TSS Review: Funko’s Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Pop!’ Vinyl Figures

For 15 years, Funko have been making products based on characters from pop culture. Their range is expansive with hundreds of franchises and over a thousand different products. They’re also no stranger to the Sonic brand. A few years ago they made several Sonic toys based on their Wacky Wobblers line, so it’s not like this is the first time they’d had a go with the Sonic license.  However, it is the first time that they’ve used the Sonic license for their ‘Pop! Vinyl’ line. Now the Funko Pop range has a certain ‘style’ to it, so how do Sonic, Tails and Knuckles look after their Funko Pop transformation?



Oh my…

If you’ve not seen Funko’s Pop! Range before, these might come as a surprise, but I assure you, these are very much in line with the products Funko make. As Sonic fans, have they done the characters justice? Well, aside for their art style, is there anything about them that doesn’t resemble Sonic, Tails and Knuckles? If you took the box away and they were just sitting there, would someone not be able to look at them and say, ‘Aren’t those the Sonic characters?’

We’ve start by looking at Sonic. There’s no way to ignore this, Sonic looks… really angry. I’m not sure if this might put some people off since typically Sonic usually looks laid back and relaxed or has a happy expression on his face, angry is normally for random cut scenes or comic books. So to see a figure of Sonic looking angry is a bit different. Although not unheard of. The Nendoroid figure has the option of making Sonic look angry, however with no customisation on the Funko figure, you have no option but to get an angry looking Sonic.


Though I think I know why he appears angry. The clenched fists by his sides isn’t what does it, there have been official images with him standing like that with his fists clenched and he doesn’t look mad.

It’s the eyes.

His eyes are slightly closed which makes him look angry, I suspect had they been fully open he would look much friendlier. Aside from his angry stare, the Sonic figure has had a lot of care put into it, his paint work is very good, especially on his shoes where it’s easy for mistakes to occur. However, he does have a few issues. Mine has a tiny scratch on his forehead and his chest paint isn’t done very well at all, you can see the blue primer under it. But otherwise, it’s very well done.

There is however one small problem. Sonic’s feet are not quite level, so he has a constant wobble, even the slightest vibration and he’ll topple over, you’ll need to stand him up on a very level surface and may need to use some tape  to hold him in place.

None of the figures have any points of articulation except for their heads, however on my figure, Sonic’s head wouldn’t turn, I was eventually able to get it to do so by applying force, but be careful as you can easily break the figure by doing this.


Moving onto Tails now. Ever since his creation, there has been a joke which has followed Tails around since creation, why does he always look so cute? And it’s the same with this one, there’s something about the way he looks which somehow makes him appear cute. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, it’s probably something to do with his eyes, unlike Sonic, his are fully open and with those huge wide black eyes, it reminds me of when my cat comes into my room, looks up and me and meows.

As with sonic, Tails has a look of detail on him, even down to where the white meets the orange body, it actually looks like fur.

But… Tails does have a lot of paint errors, now these might be exclusive to mine, but given what they are, I would not be surprised if similar errors appear on other versions of him. First of all, his glove, it almost looks like he has a hole in it, there is a huge patch of paint missing and you can clearly see the orange base under it.

Another issue is his right eye, there is a tiny white mark on it which shouldn’t be there, the eyes are supposed to be completely black. It’s small and you can’t see it at a distance, but it’s there.

The big problem comes with his back; he has a lot of white/silver paint smudges all over his back and the back of his head. Tails has no white patches in these areas, so I assume this is something that’s occurred in the manufacture process, odds are it’s going to be repeated on other versions of it.


The last figure in the line is Knuckles, aside from his abnormally large forehead, Knuckles is surprisingly the best figure of the set, in terms of quality at least. He has two errors that I’ve noticed, the first is on his eye, it’s another scratch like Tails has, and the second is on the back of his foot, a small paint smudge. Otherwise, he’s absolutely fine.

One thing about Knuckles which deserves more praise are his shoes, when you think about the colouring on Knuckles, his shoes are the most complicated, especially when it comes to colouring done by a machine. Yet with the exception of the small smudge on the back, they’re perfect. They’ve even put on the small studs on his shoes; they’re not painted on, but individually cut parts of the plastic mould.

Another positive is his tail, a large number of figures and statues often make his dreadlocks so long that it obscures it, not this one, partly due to the oversized head, the dreadlocks are long but they don’t obscure his tail in any way.

One common feature about all the figures that surprised me, they’re light, very light in fact. I do not own any Funko products and I was expecting these to weigh quite a bit due to the size of their heads alone. But the plastic is very light weight and feels almost as light as a typical action figure.


There is one downside to owning these figures and it’s probably something that will be unique to Sonic fans. That being, there’s only 3 of them, if you collect Funko figures then this isn’t an issue. However, for collectors of Sonic merchandise, you can’t escape the thought that when these three are on display they do look a little lonely. I wish there was also an Eggman, Metal Sonic and maybe an Amy figure just to expand the range more. So when the figures are on display, it looks fuller than the 3 which we usually get.

However, despite the fact it’s Sonic, Tails and Knuckles again, due to the design of the figures they’re certainly strong enough to stand out even in a large collection, but that said, it’s crying out for expansion. Give us some characters who are not Sonic Tails and Knuckles since we have a lot of these already.

The figures are priced at around £9.99 each, are they must own? Erm… yes? Well, for me, I love merchandise which is a little different or unique, so for me, absolutely this was a must buy. But I think it depends on how much you collect merchandise and what you do with them. These figures are strictly a display piece only, they’ll look great grouped together and will stand out. However with little articulation, if you don’t like their default pose there isn’t much you can do about it.

