TSS Timeline: The Year 2000

This is the first in a series of features that looks back on the history of The Sonic Stadium. You can find out more about how this website changed the Sonic community, what it looked like back in the day, and even special images and update notes from the archive.


I’ve always been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, ever since I saw the Mega Drive game that my friend owned (which resulted in me accidently getting a Master System in my childhood ways). Every bit of my pocket money would go on the games, and any other merchandise I could fit in too. As time went on though, the Sony PlayStation became more popular and that (along with adolescence) made my interest in Sega and Sonic wane throughout the late 1990s.

My interest was to be reignited during my last year of school. Sometime in 1999, we had a new computer centre built, which brought Internet to the masses of kids attending there. Soon enough, every kid had a floppy disk with Genecyst and a Sonic 2 ROM that they would play during lunch break whenever the admins weren’t looking. Seeing the game being enjoyed again (and playing it a heavy amount myself) kick-started my love for the games all over again.

I eventually came across a website called The Moogle Cavern (now dead). It appeared during a random Yahoo search for ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, not expecting to find as many fan sites as I did. In its prime, the ‘MC’ was known for its mish-mash of Mario, Sonic, Squaresoft and other assorted franchise information. I quickly joined the forums and became a solid part of their community. Continue reading TSS Timeline: The Year 2000

Interview: Richard Jacques

Yeah, so this one’s been sitting in the archives for a while. Originally recorded on 30th June 2006, Mark Kidley from RadioSEGA and myself sat down with the one and only Richard Jacques for a chat about his career, experience working on Sonic soundtracks and with Sonic Team and much more besides. This was to be used for the original Summer of Sonic event in 2006, but time flies when you’re all of a sudden organising a real life convention.

Even though this interview is two years old, it’s well worth a listen for any RJ fan, particularly as we were out of time during Summer of Sonic 2008 to ask him any pressing questions. Juicy tidbits such as Sonic R’s original work-in-progress name being Sonic TT, his role behind Video Games Live and what game fans pester him the most about. You can download it from the TSS Media Portal – link below.

Summer of Sonic 2006: Richard Jacques Interview (TSS Media Portal) – 10.1MB
Right click and select ‘Save As…’

Sonic News? No, this is TSS.

In light of a few random messages we’ve been getting over the last week, we thought we’d better clear up some of the confusion people are having. The Sonic Stadium used to be host to a news service called ‘Sonic News’. This service involved providing readers with the latest happenings in the Sonic universe by being unbiased, serious and generally governed with a rod up its bum. ‘Sonic News’ became the new word for ‘The Sonic Stadium’, as it was the main thing getting updated every now and then, so something was done to combat this (as it was, after all, getting annoying. There is a website accompanying the news service, you know).

We brought back the News area into The Sonic Stadium. So, as we stated in our very first introductory post since we relaunched last month, Sonic News does not exist anymore. It’s not here. You can’t find it. Not even playing Hide and Seek. It’s gone for good. All news will be relayed via The Sonic Stadium, and will provide the facts you need to know coupled with some entertaining writing and perhaps even some thoughtful/homourous opinion.

“Oh dear Svend, but a News site doesn’t apply opinion into their stories”. Quite right Sir/Madam, which is where you made your first mistake. The Sonic Stadium isn’t a news source. It’s a Sonic fansite. We write about Sonic because we are passionate about the series, we collect the games and merchandise, we watch the shows (even the piss poor ones like Underground). And further, we want to be a fansite that connects with you, another fan. If you don’t agree with our opinions, fine. But don’t get confused as to why we’re trying to be funny, or trying to pour some personality into a post to begin with.

We have different awesome writers with different opinions, making for a fruity bowl of Sonic fun. We could heavily edit some of our work to be a bit more ‘unbiased’ – I almost heavily edited the “Sonic and the Black Knight” article from last night. But you know what? What’s the point if fans can’t go a bit crazy sometimes and just tell it like it is? And if you don’t like it, why do you care?

This is, for all intents and purposes, a blog. Not a news site. If you wanted really serious, boringly-told stories with your seizure-inducing gaming session of Sonic Heroes, you shouldn’t be going to a fansite. You should be going to CNN. And you shouldn’t be playing Sonic Heroes.

