Last Chance to Get a Limited Summer of Sonic/Sonic 25th Anniversary T-Shirt

The Summer of Sonic convention may have come and gone but there is one final hurrah for everyone.


Those awesome T-Shirts, which are also official 25th anniversary pieces of merchandise, if you still want one, there are a few left over and they’re also up for purchase at the Summer of Sonic hub.

So if you want to be the height of fashion, it’s time to buy!

P.S. make sure you read the page carefully so you know how to select your size.

My Day At Summer of Sonic 2016


“Are you going to do the Summer of Sonic retrospective?”

“Sure” I say! How hard can it be?

Well… it’s surprisingly hard. I’ve tried reading other peoples thoughts on the day for some inspiration, when I realised my problem. Because I’m on the SOS staff team, I don’t get to experience Summer of Sonic in the same way as someone who isn’t on the staff team, which is most other people.

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What Summer Of Sonic Means To Me : A Staff and Fan Tribute

At this years Summer Of Sonic, we gave you, the fans, a chance to express what this event means to you. We played a video showing the fans and staff’s memories and reflections live in the venue on August 6th. We are now happy to bring to you a super cut of this tribute!

Created and edited by: Pete Nethercote.

Featuring: Phil Sims, Lewis Clark, Kevin Eva, Pete Nethorcote, John Finlay, Dave Luty, Gavin Storey, Shadowkelsey, Peter Robinson, Dr Spudhead, Shadowmariogaming, Faz D, Tanner (Ewww), Mark Hugues, Kieran Gates, Monty Peter Sally, Svend