Sega announce games line-up for Leipzig GC

Sega have today announced their games line-up for the Leipzig Games Convention which includes many familiar titles but Sega have announced a new title is planned for its world premiere at the event. Jinkeys! Sonic titles to appear at the Games Convention are Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and Sonic Unleashed.

Titles set to appear are – Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic Unleashed, Space Siege, Empire: Total War, Alpha Protocol, Madworld, Bayonetta, Golden Axe, Valkyria Chronicles, Stormrise, Samba De Amigo and several other titles.

We’ll keep you up to date on all info released from the event next week!

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Sonic Unleashed – Box Artwork Revealed?

Dats sum n1ce photoshopin right der.

SSMB’s very own ‘Coolrunnings‘ alerted the Internet earlier today with what could very well be the front cover image for the upcoming ‘Sonic Unleashed’ title on the Nintendo Wii. After some quick detective work by a few other members, it appears has uploaded the box artwork for every version of the game on their website.

What could well be place holder artwork created by themselves, the cover sports a completely new render of Sonic and the Werehog joined together by what most likely would be the magical wonders of Adobe Photoshop. While the box artwork is extremely important in terms of sales for any game, it seems whoever has produced this picture went down the ‘simple yet effective’ route for grabbing peoples attention on the shelves.


Wii Unleashed Screens in Degenki Magazine

SEGANERDS forum member, STORM! has taken photos of all the pages in the new Degenki Magazine. The new feature gives us a better taste on what the Wii version of Unleashed is going to look like. Also, there is a manga, too, following the (mis)adventures of Sonic the Werehog and the new, unnecessary “chihuahua” character, but you do not care about that, right? You want to see this game!

Click here for the entire photo gallery of the article.

Oddities: Sonic Unleashed Renamed In Japan

Probably because they’d pronounce it “Un-reashed” and that would just be silly, SEGA Japan has taken it upon itself to rename Sonic’s latest outing for Asian territories.

There were massive rumours that the game had suffered a name change – heavily debunked by SEGA Europe, with the explanation that World Adventure was merely a work-in-progress title. Turns out nobody keeps each other informed in the land of SEGA, and now we have semi-confirmation (semi because it is Japan only after all) in the form of a new official website.

There’s really not a lot else going on with the website, so don’t expect waves of information. But if you’d like an updated Sonic Un… World Adventure experience check it out. The website does look very nice though.

Werehog Haunts E3

Dasgamer have put up their thoughts on Sonic Unleashed at E3 and were lucky enough to meet Sonic the Werehog in person (well… OK, just a guy that’s dressed up for Halloween early, then). Like Sega’s past Sonic costumes (apart from the Mario & Sonic costumes) it really does resemble the in-game model. Would be good advertising for the game’s November release if Sega could put out some Halloween Werehog costumes to go trick-or-treating in, you could hold alot of candy with those hands.

Dasgamer article

E3: Watch a Demo of Unleashed in Action

Gamespot’s at E3. We aren’t. SAD FACE. But luckily Gamespot’s able to pick up the slack that we can’t otherwise manage, and have grabbed a SEGA Brand Manager guy to help showcase some real in-game demos of Sonic Unleashed. What’s interesting to note here is that the 3D segments, contrary to popular belief, are not on rails, and many are fully 3D analog-stick playable. We saw some areas in the China stage that looked more like a SatSR-style “shift left, shift right” style of 3D play, but generally we’re looking at some good old 3D movement here.

The guy demoing the game’s not too hot, and there was one section where Sonic glitched and failed an automatic spring-to-grind section, but the rest looks solid. We’re told that there will be equal nighttime versions of every stage, and Sonic segments will be much longer than the Werewolf ones to compensate for the speed at which you blitz through them. The nighttime alter ego is officially labelled as ‘Sonic the Werehog’, and the fighting aspect does look pretty cool.

