Sonic the Hedgehog #196 Now On Sale

Today, Sonic the Hedgehog #196 is now available in comic book stores across the United States.  This issue marks the end of the “Bold, New Moebius” saga, which was made up of four two parter story arcs all focused  on reorganizing and reimagining what had always been a stale part of the continuity, Anti Mobius. It gave all of the characters more unique personalities, gave the world a brief but unique backstory, and even made Scourge, formerly “evil Sonic”, into a real villain. Anti Mobius, or “Moebius” now provides something more then evil people wearing leather whom happen to look just like the Freedom Fighters.  It is a world with characters that provide real contrast beyond “good and evil”. I commend Ian for this.

I have really enjoyed this saga, and how it reshaped the “evil” characters. This issue looks to be capping the saga off with a pretty epic ending as well. You can see what I mean in the thumbnail images below.

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UK Winners of Black Knight Contest Slowly Revealed

The Sonic and the Black Knight Artwork contest has come to a close, and community art pieces from around the world have been judged by SEGA for inclusion in the upcoming Wii title. TSSZ has reported on several winners residing in Sonic Retro – and it turns out from the European side, some of our own SSMB Forum members have won too!

ArchAngelUK has been emailing the 20 European winners throughout the last day or so, but the full list has not been publically released, leaving us a waiting game to see who will pipe up in sheer joy and euphoria. Among the winners that have publically claimed WinRar is Violet who is a regular at our UK Sonic Meetups and was one of the main contributors to the Summer of Sonic convention this year. Word has it that TSS Merch Hog T-Bird has also won a place in the game. UK fans Mahzes, ENVY16, Sock-fox and Adamis from Belgium were also rocking winning pictures yesterday.

Other community members that voiced joy at the Sonic Retro forums was well-known community artist Purity; other namedrops include G. Silver, known best at the Green Hill Zone forums; Radrappy and DeviantArt member Aedelthryd.

The annoying thing? None of the winning entries are allowed to be shown until the game’s release next year. Bummer, I’m sure all the winners will want to show their piece to every man, woman and child right now. Congratulations to all the winners all over the world!

Your drawings in Sonic and the Black Knight! – SSMB Forums
Sonic and the Black Knight – Sonic Retro

Hirokazu Yasuhara talks about inventing Sonic

In a recent interview with Gamasutra about Game Design Psychology Hirokazu Yasuhara was asked a few questions regarding the creation of Sonic. Heres a portion of the interview –

Ahh, that’s great. So…this may be a question you answered long ago, but when Sonic was created, Sega, as I understand, wanted a mascot. So how were the three of you chosen, or were you just coming up with this yourselves? Like, Ohshima, Naka and yourself.

HY: Like, how we wound up choosing between an armadillo and a hedgehog?

Did they tell you three to do it, or did they say “OK, everybody at Sega, come up with an idea”?

HY: No, it was just us three, and the mission statement was just “You guys have to make a mascot for Sega.”

How many design iterations and ideas did you go through before you came up with this?

HY: Well, in the very beginning, the project staff consisted entirely of Naka and Ohshima, back before I joined them. The main thing Naka had thought up at that time was a game engine that scrolled really, really fast — the problem after that was to figure out what kind of game we could make with that.

We didn’t have any game at that time, so we had to think about that first. I thought it’d be enough to have a game where you ran really fast, but we couldn’t get anything to work. Naka was really adamant about the idea that the game should be playable with one button, since Mario needed two — jump, and run or attack. Continue reading Hirokazu Yasuhara talks about inventing Sonic

Sonic officially joins Facebook

Sonic the Hedgehog now has his very own official Facebook page run by Sonic himself… ok just ArchangelUK and the guys at Sega pretending to be him. The site will feature updates on Sonic’s upcoming games and bring you exclusive competitions.

Here’s ArchangelUK’s Blognik update –

Hi guys, letting you know that Sonic now has his very own official Facebook page –

Join and we’ll keep you up to date with things, also we’ll be running Facebook specific competititions so worth you joining eh?

If you were already a member of the unofficial Sonic page or any specific Sonic page baring the Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Chronicles ones you should get transfered over in the next couple of days or so by Facebook so don’t worry.

Blognik entry

Sonic’s Facebook page

Good ‘ol AAUK, isn’t he just grand to the community.

At the time of writing Sonic’s Facebook page already has 2,945 ‘Fans’ as members who join the page are known as. That’s alot of members in just the one day it’s been open. If your a Sonic fan and a closet Facebooker go check out the page and register yourself a fan now.

