Sonic World Adventure delayed until Spring 2009

While everyone seems to be jumping up and down about Sonic Unleashed, one thing that seems slightly off is regarding the game’s release date. According to the official Japanese website (the game is called Sonic World Adventure over there),  the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions are being held back until Spring 2009. The website states that this is to “improve the game’s quality”, something we’re not exactly against given the known rushings of past Sonic games.

Oddly though, this delay does not affect the Wii version, which is still scheduled for an 18th December launch. This release date confusion follows our report the other day, where we revealed that the European PS3 version won’t be released until December. Reasons were not given for the pushback, but other consoles are as yet unaffected.

AAUK, the Sega Community Manager for Europe, has stressed that the delays in Japan doesn’t mean that the Japanese version will be superior to the others.

Sonic World Adventure – via Siliconera (thanks Aly!)

Sonic stages deleted from LittleBigPlanet over copyright claims

CVG are reporting that user generated levels based around other videogames are being deleted off the servers due to copyright claims from Sony. These themed levels include Sonic the Hedgehog stages. So anyone wishing to publish their favorite stages like Green Hill Zone or Emerald Hill Zone will have to keep them to themselves. CVG have contacted Sony but have received no reply yet but LittleBigPlanet developers Media Molecule have issued this statement –

“We’re reviewing the moderating system currently to provide better feedback on why levels are moderated,” he said, going on to explain: “Primarily, any level that is reported using the grief tool will be checked over by a moderator, at which point they’ll examine it in line with the EULA. If a level is found to be in violation of the EULA it will be moderated and you’ll receive a message to that effect.

“We’re moving towards a system where additional information is given, however for the time being if you don’t want your level moderating avoid anything unsuitable for users of all ages and copyright content,”

What are your oppinions on this? Has anyone with the game had their Sonic stages deleted off the server?

Let us know in the SSMB topic.


Sonic Unleashed hits Europe 28th November

Sega Europe have updated the European official Sonic Unleashed website with a release date for all formats. The game will hit stores Friday the 28th November. Except for the PlayStation 3, which will see a European release in December for some bizarre reason.

Fans have been going crazy over the past few weeks digging at every source possible for a release date, ask Mr.ArchangelUK he’s been torn to shreds by rabid fans begging for a release date. Now European fans can get their pre-orders in and rest at ease until release day.

For the release date and more info/media on the game check out the official site.

Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

Sonic Unleashed Xbox 360 back cover – DLC coming

After unveiling the Wii and PS2 back covers of upcoming game Sonic Unleashed, Woolworths have updated their website with the Xbox 360 version back cover. In the Xbox Live features ‘game content download’ can be seen, what downloadable content we’ll get is unknown right now so we’ll just have to wait and see what SEGA has in store for us after release.

The PS3 back cover is yet to be seen on Woolworths website but that version will most likely see downloadable content too, as soon as it’s unveiled we’ll post it up for you guys.


An Official Sonic Unleashed Trailer

Now for a trailer that hasn’t been leaked! This video comes courtesy of Sega America and was posted on Hallowe’en of all times – it’s a brief showcase of the jungle-esque stage titled Mazuri. It’s really quite difficult for someone like me to keep a track of all these Zone names when they’re so bizarrely named. Whatever happened to Jungle Leaf Zone, or Tarzanhog Zone, or King of the Swingers Zone? Much easier to remember. What’s also easier to see is that this stage has had vast improvements over the original trailer some months ago, and even retains the classic re-interpretation of the Sonic 1 8-Bit credits theme. Groovy.

The Trouble With Trailers: The Sonic Unleashed Debacle

The recent video leak from Taiwanese gaming website Ruliweb has caused big action from Sega Europe, with original Youtube videos being deleted and member accounts being suspended. The news came shortly after we revealed the Opening Cutscene and Apotos videos that were posted, where we had to resort to offering download links from the original source.

Now Youtube members are responding in force, reposting the trailers many times over with various conspicuous titles. One video is named “The Epic opening in the series that is not so falling” and “pessimists beware ice cream will own you” – which is more than sign enough to see that people are very excited about the way Sonic Unleashed is looking at the moment.

