, but it will be situated in London, UK.

What I want to know is how many of you will come to SoS 09 on this date.

The reasons I ask this are pretty straightforward, if you knew that we had to turn many people away from the event in 2008. The demand far outstripped the capacity of the poor community hall that we had hired for the day. In a space suited for 200, the Dragon Hall Covent Garden saw 300 Sonic-crazed people flock through their doors. Had we not restricted entry on the Summer of Sonic website, and fully promoted the event in the media as we originally planned, who knows how many people would have showed up.

So what we’re doing here is getting a sample of interested people so we (that’s the Summer of Sonic organisation staff – consisting of myself and AAUK of SEGA Europe for now) can get an idea of how big a hall we can squeeze out of our budget. All you need to do is post a comment stating how many in your household are able to come to this event on the 29th August.

While I can’t reveal anything in regards to what will actually be there this year, here’s some information that will whet your appetite – Jun Senoue knows of Summer of Sonic. Richard Jacques said he would happily attend another SoS. You couldn’t stop Lee Brotherton from getting involved again. Sonic Team’s reaction to SoS 2008 was also reported to be very positive, and SEGA Europe as a whole are both very keen to be more involved yet very respectful as to this being about a fan gathering rather than a buck generator.

This, coupled with the success of Covent Garden last year, should be an indication that there will be at least several things at SoS 2009 to get super-excited about.

So – London, United Kingdom. Saturday 29th August 2009. Who’s able to come? Spread the word!


The Sonic Stadium is eight years old today (and it was Cephrien’s birthday a few days ago too, so happy birthday to you too). It’s hard to imagine that this little site of mine would be so involved in an international community like this, but we’re here today amongst other awesome websites like Sonic Retro and Sonic Fan Games HQ, and man is it all good.

As you may be aware, I’ve been chronicling the years of TSS, from beginning to end (we’re at 2001 at this moment in time, but over the course of the next week you’ll learn more about the last few years too) in celebration of what this website has achieved in its lifetime. Needless to say that (trumpet blowing time) the impact The Sonic Stadium has made on the Sonic the Hedgehog community is nothing to be scoffed at.

The Sonic Site Awards gave smaller Sonic sites (including TSS at the time) a chance to be seen amongst the big boys. The approach I made to Sega Europe in 2005 has led to the publisher gaining an interest in their target audience, which led to the creation of their Community department, the Sonic City website and the arrival of everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Sega-man, AAUK, to take pole position of what’s going on worldwide. The TSS Network helped raise the profiles of numerous fellow sites, including FastFeet Media and Sonic Cage Dome.

And then of course, you have my latest creation. Something that I am probably the most proud of besides TSS itself. The Summer of Sonic, which can essentially be called two creations under one name. Originally a website, it was born out of a concept I had waaaay back in 2001; that there should be a Sonic fansite where every single prominent webmaster should contribute to. At the time, the idea was to have a Community website that involved myself, Tristan from TSSZ (who was a lot less controversial than he is now arguably), Sonic HQ, The Sonic Foundation, Shadow of a Hedgehog… it would be a site where the whole community got involved and contributed to. Continue reading Happy Birthday TSS! PLUS BONUS ANNOUNCEMENT!

Interview: Richard Jacques

Yeah, so this one’s been sitting in the archives for a while. Originally recorded on 30th June 2006, Mark Kidley from RadioSEGA and myself sat down with the one and only Richard Jacques for a chat about his career, experience working on Sonic soundtracks and with Sonic Team and much more besides. This was to be used for the original Summer of Sonic event in 2006, but time flies when you’re all of a sudden organising a real life convention.

Even though this interview is two years old, it’s well worth a listen for any RJ fan, particularly as we were out of time during Summer of Sonic 2008 to ask him any pressing questions. Juicy tidbits such as Sonic R’s original work-in-progress name being Sonic TT, his role behind Video Games Live and what game fans pester him the most about. You can download it from the TSS Media Portal – link below.

Summer of Sonic 2006: Richard Jacques Interview (TSS Media Portal) – 10.1MB
Right click and select ‘Save As…’

Summer of Sonic – Happy Snaps

While I’ve been busy making an archive out of the current Summer of Sonic website – be sure to keep sending in your photos and videos – those cool dudes at Sega Nerds have been one of the many sites who have stepped up and made a report on the International Sonic Convention. Many photos and videos were taken, including a few pieces that cover the event really nicely. I’m quite happy they managed to get a photo of Sonic Retro’s ‘invasion’ of the convention (above), as I wanted some photo evidence of that. Sonic Retro joined the many other big-name fansites that were chronicled on the Community Wall. Hopefully someone has a photo of that, now.