E3: Sonic to Cameo in Samba de Amigo

SEGA like the Wii a lot for Dreamcast ports it seems. Oh, that was obvious? Sorry. How about something extra then to sweeten the deal a bit? In the upcoming Samba de Amigo port release for Nintendo’s white box, there will be a special guest cameo by Sonic himself. And a stage set in the Green Hill Zone. That’s pretty sweet news and should make for a pretty cool bonus for fans out there. Looks like Sonic’s already getting funked with a show of jazz hands in that screenshot there. Will be fun to see how he moves with the ‘riddim’.

On another note, why is it that everyone else at SEGA seems to know how to design a Sonic themed stage/cameo but it still evades Sonic-bloody-Team? Give us fantasy lands and blue skies dammit! Click the images above to get them in high quality, complete with the Incredible Floating Mii Man.

When Sonic fans met Spore

Creature creating PC game Spore hit stores on Friday and what is the first thing to come to gamers minds? Create a deformed devil damnation of their favourite video game hero. Various Sonic character creations have hit Youtube – the Sonic one above is quite impressive if I do say so myself. Hit the jump for Knuckles and a Chao. Continue reading When Sonic fans met Spore

Sonic’s Birthday: SEGASonic Radio Celebrations

17th Anniversary logo created by Professor-J from The Sonic Show

Because we’re cool like that, SEGASonic Radio is having a special weekend dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog in honour of his 17th Birthday on the 23rd. Sounds a bit silly having that sort of dedication on a radio station already dedicated to the blue hog, but don’t kill the moment eh?

There will be several two-hour slots every evening from 5pm GMT starting Friday 20th (that’s tomorrow) to Sunday 22nd, with a special joint LiVECAST with Roarey_Raccoon, Urtheart and SpeedKnux on Monday 23rd (Sonic’s big day) at 8pm GMT. Be sure to listen to SSR and hit up the IRC Chatroom (links at the top of the page) when the fun begins. Hit the link below for full details.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Dash announced!

Dave over at Sega’s Sonic City Blognik has put up a new blog entry containing screenshots from a new mobile Sonic game. The game is called Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Dash or simply Sonic Dash and is being created by Glu who made past games Sonic Jump and Sonic the Hedgehog parts 1 and 2.

You can checkout the screenshots in the new Blognik entry.

Sonic games entered in Guinness Records: Gamers Edition

Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog games have made it into the new Guinness Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008. 7 records have been entered which are:

  • Best selling game on Sega systems
  • Highest score for Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Best selling retro game compilation
  • Fastest completion time
  • Fastest video game character
  • Longest running comic based on a videogame
  • Most playable characters in any platform game

Congratulations to our spikey blue hero!

You can view the 2 page section in the book’s preview at it’s official site here on pages 14-15.

Sonic the Hedgehog confirmed for Super Smash Bros Brawl!

It has long been rumored. It has appeared on dozens of fake box shots. Heck, the rumors even made several appearances in retail ads. Now, we can finally confirm it, thanks to IGN: Sonic the Hedgehog will be in Nintendo’s upcoming Wii brawler. Here is a direct quote from IGN’s Nintendo 2007 Conference coverage:

14:24: Smash Bros. has been delayed in Japan until January 24, 2008.

Nintendo shows a new trailer. Sonic is going to be a playable character! The trailer shows him transforming into Super Sonic.

The game will include online fights. In addition, it will have online cooperative play of some form.

That makes two games Sonic will be crossing over with Mario in…within the space of a few months. This has most certainly been an interesting year for Sonic, hasn’t it?

You can view the movie that revealed Sonic here. You can see screens of the character here.

Even retailers want Sonic to Brawl

Before commenting, please read the article thoroughly, as there have been some misunderstandings.

It has long been speculated that Sonic might be in Nintendo’s upcoming fighter Super Smash Bros Brawl. Now, two of North America’s biggest game related retailers, Best Buy and GameStop, haven added even more fuel to the fire, by apparrently including Sonic in their own SSBB ads. Keep in mind that these ads where made by their respective retail companies, and are by NO MEANS a confirmation of Sonic being in the game. This stuff isn’t from Nintendo or SEGA. These ads are very simple cop y and paste affairs using pre-exisiting CGI promotional images from SEGA and Nintendo. Such practices are very common among retailers that make their own ads, and the Wii logo in the ad used below is very commonly used in makeshift (fake) box shots in GameStop ads. Continue reading Even retailers want Sonic to Brawl

Smash Bros Brawl: “Sonic’s Already In The Game”

A Spanish interview with Smash Bros. Brawl director Masahiro Sakurai reveals that Sonic the Hedgehog is already present in the Nintendo fighting game, and awaits SEGA’s approval before implementing him into the final product.

The interview, initially posted by Shakidna on Sonic CulT forums and then translated by ICEknight of The GHZ, is the first real confirmation of Sonic’s existence in the game, and is no doubt news to get many fans excited.

