Update: Norwegian Retailer Lists “Sonic Wii-U”

UPDATE: SSMB Staffer Carbo points out “Placeholder for whatever moment an actual Wii U Sonic title is announced. Scandinavian retailers do this regularly for titles they “expect”. When Sonic Generations 3DS was announced, all previous placeholder preorders for “Sonic 3DS” on another website became allocated to that”

Looking around the site there are listings for a few unannounced games including Epic Yarn 2 (thanks to Josh in the comments for that one). Oh well it was nice to be excited whilst it lasted… anyone wanna take bets on when something is announced?

ORIGINAL STORY: Norwegian retailer CDON.com has posted a listing for a new Sonic game on the Wii-U, simply entitled “Sonic (Nintendo Wii U).” The retailer also has a listing for a ‘Super Monkey Ball Cafe’ game on the same system. For those who don’t know, ‘Cafe’ was the code name for the Wii-U.

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