Truth be told, this demo lays some concerns to rest, particularly with the Werehog. Sure, we could have done without any brawling segments at all and just had Sonic run from left to right and up a Z-axis, but the nighttime sections do look like they’re going to hold some enjoyable, classic platforming action. There are two attack buttons and a grab move in addition to your jump (which also has a double jump for additional height), and while Werehog isn’t as agile as traditional Sonic, he can use his massive arms to grab ledges and pull himself up. We still don’t like carrying pots around but grabbing enemies doesn’t seem compulsory at least. In fact, the whole thing reminds us that we want a new Streets of Rage game; this mechanic would be perfect for it.

SEGA pretty much confirmed that alternative characters may be playable (using the classic PR “We’re not ready to announce anything yet”) besides Sonic, which sounds like a bowl of fail. Let this be a game about Sonic for once and not his over-publicised friends. Sonic Unleashed will also have an online component, although quite what this is has yet to be revealed. Check the video if you have half an hour, it’s a good watch.

Sonic Unleashed E3 2008 Stage Show Demo – Gamespot (via SSMB)

Download the new Unleashed Trailer

When SEGA revealed the new, werewolfy Sonic Unleashed trailer earlier today, they probably didn’t expect so many people would take a vested interest in it. So much so that many fans are having trouble downloading it from their US FTP server. If you’re clamouring to get your hands on a copy of the trailer for yourself, we braced ourselves for the stormy bandwidth weather and… downloaded the trailer from the European Press network instead, saving us all the bother.

We’ve taken the ~300MB trailer and cut it down to size, but kept it in a good enough quality for you guys to still get wet over it. Right click, save to your computer and Print Screen all those frames of Super Sonic at your leisure!

Endless Possibility Trailer (TSS Media Portal) – 58.1MB
Right-click and select “Save As…”

Listen to Endless Possibility… Possibly Endlessly

Update: Just in case you’ve been redirected here from another website or something, we thought we’d be nice and let you know that since this post the full version been posted online for download – click here to read more.

Who’s a fan of Bowling For Soup then? Must be pretty psyched that the main guy, Jaret Reddick, has had a hand in creating the new theme song to a Sonic the Hedgehog game, right? Or is it like that time when Zebrahead and Akon did Sonic 06 – big names, nobody cared?

Don’t let a lack of awareness from your peers discourage you though – if you reckon Jun ‘parfact’ Senoue deserves a longer break in his tropical paradise surrounded by exquisite Lolita women and think ‘Endless Possibility’ is a worthy track to bounce to while racing through Sonic Unleashed, then you probably want the song to take home with you. Well, you’re in luck.

SSMB members Sheza (followed by some fine-tuning by Goku…. lots of numbers) have ripped the title track and we have it on here for you to download. Slap it on your music player, support good ol’ Jaret by listening to his stuff and go rock with your cock out. Or something. Just don’t do it in front of the children.

Endless Possibility (TSS Media Portal) – 2.2MB
Right click and select ‘Save As…’

E3: 23 New Unleashed Screens

Take a gander at all these new screenshots of Sonic Unleashed. High quality and everything. Some are from stages you’ve seen before, some are from the new China level, and some are HQ snaps of the Werewolf action. If nothing else it’s looking both interesting and tasty. Not an awful lot to report on these snaps otherwise besides the massive reach Were-Sonic appears to have to beat down foes, and some rather nice enemy design during the Sonic segments. Like the rather cool looking robot in the image below, which looks like something out of Knuckles’ Chaotix. If they’re called Badniks as well, that would be win. SEGA, make it happen.

Hit the jump for the full gallery. Continue reading E3: 23 New Unleashed Screens

E3: See the Were-Hog in Action!

While everyone else was getting bored watching Nintendo’s boring E3 conference, SEGA have stepped up and released a bunch of their content for upcoming Sonic games, including at last revealing how the Werewolf gameplay will be like. The trailer also shows some new elements to Sonic play, including advancing to upper regions of a stage by successful button presses and a new stage known as ‘China’, complete with looping dragon platforms. The track you’re hearing is called “Endless Possibility”, a theme song involving Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup. Ugh.