Summer of Sonic: Highlights video & images – Sega Nerds

Bird’s Eye View: Summer of Sonic 2008

YOSH!I remember back to October 2006, chilling out at Lee Rosey’s Tea Room in Nottingham after watching Richard Jacques and TJ Davis perform for the first time. I was conversing with my two new friends Kevin and Svend about the event; “We could do something like this” I remember one of them saying. The thought didn’t cross my mind that two years later I’d be setting up a mixer desk and sound system at 8:30am for the Summer of Sonic 2008 event in London, while having a quick chat with Richard Jacques about life in general, as he sifted through the selection of CDs I’d brought along to play.

To say the event was a success would be a massive understatement; it was a roaring torrent of win. Walking around the event after finishing up on my slot on the decks, my ears were treated to what I can only describe as a choral rendition of Live and Learn – everyone was singing along to the song as they explored the event, and it was beautiful!!! I couldn’t walk five steps without spotting a familiar face, or having someone stop me to introduce themselves, to put a face to a (screen) name. Nigel Kitching was trapped in his corner, surrounded by fans asking questions having cherished copies of Sonic the Comic signed. The room was filled with people of different colours, creeds and ages, some having travelled hundreds, even thousands of miles to be here, and all to celebrate their one mutual love…Sonic the Hedgehog.

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The Spin: Is Summer of Sonic the Answer to the Community Crisis?

I came away from The Summer of Sonic convention learning a lot of things. Most of those things involve organisation skills, and things that I could have done better to make the event a smoother day for everyone involved (and saved me a huge headache). But something I learned that I’d like to talk about is about the Sonic fan, and the atmosphere of SOS which greatly surprised and humbled me. Even after eight years or so being at the forefront of it all, the Sonic community can still surprise me.

We have had problems in the past with in-fighting and segregation in the online community. Hell, it only just recently happened when everyone jumped down our throats for being humourous over an announcement of Sonic and the Black Knight. There’s always this notion of what a Sonic fan should like, shouldn’t like; how they should act and damn you all to hell if you don’t agree.

We’ve seen some bitching in the SSMB Forums – “screw you” if you thought Sonic 06 was a good game, “you’re retarded” if you think Classic Sonic is the only way to go. Everyone’s so damn serious on the Internet. What the hell’s going on, it’s like a warzone out here. I’ve considered quitting the Sonic community on various occasions because I feel that one should feel comfortable liking what they like, or disliking what they don’t. Continue reading The Spin: Is Summer of Sonic the Answer to the Community Crisis?

The Sonic Show: Episode 2-3 available for download!

Hey, Sonic Show fans! Are you ready for another episode of TSS’ chart-topping podcast?! Well, here it is! Season 2, episode 3 is a “Summer of Sonic” special episode, so this go-’round is not your traditional offering of Sonic Show goodness, as it mostly acts as an archive of all the media Jay (aka Disco Ponies) and other expo-goers managed to film at the event.

However, there are a few non-SoS skits in there, so there are some surprises to be had in this episode! Featuring:

  • Exclusive Summer of Sonic coverage and footage! Featuring all the concert numbers by Richard Jacques, TJ Davies, and Lee Brotherton, T-Bird’s Quiz Show, and more!
  • An exclusive promo video for the re-opening of the Sonic Cage Dome!
  • The SAGE 2008 Promotional Video!
  • What’s going on as SoS U.S.A.? Our cameras dropped in on the show!
  • RedHedgehog doesn’t have an episode this time, but they show up to announce a new contest! What is it and what is the prize?
  • Slingerland’s Corner at the Olympic Games

With the Olympics in full swing and my love for attention, I shoved a Corner segment out the door. Fun fun fun. RedHedgehog will return to its usual antics next week, as well. We really hope you enjoy all the SoS coverage in this episode, though. The audio quality of the concerts is really good!


Episode 4 will air on TSS on September 5th. Be on the look out for brand new content and higher production values?

SEASON 2: EPISODE 3: Summer Of Sonic Special!