We hear a lot of people were in fact confused about why the ‘News stories on Sonic News had gone downhill’, and I thought it best to explain why. This is not Sonic News, we have not gone downhill, we are writing to entertain and to inspire your mind. Or something. And if you didn’t read this, at least we’re covered just in case you’re Quexinos and want to complain that facts you provided to Sonic News in 2007 were sourced incorrectly (that’s why the post doesn’t exist anymore, Richard). Got it? Cool. Let’s rock.

Sonic News Ticker is Back

If your life has never been the same since TSS changed its new look, there may be a few reasons for that. One might be that you became rather attached to our Sonic News Ticker, which allowed external websites to link through to our news posts so your pages always stayed up to date.

Well fret no more about the ticker’s future, because we’ve brought it back. You can of course use our RSS Feed as an alternative – either click the huge orange button for our general RSS, subscribe to our specific News Feed or subscribe to our Feedburner. But for those who want to simply have that ticker scrolling along their page and have only News posts filtered through it, just copy and paste the following code:

<script type=”text/javascript” language=”Javascript” src=”http://www.sonicstadium.org/ticker.php”></script>

Business as usual. Take it away, Sam.

TSS: A Whole New Approach

Welcome to The Sonic Stadium. Place looks a bit different doesn’t it? Yes, this is what we’ve been up to for the last couple of weeks – updating your favourite Sonic site to be a bit more ‘hip’ and ‘happening’. Whatever that means these days. Kids, tsch.

So why the change? Put simply, for the last two years, TSS has been a floundering Sonic ship – while we certainly worked hard to become one of the most popular fansites online, my university and other commitments over the years had put something of a hold on adding updates of any real worth to the site (having said that, we have been lucky in getting stuff like interviews with Yojiro Ogawa, Simon Jeffery and Lee Brotherton so we haven’t been sitting on our thumbs the whole time). There have also been many things I’ve wanted to post about Sonic but pretty much couldn’t due to the way the site was designed and how the front page was dealt and all that jazz.

We did have a new TSS code base in the making – you’ll probably have heard me going on about it for the last two years. That was a system B’man and I started working on from the ground up, but again, other commitments meant the thing was going nowhere, and as a result TSS suffered. A few months back I thought it was time to can the bespoke script we were making and just make do with a pre-packaged one and add our own bells and whistles to them. Continue reading TSS: A Whole New Approach

Sonic Adventures: TSSNET Comic Coming Soon

The Sonic Stadium will soon be host to a new Sonic the Hedgehog comic, due to release its first edition in Spring 2008. Here’s some information direct from the comic’s creators, Cleardream productions.

The comic is based primarily on the Sonic games, however it borrows elements from other continuities to create something fresh, exciting, and unique. The comic also aims to engage more mature readers and long term fans by portraying a more darker side to the Sonic universe as well as having a mature theme. Continue reading Sonic Adventures: TSSNET Comic Coming Soon

TSS is looking for dedicated, talented staff!

Sonic News – and as well, Sonic Stadium – is looking for a few passionate and dedicated writers to add to our team!

Applicants must be aware that they will be obligated to update our website with screenshots, videos, and information regarding new games as it is released – alternatively, Sonic News writers will be obligated to write articles regarding activity of SEGA as a company.

Think you’ve got what it takes? We’d like for applicants to be well versed in English, and have a track record for following SEGA in general, not just Sonic – good post history on the SSMB is a bonus, but it’s not required to apply. Applicants must, however, but a current member on our website and can not be banned from any of our sub-sites. Continue reading TSS is looking for dedicated, talented staff!

Sonic Stadium Sites Hit By Bandwidth Problems

The Sonic Stadium and all its hosted sites suffered two more days of downtime, less than two days after the Sonic Site Awards opened for voting.

Earlier in the month, the recently released next-generation Sonic promotional video made available on the main site, caused a short downtime for overuse of bandwidth, as a result of it unexpectedly not being protected from hotlinking. Direct links on a multitude of sites and blogs resulted in 220 GigaBytes – over half of the Stadium’s quota – being transferred, of that one file alone. Continue reading Sonic Stadium Sites Hit By Bandwidth Problems

Sonic Kingdom Suffers Downtime

The Sonic Kingdom, host to a number of Sonic fansites including SonicAnime.net, Sonic United and The Sonic Stadium, suffered a week of downtime, making all sites inaccessible.