That said, they’re not bad, in fact they’re really well made and the presentation in the box is really nice too. They follow the Funko style but are easily identifiable and will certainly stand out amidst even the most diehard of display cases. The main problem seems to be the lack of variety, it’s Sonic, Tails and Knuckles again, though if the range is going to be expanded and I really hope it is, it will only look better with time.

Or look at it this way; imagine if Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were Wisps, I imagine they’d look like these.



Should you buy them?

I’d say they’re worth a buy if you can afford them or just happen to really liked them. At only £9.99 each you’re not going to have to break the bank for the full set. There’s no reason why you should avoid them in terms of quality, just depends how much of a collector you are, if you don’t collect every single piece of merchandise, then it’s probably something you’d want to miss. But if you’re looking for something different or a talking point in your collection, it’s a definite pick up. But what you see with these is literally what you get, they’re display pieces and they don’t have any party tricks other than any setting/scenery you chose to build around them.

Rated: Thumbs Up

Still not sure? Check out my video Unboxing & Review of them.

Thinking of getting them? Or do you have any? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2013 Product Catalogue


About 2 months ago, there was a Sonic product event over at Mercedes Benz world, at this event, a single photograph showed what appeared to be a Sonic product guide. Naturally fans of sonic merchandise were curious as to what it contained. But the guide didn’t ever resurface. Last week, another photograph of the guide was spotted, this time at a second event, the interesting thing about this picture was that you could just make out some products which haddn’t yet been announced. By now, Sonic merchandise fans really wanted to get ahold of it.

Well… We’ve got one. Thanks to our friends over at toybuzz.co.uk we now have a copy of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2013 product catalogue. Would you like to read it?

Keep in mind, it only shows products that will be released in the UK this year. So you won’t find the huge range of Jazwares toys that the United Stages gets, nor will you see any Japanese products. Furthermore, due to items which you can buy/pre-order here in the UK, this guide is not the full range of products. The guide does however contain some new items and awesome looking items.

Here are a few highlights.

Note: Click the images to see them at full size.

product catalogue 1

I can hear you saying ‘Oh no! Not the clothes!’ But if you recieve that jumper/sweater on the bottom right, you might be jumping for joy. That looks fantastic, I love the random patches on the back as well as the Sonic logo on the sleve. I just hope it comes in adult sizes. Due to be stocked at Next, no price/release date was given.

product catalogue 3

Nothing really new here, everything is known, however I’d like to draw your attention to the 2014 annual that we reported on a few weeks ago. You can see a sample page from it showing “Doctor Eggmans Maze.” Unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be full of random stock art which is a shame, for some reason the ‘Sonic Generations’ logo is also randomly placed on that sample page… why? But that said though, I’m really looking forward to that and will be picking it up/reviewing it on TSS later this year.

product catalogue 7

This is the one we want! Action figures! Well… it’s slightly disapointing. Whilst it’s good that the UK is finally getting the Chaotix and Blaze pack (Blaze is out now in UK Toys R Us stores by the way) a year after the US has had them, the inclusion of the 10 inch Sonic is disapointing since it’s been out for well over a year already. The plushies have been around for even longer. However the confirmation of the figures with accessories is a big welcome. Though personally I’d be much happier to see the Metal Sonic plush or some of the ASRT Jazwares toys make their way over to the UK shores.

But, the biggest suprise is from Sambro. The pinball game has been seen in a few photos for a while now, but the giant floor jigsaw is a new thing. The image is fantastic, Sonic & Tails look really good in that environment. For you older fans. Consider getting the jigsaw and putting it in a picture fram, you now have one awesome looking picture.

product catalogue 6

Everything you see on here has been out for well over a year. But the bigest suprise would be the inclusion of London Cakes. It seems that Sega has partnered with London Cakes who will make you a cake with an official Sonic image on it. Checking their website, there doesn’t appear to be any Sonic cakes up for order just yet, so this might be a service which will be added later in the year.

product catalogue 7If I’m honest… The Sonic the Hedgehog Official Merchandise store has been very disapointing. Just take a look at it right now and you’ll see a small example of what I mean. Nothing new has been added to the store for months, what ‘collectables’ that are there can be bought very easilly at other stores for much less. With the exception of one or two imported items, most of the products can be found elsewhere for much better prices. Remember that Sonic Monopoly? I was able to import that from Canada and it ended up being cheaper than had I bought it from the Sonic Merchandise UK store!

That said, this image would indicate that things might be changing. It seems that they’re going to be selling giant posters of archie comic covers. This is actually… quite a good idea, archie comics covers are usually a lot better than what you find in the pages of the comic and some of the covers are really nice looking. Giant sized on glossy paper? Thats a great idea!

In addition to this, we seem to have unique branded merchandise. It appears to be limited to coffee cups at this point and whilst they have been advertised on the Sonic Merchandise facebook page, there’s not been any sign of the items on the store. With any luck the site will be getting a relaunch or a huge boom in products. It’s a great idea but is crying out for a huge stock update.

product catalogue 2And finally, Mike Pollock if you’re out there. Eggman under pants are just under £4 from Primark.

To see the full catalogue in full, check out our gallery, these images are large scans so don’t open them at once if you have a slow connection.

Special thanks to toybuzz.co.uk for sending us the catalogue.

Sonic Lost World Comic & Archie Cast Redesigned?


The newest previews for various Sonic comics have just come out and they show a number of very interesting things for both long term readers and new readers to the comic.

According to the cover of a future Sonic Super Special, there will be a comic book adaptation of Sonic Lost World, the sample text that came with it claims that the story will be 20 pages long and be the longest archie videogame adaptation to date.

Long terms fans of the comic might find the next bit of news more interesting. For the last year or two, there have been a number of rather noticable changes in the comic, some subtle, others are quite obvious. Why is this? Well, some believe that Sega might finally be trying to bring the comic more in line with the games, others suspect it’s to do with legal reasons against people who frankly I don’t want to give any attention to. Whats the truth? Probably a combination of them both.