Hey, Sonic Show fans! Are you ready for another episode of TSS’ chart-topping podcast?! Well, here it is! Season 2, episode 3 is a “Summer of Sonic” special episode, so this go-’round is not your traditional offering of Sonic Show goodness, as it mostly acts as an archive of all the media Jay (aka Disco Ponies) and other expo-goers managed to film at the event.

However, there are a few non-SoS skits in there, so there are a few surprises to be had in this episode! Featuring:

  • Exclusive Summer of Sonic coverage and footage! Featuring all the concert numbers by Richard Jacques, TJ Davies, and Lee Brotherton, T-Bird’s Quiz Show, and more!
  • An exclusive promo video for the re-opening of the Sonic Cage Dome!
  • The SAGE 2008 Promotional Video!
  • What’s going on as SoS U.S.A.? Our cameras dropped in on the show!
  • RedHedgehog doesn’t have an episode this time, but they show up to announce a new contest! What is it and what is the prize?
  • Slingerland’s Corner at the Olympic Games

With the Olympics in full swing and my love for attention, I shoved a Corner segment out the door. Fun fun fun. RedHedgehog will return to its usual antics next week, as well. We really hope you enjoy all the SoS coverage in this episode, though. The audio quality of the concerts is really good!

Download HIS WORLD (Blue World Prelude)

During the Summer of Sonic’s live performance featuring Richard Jacques and TJ Davis, Lee Brotherton pulled a rabbit out of the hat and surprised everyone with a brand new version of HIS WORLD. Nice, slow and chilled out, LB’s awesome re-interpretation of the Zebrahead classic features brand new lyrics, and is the official theme song to the Summer of Sonic convention. How cool is that!?

Because myself and Rory did our dare and sung the DK Rap on stage, we get to share a high quality MP3 with you of the theme song. Download it off of our media server now, and bask.

HIS WORLD – Blue World Prelude ~THEME OF SUMMER OF SONIC 2008~ (TSS Media Portal) – 6.1MB
Right click and select ‘Save As…’

Summer of Sonic – VICTOLY!

We’re back from the Summer of Sonic convention, held just yesterday in London. We will be posting roundup articles, photos and everything else we can imagine from the event over the next few days, but those who saw our live broadcast feed would have probably heard (as most of the time you likely saw a buttock instead of the action) it was a fantastic success! The first ever Sonic the Hedgehog convention was a triumph.

I’m glad to have met some awesome people, but am sorry if I did not hang around long enough to have a proper chat – I was running around like a blue-arsed baboon trying to make sure schedules and equipment were working properly.

The special guests enjoyed themselves very much – Richard Jacques was a star as always, TJ Davis was very happy to engage with her fans, Lee Brotherton was utterly shocked to have seen a circle of fangirls singing Dreams of an Absolution in front of the stage when the DJ played it (you should have seen his face), and Nigel Kitching is just about the friendliest, down to earth bloke you could meet.

An actual report of the day’s events will be online soon enough, and a second alternative report will be written by none other than the hatted meister himself, Adam Tuff. Yep, T-Bird’s officially back in action and will be writing some shizzle to wet your nizzle on TSS very soon.

In the meantime, chat amongst yourselves about how great the day was on the SSMB – plug your Youtube account to your hearts content or something,

Summer of Sonic Gets Live Internet Broadcast

Did you hear about the spectacularly awesome Summer of Sonic a little too late, or really wanted to come but couldn’t because you live too far away? Couldn’t bear the thought of missing Richard Jacques talk about his life story? Well guess what? You’re in luck.

The Summer of Sonic team have been testing a method of providing a live video feed to everyone who otherwise can’t attend the convention in person. That test being successful, you can expect a bird’s eye view of the show floor as stuff happens during the day. If we get a few willing volunteers, we may have someone walk around with said camera within the hall to give you a closer look in on the action. The best part is, you won’t miss the main stage shows such as the mega-Q&A I will apparently be hosting, and the live Sonic Hour show. Due to quality issues though, it’s unlikely we will be able to provide a live video of Richard’s awesome performance – you have to see it yourself to believe that.

Interested now? Yeah I bet you are. Gimme that funky chunky donkey.

Richard Jacques, TJ Davis to attend and perform at Summer of Sonic

In news that will make you wish you either lived in the UK, were able to get to the UK, or in any case signed the Convention’s attendance form in time, Richard Jacques and TJ Davis have just been confirmed as special guests to the Summer of Sonic event in London. Richard in particular has been kind enough to dedicate some of his time to help organise and set up things, as well as agreeing to a very special performance that will take place on the main stage. What a guy.