The problems started early Wednesday 3rd August when problems with the hard drive brought the server offline. According to Sonic Kingdom’s administrator, the providers delayed installing a replacement hard drive to the extent that he decided to move Sonic Kingdom to a new host. All services are now available since being restored sometime Tuesday 9th.

As a result of the server downtime, all Sonic News feeds were also unavailable. This resulted in problems for all sites using the feeds, which may have ranged from missing news to error messages. Our apologies to anyone who was adversely affected by this. To combat possible problems in the future, Sonic News may implement a feed backup.

The Sonic Site Awards 2005 Launches

The Sonic Stadium’s annual awards ceremony, The Sonic Site Awards, has launched its website, with a brand new design and some promised new features. Official starting of the event will happen this Friday (15th July).

The event, which has grown to be one of the biggest attractions of the online Sonic world, will this year have its awards divided into categories. These categories neatly seperate the awards up so they are easier to take in, while providing more specialised ones. In association with Sonic Fan Games HQ and The Sonic Stadium’s close affiliation with the SAGE event, there is a “SFGHQ Category” that focuses on fangame commendation, for example. Continue reading The Sonic Site Awards 2005 Launches

ACMI: Sonic Exhibit Report

In Australia, to celebrate Sonic’s 14th Birthday, the Australian Center for the Moving Image dedicated an exhibit for Sonic the Hedgehog, and the fanbase that surrounded it. The Sonic Stadium was invited for a special opening event, and we have obtained exclusive pictures and information on just what went down.

Our three TSS Reporters for the event, “julz_sega_bob”, “chibi_sonic” and Matt the Yak (of Sonic Vegemite fame) detail their discoveries and opinions on the SSMB Forums.

Julz commented on the Games Area of the exhibit, mentioning the profiling of fansites such as The Sonic Stadium and mutual chums The Green Hill Zone. “The movies contained clippings of someone going through the site, along with a narrative. It was quite hard to get the narrative in video, but from what I heard, it gave a pretty detailed description. It was accurate, showed main areas and didn’t babble off.Continue reading ACMI: Sonic Exhibit Report

The Sonic Stadium in Official SEGA Exhibit

Australia is set to have a nice surprise come Sonic’s birthday – an official SEGA exhibit all about Sonic the Hedgehog! And leading fan website, The Sonic Stadium, is being profiled as an example of Sonic fan culture at the event.

The exhibit, taking place and organised by the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI) will be the second ever video games event the establishment has held, and is fully supported by SEGA-Europe and THQ Australia, who distribute SEGA games in the land down under.

In an agreement between ACMI and The Sonic Stadium, video footage will be recorded of this website, with added voiceovers and information detailing what the site provides in context of fan culture, and displayed in a special section of the Sonic the Hedgehog exhibit. It will be accompanied by a text panel discussing the fan culture surrounding Sonic the Hedgehog, which mentions fangame development such as the popular ‘Neo Sonic Universe’.

Continue reading The Sonic Stadium in Official SEGA Exhibit

TSS at Official Sonic Exhibit!

Exciting news, guys. I have been approached by the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne, AU for permission to take movie footage of The Sonic Stadium. This website will then be profiled in a Sonic the Hedgehog exhibit they plan to launch in late June in their dedicated “Games Lab”.

Naturally, I’ve agreed. The ACMI’s Games Lab is a section of the Center dedicated to discussing Video Game Culture – basically, the fan culture phenomenon behind some of the biggest game characters. And obviously, because Sonic is such a loved game character, with thousands of fan material and sites on the web, the ACMI would like to highlight the culture behind the character.

They approached TSS because it encaptures all the aspects of online Sonic fandom, from games reporting to news, to fangames and to artwork and fan creation – and of course, discussion. At the exhibit you can expect a video of footage of The Sonic Stadium, with some voiceovers and information about the site, and how the fan community express themselves through Sonic (i.e. fangames, online radio). Expect TSS, SEGASonic Radio, the Sonic Site Awards and other minisites to be included in the footage.

Continue reading TSS at Official Sonic Exhibit!


Last night, if you couldn’t reach SONIC NEWS for your latest information, log onto the SSMB for some chatter or load some pages from The Sonic Stadium properly, it was because something went awry behind the scenes that spun the whole site and network into server overload.

The cause was a piece of code that TSS administrators had been applying to a new version of the website, that promises smoother browsing, quicker navigation, support for SSMB members and a large emphasis on site-member interaction.