Responding to a direct question of “Are you going to include SEGA’s mascot, Sonic The Hedgehog?”, Sakurai gives the following:

“Well… That’s a tough question, I’ll tell you that Sonic’s already in the game, but we’re still waiting for a last confirmation from SEGA. Due to the proximity of the game’s release, SEGA’s deadline to submit their confirmation is the 26th this month, and in that date the official site will be updated about the inclusion or not of SEGA’s mascot in the game. I’m personally crossing my fingers.”
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Sonic The Hedgehog Movie In Pre-Production?

Rumours have been flying around the Internet for years now about a Sonic The Hedgehog motion picture, however, one of these trails it seems may finally come into fruition. Film maker Richard Kuta has been working on an animated film based on the series known commonly to fans as Sonic SatAM, and has recently received approval for the project from Soloakai Animation.

After successful negotiations with SEGA throughout last year, Kuta and his co-writer initially pitched the film to IDT Entertainment, who mulled over the idea before eventually rejecting it. Since then the team proposed the film to Solokai Animation, who were more than happy to take the project onboard. Continue reading Sonic The Hedgehog Movie In Pre-Production?

Sonic in Desperate Need of Redesign

IGN recently name their top ten video game franchises in need of a re-redesign, with the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise taking out the top spot. Other legendary franchises were not spared either by IGN, with Sonic The Hedgehog beating them all.

IGN’s full list is as follows.
10. Gauntlet
9. Secret of Mana
8. Donkey Kong
7. Contra
6. Mega Man
5. Mario Kart
4. Star Fox
3. Castlevania
2. Bomberman
1. Sonic The Hedgehog
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More Sonic on PSP?

Yep, that’s right! Sonic is not only on the PSP in the form of Sonic Rivals, the new upcoming 2D/3D hybrid multiplayer Sonic game set for release later this year on Sony’s portable system, but now Sonic is making another appearance on the PSP, in the form of Sega Genesis Collection.

The new collection game — a common practice by Sega, if you’ve been paying attention — will feature 30 classic Sega games featured on the Megadrive. Of course, what is a classic Sega collection without Sonic? Continue reading More Sonic on PSP?

Old-School T-Shirts Available in UK (Updated 22/8)

Ever since Hot Topic began selling specialised Sonic the Hedgehog T-Shirts, British fans have been pining for some extra hedgehog love. Four new T-Shirts can be found in your local GameStation store sporting classic Sonic poses in retro-cool designs.

Avid fans can buy a brown ‘Circles’ Sonic Tee, which has the words “Since 1991” like a Levi Jeans ad. Or something. A blue ‘Hisashi’ shirt features Sonic doing his funky finger-wagging pose with red stars circling him, in what is ultimately the sexiest T-Shirt man has ever created. If you like your music, there’s also a black Sonic shirt that mimicks The Ramones’ circular insignia. A fourth, which was not available for Sonic News to harvest, has Sonic running running along some psychadelic wavy lines. Continue reading Old-School T-Shirts Available in UK (Updated 22/8)

The Sun interviews Sonic the Hedgehog

The well known and extremely popular british newspaper The Sun, held an exclusive interview with Sonic yesterday. A few interesting tidbits came to light, including Mr hedgehog’s diet and his favourite Sonic game in the series.

Granted, the article in the famous paper doesn’t reveal much. But this is not really a surprise considering Mr Hedgehog in the photo in the article looks considerably bigger than his videogame self. Milk drinking confessions and the potential benefits of drinking the white beverage aside, Sonic admits that he is quite busy with his current games in development, such as Sonic rivals, Sonic the hedgehog and Sonic wild fire.

This article may not be 100% accurate but british Sonic fans familiar with the newspaper should at least be happy that Sonic has got some coverage in a media that is very widely read and therefore, allows Sonic to at least be presented and be even more known amongst those who have not even heard of a Sonic game.

Namco Offering SEGA/Sonic Ringtones

In a surprising move earlier this week Namco’s American arm announced that they will be offering many classic SEGA (and particularly Sonic the Hedgehog) related ‘game tones’ thanks to a licensing agreement with SEGA of America.

Currently there are a total of 44 SEGA gametones available online, varying from After Burner all the way through to Virtua Fighter, there is plenty there to satisfy retro gaming fans and SEGA aficionados alike. On the Sonic side of the available content are a selection of 6 themes from the recent Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes soundtracks, not quite as retro as many fans may have been hoping for, but it’s definitely giving more recent video game music the attention it has been lacking. Continue reading Namco Offering SEGA/Sonic Ringtones

Sonic Wishes Mario a Happy 20th

There was a time when the uttering of Sonic and Mario in the same sentence would only be used in the context of one of the many fanboy riots that took place on school playgrounds during the early 1990’s. These days, it’s no longer the case – since SEGA hopped off the hardware platform and bounced to the third party column, they’ve been quite friendly to their old rivals. Continue reading Sonic Wishes Mario a Happy 20th

Yuji Naka Interview reveals Miyamoto talks

Following on from our news report on the 18th March, the UK Nintendo Official Magazine that promises a full interview with Yuji Naka has been obtained since the magazine’s release in 14th February.