Anyway, one major change which was announced around a year ago was that the long running character Sally would be getting huge design change. Looking at the preview images for the comics, it would seem that she’s not the only one whose had a design change.

The following is the cover for issue 254.

archie254As noticed by a number of SSMB members. Along with Sonic, there appears to be two supporting cast memebers there, Rotor and Antoine, whilst Rotor looks slightly different, the biggest change is Antoine, it would appear as if he’s outgrown his jacket.

Also if you take a look at the Super Special cover again, you’ll notice that it has the line ‘Your official guide to the all-new Sonic Comic Universe’ written on it. In addition to that it has other supporting cast members on it which seem to support the theory theres been a design change.


Apart from Sally which we already knew about. You can also see the character Bunnie who now has her robotic arm back as well as a few other changes.

So anyone like the new designs? Anyone gonna pick up the issues to see whats going on?

Source: SSMB members.

Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray Plays Sonic Games Before Big Matches


On Sunday, Tennis star Andy Murray made history by being the first British Male to win Wimbledon since Since Fred Perry, 77 years ago. Following his gold medal at the Olympic Games last year, Andy Murray has since won the US open and is currently ranked the world number 2. I should point out, his victory at Wimbledon was against the world number 1.

Why am I telling you this? Well, The Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter & Facebook page has claimed that in an interview with The Sun newspaper, Andy Murray told them, that to relax before a big game, he plays Sonic the Hedgehog.

Thats right my friends, in order to relax and ease nerves, Andy Murray aparently plays Sonic games. The paper didn’t say which Sonic games he plays or on what system, so could we argue that technically Andy Murray is a Sonic fan? That might be a bit too far, but this might be scientific proof that Sonic the Hedgehog helped Andy Murray win Wimbledon… .. … though I suspect the fact he’s awesome at Tennis is more a deciding factor.

Andy Murray for ASRT DLC anyone?

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog twitter.

“Not Enough Rings” Webcomic Holding Kickstarter for Physical Comic Release

We know video game webcomics are a dime a dozen. Especially Sonic ones! But in all our years on the internet, we never came across the comic we wanted. No sprite recolors, no tribal Echidna warriors, definitely no werehogs — just a real comic retelling of the remarkable games we grew up playing.
~Veronica Vera

And the Not Enough Rings webcomic (which you can read at your own leisure), spoofing the Genesis saga from Green Hill all the way up to the Doomsday Zone, is nothing short of the latter.


Veronica Vera and Oliver Bareham, the duo behind the affectionate Sonic the Hedgehog parody webcomic, are hoping to bring their work into print form, with a Kickstarter page gone live since yesterday. Going for a minimum goal of $6,500, the Not Enough Rings Kickstarter has already reached $5,300, and is open for donations up until July 19th!

Supporters can nab themselves a copy of the 106-page comic for as little as $25, but shipping will cost extra for those outside of the United States. Extra rewards include a signed copy of the book, a TIME OVER t-shirt featuring the Carnival Night barrel, a framed strip from the comic of your choice, advance copies of the Upstage card game for Bittersweet Candy Bowl (the duo’s main project), and if you’re downright insane, a Not Enough Rings-esque strip of any stage of any Sonic game of your choosing!

The only stretch goal to this project is to cover the funds to upgrade the books themselves into hardcover copies, the goal itself being a now realistic $10,500. Perks of supporting this project also include reading the already completed webcomic before it’s been fully uploaded online, as well as strips dedicated to the Sonic 3 Competition stages – BOOK EXCLUSIVE. Now THAT is a good deal.

That being said, head on over to the Kickstarter page and help this labour of love come to fruition!



Sonic Master Collection On PSN For a Limited Time Only

Sonic CD PS3 Theme Good Future

Have you ever wanted to own every digitally released Sonic game on the PlayStation Network? Well now is your chance! For a limited time only, PSN will be selling the “Sonic Master Collection” for a paltry $29.99. This collection contains the following:

1. Sonic Adventure

2. Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade

3. Sonic Adventure 2

4. Sonic Adventure 2 DLC

5. Sonic CD

6. Sonic The Hedgehog

7. Sonic The Hedgehog 2

8. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

9. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2

This content usually goes for $61 collectively, so you will be saving a little over 50% in this deal. That is, if you haven’t bought these games already!

SEGA eShop Blowout: Get Your Game Into Gear on the 3DS!

9026626091_346ff8966aNo doubt continuing on from Nintendo and SEGA’s newfound partnership, today marks the release of not one, not two, not three, but four Game Gear games on the Nintendo 3DS eShop! We’ve already seen the likes of Sonic Triple Trouble and Sonic Blast hitting the Big N’s 3D handheld system, but now you can add some more titles to your digital retro SEGA collection, with two Sonic themed games leading the pack.

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UK: Wreck-It Ralph Out Now on DVD and Blu-Ray!



With the recent announcement of Sonic Lost World, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that a certain film starring a certain blue blur was imminently due to be released for home entertainment – but forget no more! As we previously reported, the videogame-inspired box-office sensation Wreck-It Ralph is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital download in the UK so you can watch it again and again and again at your own leisure!

Featuring cameos from numerous videogame characters including Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman, Wreck-It Ralph is a true love letter to gamers young and old, as well as being an extremely well made film in general. You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy this – but it certainly helps!

All versions come with their own specific extras, including the award-winning Paperman short that preceded the feature presentation in cinemas.

Will you be picking up Wreck-It Ralph on DVD/Blu-Ray/digital download? Let us know in the comments!

Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics, Additional Game Gear eShop Titles Unveiled via Nintendo Direct

Woah nelly, Sonic fans were in for a freaking treat this morning!