What is also quite jarring is the gameplay featuring the Werewolf itself, and it’s clear why SEGA kept it all a secret until just now. Quite a world apart from the speedy multiple-route gameplay we’ve all known so far, becoming Were-Sonic involves a slower, more powerful method of play. Imagine going as slow as Silver while beating hordes of enemies ala Shadow. This is pretty much the Werewolf gameplay summed up. Oh, and you have to pick up objects and put them in places to open doors too. Erm… hm.

We’re not sure we like it. We demand a playtest, SEGA. We also demand a high-res video, as we can’t see anything with this one. Stay tuned for the HQ version which we’ll put online soon.

Werehog teaser 2 is very teasing… and funny

Sega has released a new Sonic Unleashed trailer that teases us again about the whole Werehog thing. The trailer is set in a city at night showcasing mysterious sightings of blue hair and silhouttes “swinging from lamp post to lamp post”. The trailer first appeared at G4TV but has now shown up at with the title – “E3 2008: Mysterious Sightings Trailer”, so could we be seeing some proper gameplay or footage of Sonic’s vicious transformation at E3?

A screencap from the trailer of the Werehog has been posted at the SSMB by member Diogenes –

Very vicious indeedy! A lot of commentators on other sites have been quick to tear this trailer apart because of the fact ‘humans are in it’ and all that other garbage, but that’s like saying Sonic Advance had humans in it because of this commercial. Get a grip, ladies.

You can view the new trailer here.

Portuguese Magazine Reveals New Unleashed Tidbits

The Portuguese magazine Maxi Consolas, has recently revealed new information regarding Sonic Unleashed in their latest preview. The magazine has confirmed that:

  1. Unleashed will have level up system, in which you can enhance and improve Sonic’s abilities, much like an RPG.
  2. There will be other playable characters besides Sonic, however they will only be playable via mini games, reserving most of the game for Sonic. Tails has been the only confirmed character as of yet. There where no details regarding how the mini games would play.
  3. In addition to the African, Greek, and “High Europe” stages, there will also be levels that take place in China and New York City.
  4. Levels alternate between the 3D and 2D perspectives every thirty seconds or so. Camera work is impressive.
  5. Good impressions overall. They only complain about the frame rate.

Source: Sega Nerds

More Sonic Unleashed Screens

Gamekyo (formerly known as has put up two more magazine scans, in addition to the two that were revealed last week, for the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed.  All I can really say is…”wow.”  For magazine scans, that’s just “wow” in my book.  However, judging from the above screenshot, it looks like the homing attack is back, a feature that I am not too fond of.  Check the link below for all four screens that have been released thus far.

Gamekyo’s Sonic Unleashed Wii Page.

Mario & Sonic, Sonic Unleashed up for Golden Joysticks

Thanks to Dave from Camp Sonic for kicking us awake for this one – the Golden Joystick Awards are gearing up again, and you can vote for your favourite games in many different categories. SEGA’s got a strong showing with Sonic appearing in multiple nominations:

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, which will just not die, is up for three different awards, including The Sun’s Family Game of the Year, Bliss Handheld Game of the Year and Nintendo Game of the Year (ouch, Miyamoto). Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Dash Mobile is lined up for 4Talent’s Mobile Game of the Year, while Sonic Unleashed could win the One to Watch Award (something that, given what we’ve seen so far, is quite justified).

SEGA’s in a bunch of other categories too, but you can go visit the GJ website (or the Sega Blognik) to see what those are. Be sure to make your vote count and don’t let a two year old game win any awards this time! OK? Cool.