The performance in question will be on the piano, with vocal songs being performed by TJ Davis and Lee Brotherton. In particular, you can expect Sonic R renditions from TJ, an exclusive live performance of Dreams of an Absolution from Lee, and a duet of some kind involving both TJ and LB. We’ll leave exactly what that is, along with other unconfirmed tracks, as a surprise until the day. Gets you wetter.

Richard and TJ will also be milling around the convention hall throughout the day, and are more than up for people chatting to them about Sonic and things so go nuts. Richard’s a bit of a confessed Sonic fanboy anyway from what we hear. The two will also join Lee Brotherton and Nigel Kitching on stage after the performance for a Q&A session that will likely rock your world. Four of them, one of me? I call that Pimm’s o’clock.

The Summer of Sonic takes place in 12 days time. Awesome hall? Check. Playtest Sonic games before their release? Check. Win stuff? Check. Community? Check. The greatest lineup ever? Check that shit. August 9th’s going to be hot.

Summer of Sonic Registrations Close

The first ever Sonic the Hedgehog convention has had to close registrations for attendees – because the event has proved too popular.

Citing problems with fitting the current number of named attendees into the 200-strong Dragon Hall in London’s Covent Garden, the organisers behind the event has has to warn that entrance may involve a waiting period, or those entering may have their time limited if they intend to stay all day. The aim is to let everyone have a fair chance of experiencing the event and seeing evertything the show has lined up, it was announced.

Summer of Sonic 2008 has risen in popularity since its announcement in June 2008, gaining attendance interest of almost double the capacity of the venue’s hall space and earning coverage across respected gaming websites such as Eurogamer, Computer and Video Games and Destructoid. Special Guests announced so far include Sonic the Comic writer Nigel Kitching and Dreams of an Absolution star Lee Brotherton, with more guests expected to be announced.

Attendees will be able to meet, greet, experience live performances and play games with one another, including contests and the first ever play at Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Entrance is free, with the costs of staging the event funded by members of the Sonic community and support from SEGA Europe. The convention will be recorded and the Summer of Sonic website updated, for those unable to attend to experience the event as well.

Summer of Sonic – Registration CLOSED – Summer of Sonic

Guitar Hero III, Bentley Jones-ified

If you need a reason as to why Lee Brotherton/Bentley Jones coming to the Summer of Sonic convention is a big deal, you need look no further than Silver’s theme in Sonic 06. Compared to a token performance by ‘hip’ and ‘with it’ Zebrahead and a cover of a past theme, it’s easily the best on the soundtrack.

For those who live, breathe and sleep for Bentley Jones though, you can grab a Guitar Hero III mod for the PC that has a note chart for Dreams of an Absolution: LB vs JS Remix. We’d post where you can download this mod yourself, but we can’t find a source and the actual note chart is horrible. So we’ll post this video instead.

You can always hassle the video author on his Youtube page. We’d mention how the guy’s performance isn’t too good but then we’re pretty crap at GH ourselves. Hell, those Wii-groomed grannies can rock out with plastic better than we can. But that’s probably not a topic for discussion on here.


SoS in 23 Days: Play Sonic Chronicles

Everyone and his dog wants to go to the Summer of Sonic convention. That much is obvious. So what exactly will be there for people to salivate over? Sure, Sonic nerds like me and you can hang and play Sonic Rivals for six hours, but will there be any EXCLUSIVES, yo!?

Well guess what. If you can even manage to get inside the hall on the day (I’m not even joking, it’s going to be packed in there) then your prize will be playing Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood first. Before anyone else in the world (it’s being released in September, you see). How does that strike you? You probably won’t be able to hear the lovely Richard Jacques soundtrack with all the background noise most likely, but we should have a remedy for that…… headphones, for example.

It’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on the Summer of Sonic website on a regular basis from now on – there are two (three?) more special guests that have yet to be revealed, all of which will make the Sonic fan cream thyself. The second special guest to complement Lee Brotherton will be announced tomorrow. If you fancy playing a little guessing game, head over to the SSMB where a clue has been dropped of the guest’s identity.