First up, as you may recall, the name Sonic Lost World was trademarked by SEGA yesterday, prompting a large amount of buzz within the community as a reveal seemed to be right around the corner. This morning, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata unexpectedly began today’s scheduled Nintendo Direct with news pertaining to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic Lost World has been officially unveiled by Ninty’s bossman, with Iwata confirming that it will be exclusive to both Wii U and 3DS consoles. More details to the game will come before E3.

Sonic Lost World

Forest world, jungle world, ice world, desert world, volcano world, water world… Oh this looks gorgeous!

But this wasn’t the only new Sonic game to be revealed! Before Lost World was showcased, Iwata gave a presentation concerning Mario & Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, tying in with the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Screenshots of the Wii U game are available after the jump!

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3D Sonic the Hedgehog Coming to Nintendo 3DS Japan

A new Sonic game has been revealed! Well, not exactly new, but still!

Joining fellow Genesis favourites Super Hang-On and Space Harrier in Japan, the one, the only, and the original Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to its native Nintendo 3DS eShop on May 15th of this year!


To be released as a 3D Classic, Sonic 3DS features the ability to play the original game with three dimensional depth, customizable controls, and the ability to toggle between the Japanese and “Overseas” versions, and Mega Drive 1 and 2 sound formats, as reported on Sonic Retro. Like the upcoming Taxman/Stealth remastered iOS version, players are also given the option to play the game with or without the Spin Dash.

A price is set for 600¥, and there is no confirmation of a Western release at this time.

Special thanks to Wraith on the SSMB for the tip!

Ian Flynn Interview with The Super Power Flower Hour

The Super Power Flower Hour, a Find the Computer Room podcast and an upcoming show for SEGASonic:Radio, has kicked off the first episode of its second season with a very special guest!

FTA and Smoovies are accompanied by Ian Flynn, the head writer for Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man franchises, and chat about the two series, some behind the scenes tidbits, as well as the ongoing crossover special, Worlds Collide!

It’s a whopping 1 hour and 45 minutes long, but it’s plenty fun and informative!

The Super Power Flower Hour – Season 2, Episode 1 ''In The Hall Of The BumbleKing!''

Mega Drive Classic Sonic 1 Coming to iOS & Android, Sonic 2 Also Planned

Sonic 1 Android 2 width=

SEGA has announced at GDC 2013 that the classic Mega Drive title that kickstarted their mascot’s career Sonic the Hedgehog will be released for iOS and Android in April. The game will cost $2.99, run at 60FPS and will include a new time attack mode, widescreen support and a completely remastered soundtrack. Android Police reports that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is also planned for release on Android too, but SEGA didn’t give any details.

Christian Whitehead, who made the recent Sonic CD port, made this tweet to a follower on March 23rd. (Thanks, TimmiT)

Those feels, I’m preparing a build for GDC and I won’t even be there.

Could he be behind this port?

Hit the jump to check out some screenshots of Sonic the Hedgehog on iOS & Android.
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Freak-Out Friday: Oscars 2013 – Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Not even the 85th Annual Academy Awards, set to take place this Sunday, are safe from leaks on the internet.

Yes folks, days before the event itself is underway, we’ve already got our hands on the results for the category “Best Actor in a Supporting Role”! And the winner?

2013 Oscars®: Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Special thanks to thatdarnaccount for uncovering this, and Marcus the Rocker for tipping us. Only a mere cameo and Sonic is already in the big leagues of cinema!

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Sonic Augmented Reality Tops Out Now

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG TEE. Zappar – Augmented Reality based Entertainment!

It’s not unusual for new Sonic clothing to get released, but this one is a little different, it has a party trick to it. Chances are you’ve heard of Augmented Reality, that’s the thing where you hold up your camera phone or some other device with a camera on it to a picture/image and then the said image comes to life?

Well when you hold look at this shirt through a phone or device that runs the ‘Zappar’ application, Sonic jumps out of the shirt design and appears to run around the person wearing it.

This is an item exclusive to Asda in the UK and only costs £6. However, it’s children sizes only. Also before you ask. Nope, there is no way this will be available at other stores, reason being is that the designer is ‘George’ who is Asda’s own clothing brand.

Source: Asda Direct & Zappar

New Wreck-It Ralph Trailer Includes Sonic Cameo

A new trailer has just been released for upcoming Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, the story of a videogame antagonist who gets tired of being a bad guy and attempts to redeem his ways.

For those not already in the know, the film will contain numerous cameos by famous gaming icons, including our very own Sonic the Hedgehog – who you can catch a very brief glimpse of in this trailer. Sonic’s cameo appears at around the 0:47 mark but be warned… blink and you’ll miss it!

Doctor Eggman also makes a cameo appearance in the new trailer, which you can view over at Yahoo! Movies.

As previously reported, Sonic will be voiced in the movie by his official voice actor Roger Craig Smith, and Wreck-It Ralph himself will be starring alongside the blue blur as a playable character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed this holiday season.

Wreck-It Ralph is due to hit cinemas in the US on 2nd November, and will make its way across the pond for a UK release on 15th February 2013.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

If Sonic Dies, You Get Electrocuted!

Sega Genesis + Shock collar (short version)

“You… You would complain about Sonic? Put him in the GeneZap.”

The GeneZap is the brainchild of two French modders who have decided that playing Genesis games wasn’t quite entertaining enough, so they’ve created a device that reacts when the player’s character takes damage or is killed, the device punishes the player by giving them an electric shock!

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The Summer of Sonic 2012 Shorts!

From SoS’12, we managed to bring you the Crush 40 concert, the Club Sonic setlist, NiGHTS’ and Reala’s unveiling in S&ASRT, as well as a contest to win some goodies (just closed!), but there’s one thing we’re missing: the shorts! To those who haven’t had the chance to see them up front and live: no need to fret! As of yesterday, all shorts featured have been uploaded!

