TSS is looking for dedicated, talented staff!

Sonic News – and as well, Sonic Stadium – is looking for a few passionate and dedicated writers to add to our team!

Applicants must be aware that they will be obligated to update our website with screenshots, videos, and information regarding new games as it is released – alternatively, Sonic News writers will be obligated to write articles regarding activity of SEGA as a company.

Think you’ve got what it takes? We’d like for applicants to be well versed in English, and have a track record for following SEGA in general, not just Sonic – good post history on the SSMB is a bonus, but it’s not required to apply. Applicants must, however, but a current member on our website and can not be banned from any of our sub-sites. Continue reading TSS is looking for dedicated, talented staff!


As you may or may not have read, The Sonic Stadium is undergoing a vast metamorphosis. The end result – when we ever finish – is to provide a much bigger TSS website, that will be easier to update (which means updating will be more frequent) and also interactive, so that you will be able to submit things via the site itself. An integration with the SSMB will also see the account being renamed to the TSS Account, in order to imply Universality between all TSSNET sites. Which, funnily enough, is the plan.

As part of this renovation, a well-known favourite will be returning to TSS Space. Yep, the world’s favourite news resource, SONIC NEWS, will be returning very soon under a brand new mini-site, and will also incorporate the TSS Account. B’man and I have been working hard many nights to even get to this stage, and it would appear SN will be finished much quicker than normal – literally a matter of one or two weeks!

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