Play Sonic Chronicles Before Release – Summer of Sonic

Dreams of an Absolution Star to attend Summer of Sonic

Lee Brotherton, the artist-otherwise-known-as Bentley Jones, the remixer-previously-known-as LeeBro, will be attending the Summer of Sonic convention when it takes place on the 9th August. For those who haven’t really been paying attention to this site or Sonic fans in general, LB is the guy behind the aural delight that is ‘Dreams of an Absolution’, Silver’s theme from the eyesore that is Sonic ’06. And people go crazy for his man chest. They like the song a lot too, but no doubt its his chest they all want.

He will be at the very first Sonic convention throughout the day, chatting to people like an unimportant person and then popping on stage for a Q&A session like an important person. Those who have registered their interest in the Summer of Sonic event can log into the website now and post in the Comments section of the relevant news item, where you can write any burning questions you have for the remixer-cum-popstar.

Due to his recent health problems (as mentioned on TSS a while ago), it’s unknown yet whether he will be up for a performance on stage following the Q&A session. The organisers (read: me and AAUK) are looking into it, but don’t put a line under anything yet. Last thing we want is someone’s voicebox bursting out of their throat or something. Mind you, that’d be a hell of a headline, huh?

Special Guest: Lee Brotherton – Summer of Sonic

Summer of Sonic – 32 Days To Go

The first ever Sonic the Hedgehog convention is taking place in London on August 9th. I’ve been working hard with AAUK of Sonic Wrecks to make this extreme meetup as awesome as possible, and I can safely say we’ve got some pant-soiling stuff ready for your face. To celebrate the fact that we’ve got lots of shit ready for your inner Sonic child, the Summer of Sonic website will be regularly updated. The SoS Blog has just started and will reveal stuff such as special guests, events and other things (Prizes? Games? CAKE!?), so be sure to keep an eagle eye on it.

If I can pull this off, I’m having the biggest beer afterwards…

The Summer of Sonic Website

SoS and NextGen Goodness!

After sending an email to SEGA Europe, with a generic 6 question list, =TSS= founder Svend Joscelyne (AKA Dreadknux) recieved a response – but what he wasn’t expecting was who replied to it — Masahiro Kumono and Shun Nakamura; project leaders for the upcoming game “Sonic the Hedgehog,” scheduled for release on the PS3 and X-Box 360 later this year.

The two Sega representatives revealed exclusively to TSS details about the new Sonic game, one in particular being that Amy Rose — Sonic’s self proclaimed fiance (the nerve, eh? =P) — will indeed have an appearance, stifling all the rumors of a supposed love interest between Sonic and the new “Princess Elise” character, who will have a vital role in the plot of the new Sonic title. Continue reading SoS and NextGen Goodness!

Sonic 2006: Amy A Possibility

The Summer of Sonic website, a massive official fan-project led by The Sonic Stadium, has gained information that seems to confirm that Amy Rose is set to make an appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog for PS3 and XBOX 360.

In responding to a small set of Q&A questions exclusively for the Summer of Sonic website, arranged by SEGA Europe and TSS, producer Masahiro Kumono (also the new Head of Sonic Team since Yuji Naka’s departure) and director Shun Nakamura briefly stated their feelings for the Sonic franchise and where they see it heading after 15 years of popularity.

When asked what Sonic character was their favourite, Kumono-san stated that Amy was a preference, saying that “I like Amy, who appears as an amigo [friend/support] character in this title [Sonic 2006]. She has that same active personality, which build up the story as well as the game.Continue reading Sonic 2006: Amy A Possibility

The Summer of Sonic

While plans for Sonic’s 15th Anniversary all seems to be on the quiet side officially, on the Internet blue blur fans from all over the world are preparing to celebrate in their own special way.

The Sonic Stadium revealed some weeks ago to a surprised public that it will be leading one of the biggest fan collaborations in the history of the community, by launching a mini-site that will feature contributions from as many different Sonic fansites and fan creators as possible. Titled ‘The Summer of Sonic’, it aims to be a neutral ground for all fan creators and webmasters to get equal recognition for their hard work, while simultaneously promoting the exciting June 23rd birthday.

The website, once officially launched, will feature written articles on various aspects of Sonic history, a large gallery for all types of fan creation, a guestbook-style birthday card for visitors to sign, along with competitions for sending in photos and video footage celebrating Sonic’s 15th in unique ways. Continue reading The Summer of Sonic