Golden Joystick Awards (Via Sega Blognik – thanks Camp Sonic)

Sonic Wii Screens Unleashed

GoNintendo has released two scans of the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed.  The screens are compared side-by-side to the Xbox 360 version of the game and while the graphics of the 360 version is obviously better looking, the Wii version does not seem that far behind.  However, the levels in Wii version are considerably…browner.  I have no idea as to why there is so much brown, while the 360 version pops with vibrant colors.  Check the link below to see for yourself.

Sonic Unleashed Wii Screens at GoNintendo

Now YOU Can Own This Lovely Sonic Unleashed Trailer

Hey you! Yeah, you, there. That new Sonic Unleashed trailer was pretty nifty, no? Well, nifty isn’t the word, we all browned ourselves at the prospect of a Sonic game being good this year. SEGA have released the trailer to download, which we now have for you to grab. So when all of us start praising this as the second coming (give it a month) you can ignore all that shit and remember this lovely footage for eternity, no matter how good or bad the game actually ends up. Enjoy!

Download High Europe Trailer (TSS Media Portal) – 67.9MB
Right-click and select “Save As…”

Unleashed: High Europe is High

That initial Sonic Unleashed trailer was really nice and all, but didn’t you wish you saw more of the gameplay? Like, a whole two minutes worth? IGN felt your pain and showed a second trailer of the next major Sonic title. Apparently this is from the ‘High Europe’ stage, which doesn’t sound like a very cool name if you want my opinion but hey – it opens doors for a MECHA High Europe Zone in Sonic Unleashed 2, surely?

This video shows off some rather cool stuff, including QTEs (Quick Timed Events) to shift Sonic to the left and right, Sonic going in and out of the screen like a blue-arsed banshee and a lot of grinding and crashing through boxes.

Looks tight, but is it just me or does the blue bugger not stop at all during this sequence? Not even for a split second. If this isn’t another on-rails game like Secret Rings, SEGA’s not doing a very good job of showing it.

IGN Video (360 Version)

Roundup: What We Missed

We’ve been away for a while, but now we’re back to kick some butt at Wild Canyon and as much as we’d like to not-believe, there’s been a fair bit of news that has slipped by the Sonic News radar (or Newsdar, or… something) during our reconstruction. FRET NOT, we’ve got it covered. Even though you probably already know all this anyway.

Sonic Blogicles

First off SEGA Europe’s community blog, the Sonic City Blognik, has started posting regular diaries from the desks responsible for Sonic Chronicles. The first entry was written by Bioware Brand Manager Randall Bishop, who discussed at length why the game will rock, in typical Brand Manager fashion. He interestingly pointed out Bioware’s new approach to Chronicles for the fact that this is indeed a kid’s game – I hope Bioware remembers that half the success of a kid’s multimedia product is the viability of it to adults too. Just ask Pixar. Continue reading Roundup: What We Missed

First Sonic Unleashed playtest to be in ONM (UPDATE)

Now that Sega Europe have officially announced Sonic Unleashed, Official Nintendo Magazine have announced their first playtest of Sonic Unleashed will be in their upcoming issue 29. You can pick up a copy of the magazine Friday April 11.

UPDATE: Official Nintendo Magazine have unveiled on their website the Sonic Unleashed front cover of their magazine which reveals that new screens and information will be in Fridays issue. They also say – “Yes, by day Sonic is the blue hedgehog we all know and love but, when the sun sets, he turns into a werehog with claws and fangs.

This does make a difference to the gameplay as the werehog is slower but stronger, meaning he can swing around levels, move obstacles and hurl enemies around.”

ONM Website

New Sonic Unleashed Teaser Trailer

AAUK has just given me a link to a new teaser trailer for Sonic Unleashed, which really does give us a heavy impression that the Sonic “Werehog” transformation will happen, and gives us the tag line “A New Adventure Awakens”.

We also find out that Werehog Sonic doesn’t like rings…
Thanks to AAUK for the heads up.

Sonic Officially Unleashed!