A total of three animations were featured in front of a live audience. First up is Shadow the Hedgehog in Brief, followed by Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 in Brief, both parodies handled by Frobman, who previously animated Ring Energy’s Before the Machine and Sonic Heroes in Brief, the latter having been made for Summer of Sonic 2011. Though some would say they’re parodies, some would say both shorts depict each game as is… but that’s for you to decide!

The third and final animation is brought to you by Sonic Paradox! Instead of going with Shorts, the team took a more different route through Sonic Heroes with a music video. With Recorderdude on lyrics, Seaside Denied is split between four animators to handle the four different teams with numerous singers and voice actors, poking fun at every opportunity at both the game itself and the Paradox’s signature Shorts.


Shadow the Hedgehog in Brief (SoS 2012 Special 1/2)

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Summer Games Done Quick set to Speedrun Sonic Games

Update: The segment is over, but recordings are available: Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure DX


Speed Demos Archive‘s Summer Games Done Quick is running right now, a live stream speedrunning 70-some games in aid of the Organisation for Autism Research.

Their Sonic segment is set to start at around 9pm tonight (depending on how fast the preceding games are), and feature runs of the original Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Mega Drive, and Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut.

If you like seeing games played with speed, this should be your bag.

Summer Games Done Quick (full schedule)

Comic Review: Sonic the Hedgehog #236 “Cry Freedom”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sorry for not having reviews for the last few issues. My work schedule keeps changing and makes it a bit hard to have enough free time for a large article. That, and I’m fairly lazy at times XP. I will have a full review of the Eggman arc from Sonic Universe in two weeks. Anyway, onto the review.

Things are finally starting to turn around for Sonic. After losing both Sally to robotization and having Antoine in a coma due to Metal Sonic exploding on him, Sonic finally has managed to get back on his feet and create a new team. In the meantime, two other new teams are forming for different reasons. With 3 teams of Freedom Fighters instead of one, things are really getting interesting. But is it enough to turn the tide against Eggman?

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Sonic Co-Creator Hirokazu Yasuhara Joins Nintendo

Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Hirokazu Yasuhara has officially joined the ranks of Nintendo, Sega’s old business rival in the 90’s, settling into NoA’s Nintendo Software Technology branch. While both Nintendo and Yasuhara have indeed confirmed the move, no details as to what is Yasuhara’s new role have been revealed yet.

To Sonic and Sega fans, Yasuhara is best recognized for creating Sonic the Hedgehog alongside Yuji Naka and Naoto Ōshima, working within SEGA as director, designer, and game planner for the Genesis and Saturn entries of the series. While he is known for his work from Sonic 1 through Sonic R, his portfolio also extends to other popular games such as Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter and Uncharted franchises, as well as the Pacman 30th Anniversary arcade game for Namco-Bandai.

Source: Gamasutra

SEGA Announce Staff Layoffs Across US and EU

SEGA today announced that due to expected heavy losses for the last financial year, the company would be undergoing a structural reform, and thus a number of staff redundancies have been announced across the board.

According to IGN and TSSZ, the entire US QA testing department will be shut down amongst losses amongst other departments such as marketing.

Consequently, SEGA will be trimming it’s roster of games, keeping it’s developing focus on titles such as Football Manager, the Aliens franchise and Sonic the Hedgehog among some of the names to be retained. SEGA did not say which games will be cut, but the company have stated that the reduction in size will benefit in sustained “profitability”.

Although not strictly Sonic-themed news, this announcement will undoubtedly impact the franchise all the way down to the community teams who deal with TSS and other fan sites.

We will keep you posted on any impacts in the Sonic Universe as they come.

Awesome Games Done Quick Running Sonic Games (Again)

It’s that time again. For the last three years, the guys at Speed Demos Archive have been doing speedrunning marathons for charities, and at 8PM GMT, their latest Awesome Games Done Quick begins in aid of the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2012 – SDA Charity Marathon

That they’ll spend over 5 days beating who-knows-how-many games is a given. What isn’t, however, is Sonic representation. This year, though, four classics from the series are going to get ruined over the course of a 3-hour segment.

The whole schedule is here, but starting at about 9pm on Thursday, the original Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles (does that count as two games?) and Sonic Adventure 2 (with a 2-man race) are up.

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Sonic Titles on 60% Off Sale Today Only on Xbox Live Marketplace

As part of the Xbox 12 Days of Deals, you can grab a range of Sonic the Hedgehog titles at a whopping 60% off on the Xbox 360 Xbox Live Marketplace for today only. Almost all of Sonic’s Xbox Live Arcade releases are included in the offer, with the exceptions being Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic CD.

Here’s the list of games and discounts:
Sonic 4, Episode 1 Was: 800 Now: 320
Sonic Adventure Was: 800 Now: 320
Sonic Adventure Upgrade Was: 400 Now: 160
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Was: 400 Now: 160
Sonic the Hedgehog Was: 400 Now: 160
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Was: 400 Now: 160

Source: Xbox Live’s Major Nelson Blog

“Sonic the Hedgehog: Omochao Edition” Will Test Your Skill, Patience

What started off a joke hack has become so much more.

Everybody knows that Omochao is annoying, but only one man has the balls to make an entire ROM hack out of it.  Sonic the Hedgehog: Omochao Edition is an exercise in obnoxious from Sonic Retro staffer Cinossu that injects Sonic Team’s favorite floating tutorial into the classic Sonic experience.  While many people will be initially turned off by Omochao’s presence, there is much more to this hack than meets the eye, as it fundamentally changes the entire Sonic the Hedgehog experience.