It’s not surprising to see Sega curl up into a ball and go out on the Copyright Infringement Attack Force. It’s happened before many times, and it’s only natural to see a publisher defend information that it doesn’t want made public. It will be more interesting to see how Sega continues to respond, particularly given the positive reception the leaked videos have created.

In fact, these two movies have largely been decision-changers in most people, between a pass to a day-one purchase. The question is, will Sega now react positively to the reactions from fans and gamers alike, or will they pursue the retraction of material to the end, causing no end of headaches for them in an open space like the Internet and simultaneously endangering the new consumers the videos appear to have generated? Watch this space, kids.

And Here Come The Unleashed Toys

This is quite something – Sega haven’t put this much pump into a Sonic game in a long time. There’s even proper merchandise to be had, with this eBay auction popping up for a Sonic the Werehog action figure. Sold at Toys R’ Us in America for a period of time, these are very hard to find according to the seller. They’re apparently different from the Australian pre-order figures, but we won’t know for sure unless someone does a comparison or two (that’s your challenge, Aussie readers! Get in touch!).

We don’t know if these will ever come to Britain (AAUK has responded with a stinging ‘no’), or anywhere outside of America in fact. At this time there are two separate auctions for about $40. So if you’ve got bottomless pockets and can’t wait for a bit of early Unleashed action, then what better to do then invest in a pristine Werehog?

Sega Sonic Unleashed Sonic the Werehog Figure – eBay

Are we getting a Sonic Unleashed toy line? – SSMB

Watch Unleashed’s Opening, Apotos Stage

UPDATE: The spoilsports at Sega seem to have caught wind of the Youtube escapade, as the videos that were featured in this story were taken off shortly after. If you’re looking for a way to view the videos but can handle waiting a million years, Ruliweb have downloadable versions on their website. The last two links in either the HD or SD segment of the page lead to the Sonic Unleashed videos, the other links are other games, we imagine.

It appears someone’s got their hands on review code of Sonic Unleashed early, because there’s a few gameplay videos popping up over Youtube courtesy of “Ruliweb”. The first video, above, shows a cutscene between Sonic and Chip in the Apotos stage, whilst showcasing what the ‘hub’ worlds will look like and even a little bit of main stage action. Chip does sound rather irritating with his sundae fetish, but maybe that’s the point. It’s altogether a pretty charming cutscene, and overall a pretty cool display of Sonic’s character. In the hub world you can talk to various non-playable characters about this and that. You get the option for multiple-choice responses, but as the video quality is pretty poor we can’t tell whether you’ll get any sidequests or anything for doing this.

The Sonic levels still look awesomely impressive. Calls of ‘on-rails’ gameplay may be justified, but if it’s fun and entertaining (and above all, satisfying to play) then does it really matter? It’s no throwback to what made the classics great, but it at least taps the relative success and win that the Sonic Rush series is made of. Basically, it looks like a bowl full of funchips. Also, no loading! We just hope that the ‘EXP’ system doesn’t make the game a chore to play until you level up like in Sonic and the Secret Rings.

There’s more though – Ruliweb kindly captured the introduction cutscene for the game too, which you can download using the link provided above. Trust us though – this opening cutscene is made of a trophy built from the rarest awesome, dug from the farmost mines of win.

Thanks to PeTePoPsS on the SSMB for finding the videos and sharing them!

Sonic Unleashed Wii & PS2 Back Covers have uploaded the reverse box-art covers of the Wii/PS2 versions of upcoming game Sonic Unleashed. While both versions apparently use the Criware and Havok engines to create the speedy new worlds Sonic will encounter, there is some extra information. The Wii version will support, as controllers, the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, or the Classic/Gamecube Controllers.

For anyone who can’t read the text on these back covers, it reads: “As the sun sets… A new adventure begins!”

  • Sonic at his fastest, super 2D to 3D high-speed action.
  • Explore exciting locations in a world wide race against time.
  • Transform after dark with all new powerful combat skills.