After weeks of hype and hearsay, SEGA finally confirm the existance of Sonic Unleashed which will be released almost universally on all major platforms: XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 AND PS2.

The game is set to use a new “Hedgehog engine” which will combine (as many have already seen) both 2D “classic” gameplay with rich new 3D environments. The aim of this is to amalgamate the new look of Sonic the Hedgehog with some older elements back from older Sonic titles. SEGA say “The Hedgehog engine will help re-define the gameplay experience for Sonic fans and newcomers to the franchise alike.” Continue reading Sonic Officially Unleashed!

Sonic Unleashed coming to four platforms?

According to GameStop, Sonic Unleashed will be coming to the Wii, PS2, Xbox 360, and PS3 on November 4th, 2008. The prices vary from SKU to SKU, but the PS2 version will be selling for the budget price of $30, while the Wii and PS3/360 versions will be going for the standard $50/$60 price tag respectivey.

GameStop can often be a source for new info on upcoming games, with prices, release dates, names, and platforms for upcoming games often leaked months before the publisher officially announces the info. They where the ones who leaked Samba De Amigo Wii early, among other games. While their track record is very solid, any info from them should still be regarded as speculation and rumor, until officially confirmed by SEGA.

Sonic Unleashed Trailer [UPDATE]

It appears Sonic has returned to the realm of side scrollers and on rails game play in his latest console outing. Good stuff.

UPDATE: Looks like SEGA-On’s video was removed, so much for that. We know you love a good video though, so courtesy of our good friends at X-CulT, you can download a modified version of the (rather stupidly large at 600MB) video from their website. Also, if you want a laugh, click here.

Sonic Unleashed to be Multiplatform

Dennis, from a German gaming magazine, has confirmed that Sonic Unleashed will indeed be a multiplatform release:

“Sonic unleashed will be on the cover of the next PLAY magazine, it will also feature in Nintendo’s magazine (NOM) and will be in the August issue. The screens I have uploaded are from the Xbox 360 version of the game, however, the game is going to be a multiformat release.”

This confirms both a 360 and a Wii version, at least.

Special thanks goes out to TSS’s own Casanova for reporting this info, and sending in the above Google translation.

SEGA ON Magazin

First details on Sonic Unleashed!

EDIT: Due to many people misinterpreting simple English, here’s a clarification. Sonic Unleashed has not been confirmed to follow directly from Sonic 06’s story. It is simply to be considered the next ‘real’ Sonic game in the series, after Sonic 06 – which was the next canon game after Sonic Heroes. There is clearly a big dark creature that reminds us of Iblis in Sonic Unleashed, much like there was a dark evil Iblis-esque creature in Sonic and the Secret Rings regarding the Ifrit. This suggests – but not confirms – that SEGA are once again being influenced by a similar ‘dark’ storyline to tie up the game. Thank you for misunderstanding. If English is not your native language however we’ll let you off.

Further, The Sonic Stadium has obtained this information via its own sources and the only information that lies under ‘speculation’ is the information that immediately follows the word ‘speculation’. END EDIT.

Sonic Team has a funny way of making games these days. This morning The Sonic Stadium broke news of a forum post leaking images pertaining to be from Sonic Unleashed. We can now confirm that these images are real. This will be the next Sonic game.

And yet, we don’t know quite how to take the news. On the one hand, we’re excited with the promise of gorgeous levels and a Sonic that we actually want to associate ourselves with. On the other hand… well, read on. Continue reading First details on Sonic Unleashed!

New Sonic Game Screenshots Discovered

Some screenshots have been uncovered from a “SEGA FTP” that appear to be the first images of new title ‘Sonic Unleashed’.

Alsha ClanClan Prower of the EspioKaos Message Board discovered the following images whilst browsing one of “SEGA’s FTP” portals. They indicate a CG introduction involving Super Sonic being defeated by Eggman, and various locales based on cities in Greece. Continue reading New Sonic Game Screenshots Discovered