The bug has been fixed, as we apologise to all the visitors and SONIC NEWS feed visitors and webmasters who had any inconvenience caused by this blip. SONIC NEWS is now back in operation, and will continue its planned coverage of the E3 2005 event next week. The Sonic Stadium’s interactive revamp has not been affected, although for all those interested, a completion date has still not been finalised.

The Sonic Stadium: 1 Million Hits + Update

As has been maniacally recorded by SSMB members across the world, The Sonic Stadium has entered the prestigious accolade of “come of age” Sonic sites by hitting that ever-elusive 1 Million Visitors mark. The actual occurance happened at 3pm or 4pm (depending on who you go by, or what timezone weirding thing you use – I always note things by GMT [UK Time] naturally), and had as many as 80 people logged into the SSMB at once all celebrating. ^_^ Thanks to everyone who’s supported, supporting, and will continue to support TSS and the Network simply by visiting our website and voting on those Toplists (;D).

I will be updating TSS’ History Section tomorrow, with details on the events, including an updated Timeline as well. May even get a little “Illegitimate” with the event and all.

But I DID promise something special today, sort-of to celebrate, sort-of because I had it lined up anyway, lol. XD This is another step of TSS’ great return to form this year: The Sonic Fan Club. You may have garnered some hints when I changed the “Creative Outlet” forum list to the namesake, and it is true that Biafra and I have been trying to sort out the section so that SSMB members can post their creations on TSS.

Continue reading The Sonic Stadium: 1 Million Hits + Update

Get Ready… FOR 1M!

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but The Sonic Stadium is getting DANGEROUSLY close to the 1 Million Visits mark. Lock up your doors and windows, protect your Sonic plushies. TSS, upon this very time and date of posting, has just under SIX HUNDRED Visits left to do. I think it will happen later this afternoon. Keep your eyes on that ticker. We have a surprise lined up for you today as well, so it’s just as well we have the 1M mark today as well innit?

April Foolish

Ah, April Fools Day. Yesterday was really something for the Sonic Community, as almost every site joined into the festivities. But trust The Sonic Stadium to come up with the best April Fools prank on the 1st – remember on TSS we announced “something big”? Well, we pretended that we were ahead of schedule on our announced Sonic Smash Cards and launched it on April 1st. Check it out here: http://www.sonicstadium.org/ssc/.

Looking at it now, it seems very convincing, until you see the “April Fool” error. There were different ‘honest’ errors every hour or so until we broke that error to the SSMB members at 8pm GMT. We fooled everyone, despite some front from members saying they plugged it beforehand. Check out the activity here, and the explanation for our prank here. We kick ass.

Continue reading April Foolish

April Fools: Explanations and Clarifications

OK, first of all… APRIL FOOL!

Second of all, some clarification. THE WHOLE LAUNCH OF SONIC SMASH CARDS TODAY WAS A HOAX. THE SMASH CARDS THEMSELVES ARE STILL GOING TO BE MADE. The page is a PHP page, sure, but the design is mostly static. The header “User Bar” (Blue bar saying ‘Sonic Smash Cards’, ‘Forums’, etc) is static, you should try going there when NOT logged in ;). The cards are hoaxes, in fact I left the tiniest clue – check the Card Numbers on each of the five cards (in the top right corner of each card).

Third of all, a Disclaimer. The ways of the Internet means that the 12noon rule so implied with normal April Fools has been null and void online. However, a good concept of _international_ time is always good. For example, right now would not be a good time to try and April Fool someone. However, the time we began ours (3pm GMT) is not so bad. So you can let us off for that one, Prometheus.

Continue reading April Fools: Explanations and Clarifications


How’s it going guys? A big update today, as I said yesterday. First off, Sonic Kid sent us a huge bunch of scans and the Sonic X French Theme, so you can view and download all those things. It’s called for a new section for the Comics Zone called Foreign Comics. The Sonic X Theme can be found in the Sonic X section. Flare Gamer who is constructing a cool site asked me for an interview a few weeks back, and you can read the transcript here if you got nothing better to do. AND, there was also the TSS Timeline update made yesterday, which has a complete psychological history of TSS during 2004 up till this present day. For more updates, check out TSS’ front page, under “Latest Updates”.