Wii owners should be pleased and can’t complain about controls with such a variety of control schemes available. Regarding the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, Woolworths haven’t put those back covers up which adds further to the speculation that they will be released later than the Wii/PS2 versions. As soon as those back covers are put up, we’ll post them here for you guys. See how we look after ya?

Unleashed: Night of the Living Werehog

To get you into the spirit of things, SEGA have made this awesome Hallowe’en trailer for Sonic Unleashed. But it’s not a trailer for the game. Nope, it’s a trailer for a special animated film that SEGA are producing, to tie in with the game. So it’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s “Thriller” then.

It’s done in a classic horror movie style, and features Sonic and new character Chip heading into a haunted house, with the blue blur unable to contain his dark secret when the full moon comes out… Almost reminded me of the intro to Luigi’s Mansion until Were-Sonic started beating the snot out of some Looney Tunes-esque bull.

Give it a watch, it’s ghoulishly good. Ahem. The full animated short will be available in November.

Werehog Figurine for Australian Pre-Orders

Live in Australia? Picking up the awesome looking game that is Sonic Unleashed? Need more Werehog for your cash? Well EB Games has got something for you, a Werehog figurine. He stares, he snares, he scares, tears into your soul while you sleep at night… ok he doesn’t do that, or does he? Personally, with the evil Tails Doll out there somewhere in the shadows I won’t be trusting the Werehog Figurine. *Oh dear, what have I started?*

The deal is available for all versions of the game, online and in-store and is exclusive to EB Games. As of now, EB Games is listing Xbox 360, Wii and PS2 versions to be released on the 27th November and the PS3 version as Dec 2008, but no release date has been officially announced by SEGA yet.


Thanks to Game Boy over at the SSMB for informing us of this!

Early Unleashed box-art found?

I was browsing around UK retailer websites, checking up on Sonic Unleashed’s supposed ’28th November’ release date, and came across this alternate box artwork at Argos. It may be an early box art, due to the ‘TBC’ PEGI logo. That, and SEGA have already revealed the final cover and it looks slightly different to this. If that’s the case, then in my opinion they really should have stuck with this design. It’s more interesting and gives a hint as to the game’s story, with the world crumbling behind Sonic (rather than the final render which just has some pretty colours).

Still, I guess it doesn’t matter as long as the game’s good right?


IGN’s Sonic Unleashed Developer blog – Update get!

Is this the face of a man you can trust? We sure hope so. Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Game Director and Lead Designer on ‘Sonic Unleashed’ over at SEGA Towers in Japan assures us the upcoming title in the series will be nothing short of revolutionary. Previously updated by Patrick Riley, Hashimoto joins in on IGN’s ‘Sonic Unleashed Blog’ page with a lengthy post on how much awesome Unleashed contains along with a couple of brand new screen shots to top things off.

Hashimoto discusses how him and the team conjured up the concept for Sonic’s latest adventure and elaborates on why certain design choices were made over others. There’s some talk on the coming to be’s of the ‘Hedgehog Engine’ too explaining exactly what it can achieve and how it will allow future Sonic titles to benefit from it.

Click here for a direct link to the blog and thanks to Spyne for pointing out the update over on the forums earlier today.

Sonic Unleashed PS3 out now in U.S….apparently

Sega of America have updated their product page for Sonic Unleashed. The page now has 2 copies of the China trailer and states that the PS3 version is OUT NOW. So U.S. gamers, how is Unleashed? Any good?

On a serious note though, what a mistake to make. Does this mean we’ll be getting a release date soon or are Sega of America’s web site staff as bad at noticing errors as Sonic Team are at noticing bugs in their Sonic games?

In other news if you run your mouse cursor over their Egypt trailer it says ‘Petra trailer’, I haven’t seen that name anywhere on the official Sonic Unleashed site so could this be the official Egypt stage name?

SOA Sonic Unleashed product page Discuss, if only for the lulz at the SSMB topic.

