SHADOWTEAM: Sonic Ultimate Rehaul (or perhaps, Restart)

Now, as many of you know, Sonic Ultimate is my main Shadow Team project, but as many of you also know, it’s the buggiest ST project in production. Now, I’m sure many of you have noticed I’ve been modding alot, and spriting alot over the last two months, combine that with the fact that I am a very lazy person, and you can prolly guess what SU has been doing since March. Thats right, sitting. Well, recently due to some problems with my internet I tried to pick up work on it, getting into it though, with a clear head, I realized, that it was going to be alot more work then it was truely, truely worth.

Realizing that I could get much better results through restarting, I sent an E mail to Roareye saying basically what I have just said. He also thinks that restarting that project would be much better then trying to fix every bug. I could prolly, through alot of work, correct the current version of Sonic Ultimate, but it’s a giant mess. Every time I’d patch something, another bug would come out of it, regardless of the amount of work put in. Continue reading SHADOWTEAM: Sonic Ultimate Rehaul (or perhaps, Restart)