The hack’s premise is to avoid being annoyed.  See that ring?  Don’t touch it.  See that badnik?  Don’t touch it.  If you do, Omochao will pause the game to inform you of your miniscule accomplishment and play the 1-up fanfare.  With every object you touch, the fanfare becomes longer and longer, making you reach for your emulator’s fast-forward key.  There have been many “don’t touch stuff” Sonic hacks in the past, requiring players to have lightning-quick Sonic skills and an intense amount of patience, but this one bests them all.

At this point, you’ll either be so annoyed that you switch off or be compelled to power through Green Hill without touching anything to collect the game’s medals and rewards.  While it sounds impossible in theory, Cinossu and his testers have been thorough, finding the optimal paths that require the least amount of item contact.  There is a way to beat the stages, but you have to stop, think and be smart about it, using the tight controls and level design present in the original Sonic the Hedgehog.  If there is a section where item contact is necessary, the game gives you an “Omochao Protective Shield” that allows you to progress without being disturbed.

Also, check out this “perfect” run of Labyrinth Zone.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Omochao Edition is more than a novelty, as it brings more than a patronizing robot to the table.  You’ll be able to select any stage from the outset (presented in a well-designed hub world) and medals and rewards for perfect play.  If you can get over the initial annoyance of the hack, the additions and improvements reward players for dedicated play and elevates this hack above other “joke” hacks that lose their appeal after a few minutes.  Future updates will give Omochao a voice through Cinossu’s SonMP3 plug-in, additional levels and Retro Channel support, allowing players to share their frustration online.

As noted, this hack is not for everyone, but if you want to give it a shot and avoid Omochao, here’s what triggers his prompts:

  • Collecting Rings
  • Item Monitors (doubly bad, as each individual item inside will also bring up a message)
  • Invincibility Running Out
  • Power Sneakers Running Out
  • Extra Lives
  • Destroying Badniks
  • Bouncing on Springs
  • Stepping on or Pushing Objects on Buttons
  • Getting Hit
  • Getting Killed
  • Drowning
  • Getting Game Over (will also eject you from the level and reset your saved Emerald Count)
  • Getting Time Over (will also eject you from the level)
  • Touching Lamp Posts
  • Getting the Giant Ring (without a protection shield)
  • Finishing the Act (without a protection shield)
  • Finishing the Zone (without a protection shield)
  • Hitting the Boss (without a protection shield)
  • Defeating the Boss (without a protection shield)
  • Getting in that Last Hit (without a protection shield)
  • Collecting a Chaos Emerald
  • Touching a GOAL Sign

Good luck.  Download and learn more about Sonic the Hedgehog: Omochao Edition here.

Original Mega Drive Sonic the Hedgehog Unlockable in Sonic Generations

Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka announced at SEGA France’s Paris Games Week presentation over the weekend that the original Mega Drive/Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog game will be an unlockable bonus in Sonic Generations. This won’t be news to those who followed the June demo leaks, but for those who didn’t, this should be very welcome news. That is unless you own the original or one of the many ports out there already.

Source: Destructoid (via PSX Extreme)

Thanks to SSMB member Blur of Blue for the news tip!

Sonic 1&2 Soundtrack Releases in Japan

Masato Nakamura’s Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2 Soundtrack was released in Japan on Wednesday.

As part of Sega’s 20th Anniversary celebration-cum-cash-in, this new soundtrack is three discs big. While the first contains the same old tracks we’ve heard a jillion times, the second disc has the never-before-released original demo tapes of all the games’ tracks. The Dreams Come True bassist reportedly sent these tapes via snail mail to Sega to be sequenced into the games.

The third disc is a mini-album containing Sweet Sweet Sweet from Dreams Come True’s hugely successful The Swinging Star album, better known as the ending theme in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, as well as its English version, Sweet Dreams. They’re accompanied by the equivalent themes produced by Akon for the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack in 2006.

The Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2 Soundtrack is available to import from Play-Asia and CDJapan. There’s no news yet whether it’ll see a release in the West, however.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 Commemorative 20th Anniversary Soundtrack Announced

Masato Nakamura, the mastermind behind the original Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 soundtracks and member of the popular Japanese super-band DREAMS COME TRUE will be producing a commemorative CD soundtrack to be released over the summer.

Not only will the soundtrack contain songs taken from the first two Sonic the Hedgehog titles for the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis, it will also include a reprint of the original sound demo tapes from both games, along with other bonus tracks yet to be announced.

This will surely be a must-have item for every fan amongst the community, let alone videogame music connoisseurs. Similar to the Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes re-release soundtracks, this CD album looks set to only be available to Japan.

Sonic Stadium will keep you up to date as we learn more about this fantastic compilation!

Original story taken from Japanese Famitsu Webpage

Marathon Monday: Speed Demos Archive running Sonic games for Japan

Thursday 7th April – Monday 11th April at speeddemosarchive.com

I’m sure some of you remember when my good friends at Speed Demos Archive raised over $52k for charity at their live speedrunning marathon back in January. Not least, a beast known only as Stanski tore up Sonic 2 on the Sega Genesis in one take.

Normally, SDA isn’t one to do marathons all the time – they usually only have one a year and put everything into it – but last month some place called Japan had its east coast wiped out by a wave reaching 23 metres high, leaving over 10,000 people dead and another half a million without a home.

So, towards the end of March, and with marathoning for Japan seemingly de rigueur right now, SDA decided to join the bandwagon and plan a top marathon in two weeks. Unlike their usual efforts, this one will be done online from the gamers’ homes, and yours truly will also be joining the party.