Sonic Unleashed to get PS3 Trophy support on release

Joystiq’s PS3 blog PS3 Fanboy have updated their list of upcoming games that have PS3 Trophy support and among the list is Sonic Unleashed. No sign of a list of the Trophies yet or the Xbox 360 Achievements list yet but no doubt they will be the same like alot of other multi-platform games. Good news though for PS3 fans looking to get the game and get their moneys worth or owners of both consoles who might only opt for the Xbox 360 version over the PS3 version for Achievements. We’ll update with both lists as soon as they are available.

PS3 Fanboy
Source: Sega Nerds

Sonic Unleashed TGS Footage, Positive Impressions

Like many on The Sonic Stadium, I have been fairly pessimistic regarding Sonic Unleashed. With severe frame rate problems being reported from several sources, as well as “boring looking” Werehog levels, it seemed like Unleashed may be more of the same. What’s more, due to bad magazine scans, the Wii version appeared to be a shoddy port.

The more I see of the game, however, the more it begins to win me over. Are the first, incredible looking videos from the Wii version enough to win you over? Is the latest preview good enough to get your hopes up? Decide for yourself. Here’s the first video. Two more videos and a preview after the break:

Continue reading Sonic Unleashed TGS Footage, Positive Impressions

Unleash the hunk/babe in you with this T-shirt

Sega have updated the official Sonic World Adventure website with news of a new themed reversible T-shirt. One side of the shirt displays Sonic the Hedgehog (White) and the other Sonic the Werehog (Black). The T-shirt comes in sizes small, medium and large and retails for 4,200 Yen. That’s a whopping £22, mind you.

You can check out the T-shirt here.

Sega Dates Unleashed in Japan

At a press briefing of Sega’s own, Sega have announced their Japanese line-up for 2008/9 and among them is Sonic Unleashed or Sonic World Adventure as it’s being named over there. The game will be released in Japan December 18th 2008. Here’s a Google translation of the Sonic Unleashed announcement –

Action on behalf of Sega games, Sonic’s latest film series. The album is Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic UEAHOGGU The two types of character to operate the Games to proceed. PS3/Xbox 360 and Wii versions are slightly different, Wii version of Sonic the UEAHOGGU me to let my part, to wave attack when the Wii remote control features intuitive operation. But the attacks also NANDO is wielding a little bit tired (laughs). Features of the series is the same sense of speed with the fans of this series, if the contents of any problems with it? Release date is scheduled for Dec. 18, 2008. Priced at 7,140 yen (PS3/Xbox 360) and 6,090 yen (Wii).

A new screenshot from the Xbox 360/PS3 version was also shown

and an old Wii one

Reading the announcement it look’s like the Wii version Werehog will involve some waggle attacks among other things when using the Wii Remote. With the Japanese release date announced, hopefully the U.S. and Europe will get a date soon.

Source: Watch.Impress

Roarey’s RacCOMIC #3: Pessimistic Edition

Hey, kids, it has been a while, but the Roarey’s comics are back with the third iteration.  Feel like I’m misrepresenting the community with my overt pessimism?  Well, you are full of shit, because a good deal of us feel the same way.

If anything, the other bloggers are representing the optimistic crowd rather well, so don’t get all bent out of shape about it.  It’s Sonic the Hedgehog for crying out loud.

See How The Hedgehog Engine Works

At the CEDEC Conference Sonic Team showed off the latest build of their Hedgehog Engine to an engaged audience. Thanks to reader ‘Brent’, we were able to grab some clips from their presentation that showcases various aspects of the ins and outs of the code. If you’re a budding game engineer (and can read Japanese) then this will be of particular interest. For the rest of us, it’s still pretty nifty to see images of Sonic Unleashed in a debug state. Gallery after the jump. Continue reading See How The Hedgehog Engine Works

New Unleashed video all up in China

SEGA of America’s official YouTube profile has released the Unleashed trailer of the China level, as seen at the LGC.  In this video, you can catch some mad “game playing itself” action, “homing attack badniks over bottomless pits” action, as well as some “repetitive button mashing with howling” action.  So much action, so little time!