TSS and SONIC NEWS has had the magazine and full interview for a month or so now, but discussion has so far been limited to the SSMB Forums on this issue.

The interview is based mostly around the release of the new Sonic Team game, Feel the Magic XY/XX (Project Rub in Europe). There are also questions expanding on Sonic DS, more on Naka-san’s meetings with Shigeru Miyamoto, and a small tidbit on NiGHTS and Burning Rangers. The latter part of the interview sparked massive false rumours last month, particularly on GameSpot Communities, about a NiGHTS 2 and Burning Rangers 2 being developed.

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Yuji Naka Hints at Sonic & Mario

In the latest issue of NOM Magazine, Yuji Naka has a quick exclusive interview. Yuji Naka discusses a new Sonic GameCube title, as well as the new Sonic DS game. There is also a strange hint at a possible Sonic & Mario video game, we can only dream. Below is the article:

Sonic Team head, Yuji Naka, revealed two new Sonic the Hedgehog games for Nintendo in an exclusive interview with NOM in London at the end of last year.

“We are in development with a new GameCube Sonic game, which we hope to release before the end of 2005,” Naka exclusively revealed to us. “Sonic Team is also currently making a Sonic game for the DS. We are taking our time to make sure the game makes good use of the DS’s many new features.” Double whammy!

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Sonic Takes Spot on the ‘Walk Of Game’

Since the recent discussion and interest on Shadow The Hedgehog, there was not a respectable news report on celebrating Sonic being inducted into the ‘Walk of Game’. On Tuesday, March 8th, Sonic was inducted along with Mario, Halo, Nolan Bushnell, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Link. Sonic The Hedgehog beat out such competition as Solid Snake (Metal Gear) and Lara Croft (Tomb Raider). The 6 inductees of the ‘Walk of Game’ were the very first in its history.

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Happy Birthday Sonic!

What, you thought I’d miss Sonic’s 13th Birthday? For shame! 😛 I’ve managed to make a special article to commemorate the Sonic anniversary, “Let’s have a Happy Birthday“. Because we all should. My birthday is on the 30th too, on a completely unrelated note!!! 😀

Also, the Sonic Site Awards website is fully up and running, although voting will not officially start until Monday. Check out the noiceness! Finally, as I speak I’m just about to hop into a special SEGASonic Radio LiVECAST gathering with all the SSR:LiVECAST DJ’s for Sonic’s 13th! Join us if you will, we’re all at the TSS Chat Room. Have a good one!

SEGA Plans More Sonic Side-Stories and Spin-Offs

As we recently reported, there has been a shake-up at SEGA America. Following this, SEGA’s CEO Tetsu Kayama has announced a new “five tier” strategy for its game releases. In this plan, the Sonic the Hedgehog could see more spin-offs to help support the main franchise.

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Rumour: Next Sonic Game In Development, Will Be A ‘Return to Roots’

New Sonic game alert! According to a fresh rumour in this month’s gaming magazines, Sonic Team in Japan is hard at work on the next mainline Sonic the Hedgehog project – and it spells the end of treasure hunting and shooting in favour of the traditional platforming action that Sonic is best known for. Continue reading Rumour: Next Sonic Game In Development, Will Be A ‘Return to Roots’

Sonic Visits Nintendo Offices for ‘First Day At Work’

Sonic the Hedgehog, reporting in for his first day of work… at Nintendo! Yeah, we thought this bit of PR was a little wacky ourselves, but it’s all in good fun. Nintendo’s official website covered the initiation of SEGA’s mascot, which featured the two characters shaking hands and having a great time. Apparently Sonic is also fast at magazine cover turnarounds too. Continue reading Sonic Visits Nintendo Offices for ‘First Day At Work’

Woah Woah Woah! Hold the Phone! MARIO and SONIC?

No, this is not a blatant lie – there is very big rumour that Sega and Nintendo are indeed in working on a game. But – and get this – this will be a landmark game that’ll bring Sonic and Mario together for the very first time! According to the latest issue of the UK ‘N64’ magazine by Future Publishing, the news sounded pretty much like it was no rumour – so if this is true, it will bring a tear to many feuding Nintendo/Sega fans of old. Truly remarkable news. Sonic and Mario, joining forces it seems, the thought of it is just… wow! And I mean WOW!