But for more exciting things, looking ahead now! The Sonic Stadium will be FIVE YEARS OLD in October. October 24th to be exact. And what does a major Sonic site need to make its existence complete? Why, the legendary 1 MILLION VISIT count of course. If you check the Site Meter for The Sonic Stadium you can see that we are close to the 1M mark. Granted, it’s a fair way off, but it’s worth shouting about, even this early. 903,500 unique visitors have entered TSS since October 24th, 2000 (on last count; today at 8:22pm GMT). At this rate we’ll be hitting that target in a month or two! Exciting. 😀 Anyway, enjoy those updates.

Told ya there was more…

You know, it feels so good to be able to find time to update my site once again. ^_^ This is the third update I’ve made in four days, and it feels great to be finally updating everything that has been submitted as far back as August ’04 (again, sorry for those who submitted stuff and had to wait so long! o_o).

At time of writing, today’s update is rather niche. I’m attempting to bring the Archie Sonic Comics section bang up to date, and that’s rather hard, not living in America and all. 😛 Rally the Cheetah’s being a superstar with her submissions, and today’s scans include front covers for the last few months, plus some Sonic Specials, AND covers for not only Issue 0, but an alternate Issues 1, 2 and 3. These aren’t the Issues 1, 2 and 3 you know from July ’93 onwards, these were Issues of Archie that began a few months before then. After some digging for more info and scans, we should have information on them.
Continue reading Told ya there was more…

“Dull, Without Substance”, yet oh so good. TSS.

I went into GAME the other day, foolishly thinking it was 4th February (Sonic Mega Collection +‘s release date). But still, I got a free T-Shirt out of pre-ordering there. AND, I got to meet a great gal working there. We were talking about Sonic for ages, and it was great. A shout to to her, BTW. Anyway, there goes my big boycott of GAME, well and truly buggered.

But it’s not all bad news. Apparently, according to some rather misinformed people, the news that OUR Sonic News section provides to TSSZNews is apparently the only thing keeping TSS alive. Also, The Sonic Stadium is dull, without personality, and has no substance or information at all whatsoever . I’m sure you all feel the same right, clicking those links and actually knowing that TSS is the biggest information resource for Sonic the Hedgehog, with the most intellectual and fun-loving community alive. 😉 Still, it doesn’t really matter, those doomsayers keep coming back to TSS all the time to check our information and downloads, so we must be doing something right. Continue reading “Dull, Without Substance”, yet oh so good. TSS.

li3k, an UpDat!

Got a press release from SEGA today – TakeTwo Interactive has effectively bought out Visual Concepts and Kush Games. For those that don’t really care or know (that’s everyone outside of America, then), they are the SEGA divisions that brought us the Sports 2K Series. The acquisition will see SEGA no longer owning the developer’s rights to these games. TakeTwo and SEGA are also apparently going to work together to bring Visual Concepts games to arcades – be it Sports 2K or something else we dunno. Finally, the agreement will apparently include SEGA publishing and distributing the 2K series in Japan and Asia. I’ll post the whole press kaboodle on the SSMB later. Continue reading li3k, an UpDat!

TSS Compo Winners, New SSMB Skin

Just a quick update, the TSS Competition’s over and done with. Winners have been picked! Congrats to the winners and well done and thanks to all those peeps who have taken part and entered. The response was great, but slightly timid, which could be applied to the amount of effort needed to do to enter – usually something I don’t do, but I thought it’d be fun to do something elaborate, y’know?

Competition 1: Where you had to take pictures of you celebrating TSS one way or another.
Top Prize: Psychobob
Runner-up: Sonic Neo
Booby Prize: Flash2000

Competition 2: The Voice Impression contest.
Top Prize: Melody (Cream)
Runner-up: Flash2000 (Big)
Booby Prize: Adam Riza (Tails/Chaotix) Continue reading TSS Compo Winners, New SSMB Skin

Happy Birthday TSS!

Happy Birthday to The Sonic Stadium! Festivities kicked off last night, as the Sonic Site Awards Ceremony was broadcast live, while the Sonic Top 8 Awards followed. We had such a great turnout, it was really buzzing last night. I’d like to thank all those that attended and had a great time with us. It’s not over though – TSS is about to make a HUGE update, with a massive SUPER Sonic Scansday! And, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE PART IN OUR COMPETITION! Yeah, we have a real competition, with REAL PRIZES. Take a look, and enter; you have about three weeks to send your entries to me. Fancy winning a Sonic game, the new Sonic Underground DVD Boxset maybe? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted the Sonic X Original Soundtrack? Well, take part, we got them all up for grabs baby! Who says we don’t treat you right? Stay tuned to TSS!