Japan Relief Done Quick: April 7-10 2011

This time Japan Relief Done Quick will be raising funds for Doctors Without Borders, the American branch of the international medical aid group Médecins Sans Frontières. A Nobel Peace Prize recipient, MSF has operations in over 60 countries, and is in Japan right now providing medical treatment to those affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Now, January’s marathon was a bit disappointing from a Sonic point of view, but that’s not the case this time. Early Friday morning in the UK, there’s a solid four-hour slot where five Sonic games will be played through:

  • First up is the original Mega Drive title, Sonic the Hedgehog, played by MilesSMB on Genesis.
  • That’s followed by Sonic 3D on Saturn, played by Zyre who recently had a speedrun of another Sega classic, Skies of Arcadia Legends, published on SDA.
  • Next Venick will hammer his way through Amy’s story on the original Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast.
  • The greatest Sonic game ever made is next – Sonic 2006 on Xbox 360. Depending on donations, either Venick or Parax will go through one character’s story. If you’re planning on donating, personally I recommend Silver because some of the tricks will blow your mind.
  • Finally, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 will be seeing a full game run. The runner is Parax, the top single-level speedrunner for Sonic 4 in the world right now. If you’re on 360, check the leaderboards and then check your calendar.
  • This marathon starts at 9PM in the UK on Thursday, and is set to run into Monday. You can see the full schedule at the JRDQ site, though if you’re planning on watching a certain game, bear in mind times can change pretty easily.

    Be there, if only to laugh at me when I die in-game during my slot…

    Classic Mega Drive Titles Coming To PSN, Sonic 1 Now Available

    After being exclusive to PS Plus members for four weeks, Sonic the Hedgehog was made available to purchase from the PS Store for non-subscribers yesterday in Europe, and Tuesday in the U.S. The game costs £3.99/$4.99 and continues to be free of charge for PS Plus subscribers for another week. Trophy hunters will be pleased to hear the game does indeed include Trophies; 12 of them to be exact.

    * Centurion – Get 100 or more rings
    * Clear Green – Clear the Green Hill Zone
    * Fast Green – Beat Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 35 seconds
    * Fast Marble – Beat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds
    * Star Light Zone – Get to the Star Light Zone
    * Spring Yard Zone – Get to the Spring Yard Zone
    * Labyrinth Zone – Get to the Labyrinth Zone

    * Chaos Emerald – Get one Chaos Emerald
    * Chaos Master – Get all the Chaos Emeralds
    * Win – Beat the game
    * Fast Win – Beat the game in under 40 minutes

    * Perfect Win – Beat the game without dying

    SEGA’s Digital Campaigns Manager Mike Kebby took to the EU PS Blog yesterday and announced the release schedule for three of five other SEGA Mega Drive titles making their way to the PlayStation Network.

    * Sonic 2 – free for PS Plus users on April 6th, released onto PS Store on April 20th
    * Streets of Rage 2 – free for Plus users on May 4th, released onto PS Store on May 18th
    * Golden Axe 2 – free for Plus users on June 1st, released onto PS Store on June 15th

    Altered Beast and Comix Zone will be released afterwards, but unfortunately SEGA’s not set dates for those titles yet.

    As yet we can’t confirm the release dates for Altered Beast and Comix Zone, but they will be rounding up our Mega Drive Classics schedule.

    Source: EU PlayStation Blog

    SEGA Permanently Drops Prices of Sonic 1, 2 & 4:Ep 1 on iPhone

    SEGA has announced permanent price drops on most of their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. All three games have been jumping up and down in price in recent months, but now you can grab them pretty cheap without worrying about special sale time limits (and just in time for Christmas, too). The two classic Mega Drive/Genesis titles Sonic the Hedgehog & Sonic the Hedgehog 2 have been reduced to £2.99/$4.99 each and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, which is barely 2 months old, has been dropped to just £3.99/$6.99.

    Check out the full list of games and prices at the SEGA of America Blog (via SEGA Bits)

    Naka: Sonic Created With Environmental Themes

    In an interview with ThisIsMyJoystick.com, Yuji Naka has revealed that the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise was created with environmental themes based around the impact mankind is having on the world, but says he couldn’t speak about it back in 1991 because it was a touchy subject at the time. Naka instead decided to showcase his views in Sonic the Hedgehog’s video game world, with the villainous and polluting Dr.Robotnik/Dr.Eggman being the main representation of the concept.

    “Dr Robotnik is a slightly radical representation of all humanity and the impact humanity is having on nature. In 1991, it was a very sensitive subject to talk about the environment and while I had my viewpoint, I did not speak of it. With Sonic, I was given an opportunity to express my views in a different way and did so, showing Robotnik using pollution and creating machinery which desecrates the environment and it is down to Sonic to change his ways.”

    Source: ThisIsMyJoystick.com

    What do you think of this revelation? Could you already see the concept? Discuss in the comments.

    NYCC: Interview with Sonic Production Artist John “Dubs” Gray

    There are men, and then there are those who are more then men. Ian Flynn and Pat Spaz (and I guess Paul too) are all good men. They do not compare to the awesomeness that is embodied in the one known as John Gray, or “Dubs” as he is known as by us lesser beings.

    Dubs is the God-King of Archie Sonic, the master of all he surveys. He is a champion of the Nerbish people, whom will one day lead them back to the promised land that is printed media once more. His mighty, booming voice makes lesser men quiver in his presence. He is truly the mightiest, most handsome man to ever work on a book about a blue cartoon hedgehog and his furry friends.

    Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the God-King, Nerbish representative, production artist, and all around awesome guy of Archie’s Sonic comics!

    Join us tonight as we bring you the video of Archie’s Creators Tell All Panel, featuring Ian Flynn and Pat Spaz!

    NYCC: Interview with Sonic Editor Paul Kaminski!

    These videos have been a long time coming, but their finally here! Over the next few days we’ll be bringing you some awesome, in depth interviews with the Archie staff. ECC’s Thomas Selinka was kind enough to take the time out of his day to record these interviews and panels in full HD.

    First up, Paul Kaminski, the editor for Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and the upcoming Megaman books.