Gamespot Quiz Sonic Team’s Director on Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Smash!

Will ‘Sonic Unleashed’ be the best Sonic game since the Dreamcast era? Sonic Teams producer and lead designer on Unleashed ‘Yoshihisa Hashimoto’ seems to think so!

.:Dark.Prowl:. of SSMB gave us the heads up earlier today regarding a recent interview published by Gamespot with the lead designer of Sonic Unleashed. The interview discusses the newly developed ‘Hedgehog Engine’, playable characters such as Tails in his Tornado plane for a ‘shooting game’, the main story involving the huge beast ‘Dark Gaia’ and the option of new maps available to download over the Xbox Live and PSN service if demand is high enough.

New information on the game has been a little scarce as of late despite a playable demo showing up at the Leipzig Games Convention a couple of weeks back. The interview discusses a good deal of new things and shows some promising features and compelling gameplay Sonic fans have so desperately wanted for some time now. Hang on… Haven’t we heard all of this somewhere before… though?

You can check out the article for yourself here.

Source: Gamespot.

New Sonic Unleashed Wii details

Spanish gaming site Revogamer have had the opportunity to talk to Sega about the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed and here is a translation of their main findings from GoNintendo –

  • Half of the game normal, the other half were-hog
  • Wii-PS360 more similar than first thought, design and gameplay-wise
  • You use Wiimote + Nunchuck
  • Won’t have motion controls for attacking from the air, despite of being pretty similar to The Secret Rings
  • Some problems controlling Sonic at a low speed. Walking for rings, etc
  • Wiimote just for accelerate-push
  • No motion controls for side-step, you’ll use B and Z, like on 360
  • Don’t know if they’re using for balancing ropes or QTEs, but they should!
  • According to SEGA, the game (Wii version) should be shown in the upcoming TGS, in October.
  • Not showing the Black Night because of focusing on this one first.

So barely any waggle in Sonic’s sections at least, wether that’s a good or bad thing I’ll let you be the judge. Now hopefully with the Wii version confirmed to be at TGS next month we’ll see some footage at long last.


Source: GoNintendo

Unleash Sonic on PS2 for only £17.99!

Yes, my Photoshop is still broken. =(

Upon hearing the news, Sonic promptly dashed off to his local Woolworths to lay down his pre-order. His store is in Louth, it appears.

Want Sonic Unleashed when released in November? Of course you do! What if you’re running a little low on pennies though?

Well not to fear because UK retailer ‘Woolworths’ has an offer you just can’t possibly refuse! The online website for the company currently has Sonic Unleashed on PS2 up for pre-order at the most convenient of prices, £17.99. The PS2 version of the game may not posses graphical awe like on next generation consoles, although Dimps has issued a helping hand with development and the concept remains the same.

If that isn’t the bargain of all bargains we don’t know what is.

Thanks to bcdcdude for alerting us on the forums earlier today!

Chris@ONM to go hands-on with Wii Unleashed in 1-2 weeks

Chris@ONM, one of Official Nintendo Magazine’s writers has announced in an ONM forum discussion that he will be going hands-on with the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed in 1 to 2 weeks time.

Aye, naturally the controls will be slightly different. What I mean is that the basic game and levels will be the same on each version.

I don’t know what the Wii controls are as yet because I didn’t go hands on with it. I believe it’s movement with the analogue stick though. I’ll be getting to play it in a week or two so I’ll let you know.

Incidentally, a couple of people have mentioned to me that other sites have complained about the 360 version’s framerate. This game is still in early stages of development: please don’t think for a second that the finished game will have the noticeable framerate problems the demo I played did.


Chris had recently been to GDC Leipzig to try out the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed but unfortunately when he got there he was told by a Sega rep that the Wii demo isn’t working and got directed to the Xbox 360 demo instead. Continue reading Chris@ONM to go hands-on with Wii Unleashed in 1-2 weeks

Another off-screen Sonic Unleashed video

On the heels of GameVideo’s off screen video, Gamekyo has come up with their own video. While the quality isn’t quite as good, what with all the people walking between the camera and the screen, this video does help add some persepective to just how many different paths there are in Unleash’s first level. At the very least, it looks like this game will have some nice replay value.

Meet Chip

Game Videos have posted a cool off-screen video of Sonic Unleashed in action at Leipzig’s Game Convention. The most notable about this video – despite the fact that you can see for yourself how awesome it’s looking with it’s alternate paths – is the rather random first appearance of a new character called Chip. Now, remember when we broke news that Sonic Unleashed would add a new character to the series? Looks like we totally called it, but we never thought Sega would reveal his/it existence so unceremoniously. Seriously, we’d have thought there’d be some sort of super-announcement for it or something.

Chip, from what we’ve seen and heard, appears to be some sort of tutorial pal and may well be integral to the story. Long as he doesn’t say a damn word during levels (so far so good) and stays on a totally platonic relationship with Sonic, I think we’ll be OK. Seems kinda cute actually. I hope Sega are as careful with Chip in consideration for future games as they have been with Blaze and Marine and not, for example, Shadow, however. I wouldn’t want to see this purple thing in every Sonic game since.

Check out Sonic’s assessment of his ranking at the end of the level with Chip, and the proceeding breakdance once he’s discovered he got an ‘S’ ranking. Pure Sonic gold, that is.

Hashimoto: “Sonic Shouldn’t Be Realistic”

In an interview with the latest issue of GamesMaster the director of Sonic Unleashed, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, proved to the world that he has a bit of a clue. A glowing preview of the upcoming Jekyll-and-Hyde game from the magazine includes such questions to the Sonic Team lead as ‘is Sonic Unleashed going to continue the trend (of making Sonic’s world more ‘realistic’)?’

Hashimoto’s response was the news we had all been waiting for:

No, I don’t think Sonic should be something that’s merely realistic… That wouldn’t be Sonic. Our goal is to make it like Disney World. Disney World is ‘real’, but it’s a colourful toon-ish world. Just strolling around it makes you excited. I want to make Sonic’s world like this… with the textures as realistic as possible yet (in) forms that are deformed.

So, like a twisted form of realistic locations inspired by the world around us? Sounds like Sonic 1 to Adventure to me. It’s about time they realised all this nonsensical parp about Maria/Gerald Robotnik/Shadow’s morality was a pointless affair. Sonic fans, here’s a guy in Sonic Team who finally knows what he’s talking about. In a land without Naka, Yasuhara and Oshima, such people have been rare to come by in the last ten years. Yoshihisa Hashimoto is our new pin-up of the month.

Unleashed, De-Fanged

No Fang 4 U

After much hype and hearsay about the return of what some deem to be a cult character from the Sonic Universe, it looks like the Hatted Weasel/Wolf character, Fang the Sniper, WILL NOT be appearing in the up-and-coming multi-platform game Sonic Unleashed.

The SEGA Blognik, run and maintained by the ever present ArchAngelUK, made a post earlier afer enquiries had been made with SEGA’s brand manager in regards to the rumours about the return of Fang the Sniper: ” I asked the brand manager directly. The answer was “who’s he?” “.

So unfortunately kids, it looks like we aren’t going to see the return of Fang. Disappointed? Perhaps, perhaps not. On the positive side, the images released from Leipzig looks promising, so hopefully the lack of cork guns won’t ruin what looks to be a promising game.

I seem to have misplaced my DS…if anyone sees it, let me know.

Props to Mr. AAUK for the info!

So How’s Sonic Unleashed on the Wii Looking?

Really really nice, as it happens! There were fears that the lack of horsepower on the waggle-console would lead to a decidedly crappier looking game, but Dimps appear to be doing a fantastic job of maintaining the style of the next-gen experience and pumping their own Wii-specific controls into it. Naturally there’s a graphical deficiency that you notice if you compare Wii to 360 graphics, and Nintendo’s console is having a bit of a palette downgrade going on (looking a bit more brown I’d say) but you gotta admit it’s pretty tasty all the same. Looks like Sega really do like to push the graphical power of the Wii as much as they can.