    Of course, Paul isn’t the biggest interview we got (sorry Paul, we still love you!). Coming up later in the day…the first ever video interview with Patrick Spaziente, the famously reclusive and hard to contact cover artist of the both the Sonic books (well, occasionally these days) and the upcoming Megaman book. We also got some guy called Ian Flynn hogging up some camera space with him, but you don’t care about him, right?

    Sonic Who’s Who Encyclopedia Put on Hiatus After Increased SEGA Involvement

    We finally got some word on the encyclopedia at today’s Archie panel, thanks to a question asked by our own TJ Selinka: apparently the Sonic Who’s Who Encyclopedia has been put on hiatus. SEGA of Japan really liked what they saw, and have decided to get more involved. No word yet on what changes may come, but the Who’s Who has already been reported as being at least an inch and a half thick. We’ll be interviewing Sonic editor Paul Kaminski later in the day, who will hopefully enlighten us. According to Archie Editor in Chief Mike Pellerito, “SEGA loves the book, and they are trying to figure out what to do with it.”

    Sonic Scribe Ian Flynn Working On Megaman Comic, Spaz involved (Updated)

    We don’t often report on non-Sonic news, but when it’s related in some cool way to the blue blur it’s always good to let you guys know! As we just reported in our NYCC Live Blog, Sonic scribe Ian Flynn will be working with Sonic cover artist Patrick Spaziente and short term Sabrina penciler Chad Thomas on an all new comic based around Capcom’s blue bomber, Megaman!

    As of yet, not much else is known, aside from the fact that the comic is launching next year. We took a video of the entire panel, and we’ll be getting media and interviews from the Archie booth over the next few days, so stay tuned! Yes, we do intend to ask about the possibility of a crossover!’

    Ian Flynn is also working on an Archie character called “Cosmo The Merry Martian”, a character that had a brief publication stint in the 1950s.

    Update: Archie has released a press release, and Comics Alliance has gotten it’s hands on some concept art from Chad Thomas, posted above.

    New York, NY (October 8, 2010): Archie Comics—home to Sonic the Hedgehog comics—is about to become the base of operations for a comic series featuring Capcom’s heroic video game legend, Mega Man!

    The Mega Man® franchise is hotter than ever and in the spring of 2011, Archie Comics will take his heroic adventures to new heights with a brand new monthly comic!

    With the aid of his mighty Mega Buster blaster arm and a killer creative team including renowned artist Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante and infamous Archie action/adventure writer Ian Flynn, Mega Man is equipped to blast his way back into the comic book world in his own monthly action. Arriving Spring 2011, the new Mega Man™ comic from Archie Comics promises to build a faithful legacy while exploring a vast universe of heroes, villains, and robots.

    “Since 1987, the enormously successful Mega Man franchise has conquered media from video games to television to manga. Archie Comics is ready to carry on this tradition of success, holding true to the spirit of the old school with a fresh eye on Mega Man’s strong potential in the world of American comics,” promised Archie Comics editor of Sonic and now the Mega Man franchise, Paul Kaminski.

    The Mega Man comic book series will follow the original Rock/Mega Man in his battles against the maniacal Dr. Wily. Mega Man’s jam-packed, fast-paced adventures are told from the perspective of Rock (a.k.a. Mega Man) the young boy with a peaceful heart now thrust into a life of conflict.

    “Readers can expect non-stop action, as well as an exploration of the themes of family, choice and loyalty that make the Mega Man franchise a property that connects on a very personal level,” continued Kaminski. “From there, we hope to fully explore not only that classic world, but the other spin-offs including Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man Legends and more!”

    “We’re thrilled to be creating a definitive version of Capcom’s Mega Man to American audiences,” remarked Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater. “And to do it with our top-notch creative team who all love and understand the property inside and out is going to be spectacular!”

    In honor of the announcement at NYCC, Archie Comics and Capcom® will each be hosting signings of an exclusive print with the Mega Man creative team Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante and Ian Flynn.

    Stay tuned to ArchieComics.com for updates on the “Mega Man” comic series coming from Archie Comics in Spring 2011.

    Capcom, and Mega Man are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd.  All other marks are the property of their respective owners

    Stay tuned for more concept art straight from the panel.

    Archie Comics Panel Live Coverage @ NYCC (Ended)

    The New York Comic Con starts today, and you guys know what that means: interviews, news, and media galore! This is all being brought to you by TJ Selinka, who’s first stop at the con will be today’s Archie panel “Archie Comics Means Business!”, which will be followed by a visit to the Archie booth to talk with Ian Flynn and a few other members of the Archie Comics staff.

    This news post will provide live coverage for the “Archie Comics Means Business!” panel, which will run from 3:15-4:15 EST. Expected at the panel are some exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog comic related announcements, as well as details on Sonic scribe Ian Flynn’s upcoming secret project. Selinka will be updating this news post with all announcements relevant to either of those subjects. This will all be followed by a complete video upload of the panel later today, as well as a promised interview with Ian Flynn!

    It has begun:

    Archie Comics has partnered with Capcom and will be publishing MEGAMAN comics in 2011.

    Betty and Veronica will be receiving their own magazine comic similar to Life with Archie.

    Archie is bringing back their Superhero Comic lines, in 2011.

    Back to Mega Man.  Chad Thomas and Spaz are working on Mega Man.

    Within the next few weeks more Sonic Comic apps are going to be available through itunes itself.

    lottery tickets starring archie charcaters

    Ian flynn is writing MEGAMAN, and a reboot of Cosmo the Merry Martian.

    SEGA loved the Sonic Encylopedia, and are trying to figure out what to do with the marketing. Encyclopedia is over an inch and a half thick. Has been put on hiatus because SoA has gotten more invovled.

    Aaaaand THAT’S IT! Stay tuned for pictures from the panel, as well as a full video, later in the day! We’ll also be bringing you an interview with Ian Flynn!