Hit the jump for the gallery, you can also see some Wiire-hog action going on. Look, he’s jumping over razorblades like in Sonic 1! But… he’s a werewolf! Khaaaan! Continue reading So How’s Sonic Unleashed on the Wii Looking?

Get A Load Of Sonic Unleashed Screens From Leipzig

Sure, we mock it but Sonic Unleashed is really turning out quite nice. We’re just not sure about the Werehog bit – he’s either fighting some alien creatures that, despite looking rather cute, seem like Sonic’s fighting Iblis Mk2 again (not very ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ at all), or he’s doing careful platform traversing that just makes you wonder “That could have been normal Sonic doing that in his stages”.

If Werehog’s doing all the skilful platforming, does that mean the awesome ‘speed’ stages that Sonic’s involved in has no substance other than just running full tilt and pressing the odd button every now and then? We hope not – only time can tell.

By the way, we’ve also been sent a BONUS ART PIECE for the game, you can click the image above to grab it in full size. Otherwise, hit the jump for screens of Werehog dealing out da punishment! Continue reading Get A Load Of Sonic Unleashed Screens From Leipzig

TalkPlayStation Speak of ‘Leaked’ Sonic Unleashed Story, Fang

The Leipzig Games Convention takes place tomorrow, and we can expect plenty of fresh information on Sonic Unleashed. According to the TalkPlayStation Blog however, one reader (called ‘Dan’) couldn’t contain his secrets any longer and apparently spilled some massive story-based beans. Among the unsupported claims is talk of Sonic and the Werehog having separate ‘Super’ forms, Tails appearing with the Tornado and something about a Chaos Golem. Here’s TalkPlayStation with some more tidbits:

The returning character is called Fang the Sniper. He’ll be reinvented like the Chaotix were when they were reintroduced in Sonic Heroes. Fang the Sniper is hired to destroy the Werehog with the promise that he can get the Emerals from his dead body. He becomes an occasional rival in three or four boss battles. In their final battle, he reaches the last Emerald before Sonic and has an adverse effect.

Again, there are no official sources confirming this, so don’t go over the top with this newfound information, kids. There’s a chance that reader ‘Dan’ may just be, you know, making it up. But GC’s only tomorrow, so we’ll know soon enough.

Source: Sonic Unleashed Story Leaked – TalkPlayStation

Sega announce games line-up for Leipzig GC

Sega have today announced their games line-up for the Leipzig Games Convention which includes many familiar titles but Sega have announced a new title is planned for its world premiere at the event. Jinkeys! Sonic titles to appear at the Games Convention are Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and Sonic Unleashed.

Titles set to appear are – Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic Unleashed, Space Siege, Empire: Total War, Alpha Protocol, Madworld, Bayonetta, Golden Axe, Valkyria Chronicles, Stormrise, Samba De Amigo and several other titles.

We’ll keep you up to date on all info released from the event next week!

Link –

Sonic Unleashed – Box Artwork Revealed?

Dats sum n1ce photoshopin right der.

SSMB’s very own ‘Coolrunnings‘ alerted the Internet earlier today with what could very well be the front cover image for the upcoming ‘Sonic Unleashed’ title on the Nintendo Wii. After some quick detective work by a few other members, it appears has uploaded the box artwork for every version of the game on their website.

What could well be place holder artwork created by themselves, the cover sports a completely new render of Sonic and the Werehog joined together by what most likely would be the magical wonders of Adobe Photoshop. While the box artwork is extremely important in terms of sales for any game, it seems whoever has produced this picture went down the ‘simple yet effective’ route for grabbing peoples attention on the shelves.


Wii Unleashed Screens in Degenki Magazine

SEGANERDS forum member, STORM! has taken photos of all the pages in the new Degenki Magazine. The new feature gives us a better taste on what the Wii version of Unleashed is going to look like. Also, there is a manga, too, following the (mis)adventures of Sonic the Werehog and the new, unnecessary “chihuahua” character, but you do not care about that, right? You want to see this game!

Click here for the entire photo gallery of the article.