Sonic Site Awards Ceremony 2004 – Today

Yep, the Sonic Site Awards 2004 Ceremony will be kicking off in less than 8 hours!
5:00pm GMT is the ‘GO’ time for when TSS officially begins it’s fourth anniversary!

A quick round-up of what is to come today, tomorrow, and during the rest of next week (TSS’ Birthday + Half Term = Longer Celebration Period :D).

– SSMB Revamps with special TSS Default Skin.

– Sonic Site Awards Ceremony 2004: Hosted by Dreadknux & Roareye
– The SSA Ceremony will also kick-start a brand new series of “The Sonic Hour”
– Straight after the SSA Ceremony, is SpawnofSonic and the Sonic Top 8! [*]
– SEGASonic Radio officially merges it’s 24/7 and LiVECAST stations into one.
– =TSS= opens ‘Events’ Page on the main site as a guide to what’s happening.
– =TSS= Launches the Activities…

So, what ARE the activities? Well, you can be the VERY first to know the details!

Continue reading Sonic Site Awards Ceremony 2004 – Today

TSS’ 4th Birthday!

This is how the celebrations will work out. Sunday 24th October 2004, at 5:00pm GMT (UK Time), the celebrations will all kick off at the SONIC SITE AWARDS 2004, for the final announcement of the winners! Who has won the Sonic Site of ’04? And who is the best Elite Sonic Site? Roareye and myself will host the show, which will also kick off a new series and season of programming for SEGASonic Radio, our radio station. SSR will merge stations so that Live and Streamed will combine. All you can want, in one station.

The new series of popular show “The Sonic Hour” will debut when the SSA Ceremony begins. Fastfeet Media will return, which includes the return of the TSS FTP Service (after some considerable downtime), and a new BitTorrent system will be placed in the FFM halls. The SSMB Forums will get a makeover, plus a new skin to celebrate. Continue reading TSS’ 4th Birthday!

Games Section, TSS’ 4th…

Well, basically, if the content pages of some Game sections look messed up, just bear with it. We’re in the midst of modifying the Game Section to make it more accessible to you, and the first game pages to use this new system is the newly announced Feel the Magic and Sonic 1 on Mega Drive. On another note, the SSMB Forums are undergoing a makeover for it’s 3rd Birthday, and we’re preparing things for both Halloween and TSS’ FOURTH Birthday on the 24th October – which also brings the Awards Ceremony of the Sonic Site Awards. More details to appear on the Official SSA Website tomorrow. Should really update that banner rotation too while I’m at it.

As for the SAGE Coverage, due to everything going on and the apparent lack of things on show at the event, I don’t think I will be making a Coverage report this time. Sorry guys @ SAGE and the boothists – however I DID manage to interview Mj2 and The Dying Informant; the amazing people behind Chaos Control, one of the most anticipated Fan Games in production. That interview will be going up in a few days, regardless.

SAGE 2004 – And Rubbing Girls

So, the stylish influence of United Game Artists strikes further within Sonic Team HQ, as we finally know what ‘Project Rub’ is all about. It’s a dating sim for Nintendo DS, you see. And it involves “touching girls”. Egad. We’ll be covering that in a day or so’s time. Sorry for lack of updates too, but a new job convinces me to stay away from this computer and all, so bleh. Trust me though, I’m putting stuff up and have a ton of great things lined up over the next month – in time for TSS’ FOURTH Birthday. Also, SAGE has started once more – but if you hear hide nor peep from me for a day or so, I’m just fixing up Shadow Team’s booth for the event. Finally, the Sonic Site Awards is in Phase 2. Need I say more? I don’t think so. ‘Ave it.

Woo! And we evolve, finally…

Welcome to The Sonic Stadium. Yes, it is the same website, but uber-vamp style. This is the fabled ‘TSS Ultimate’ layout – the last and best layout for The Sonic Stadium, based on your comments and suggestions. We’re all set, but we’re still tweaking bits – scripts to use for the main page and that (at the moment it’s still hard HTML code). But meh – tour! This page has changed – see latest release dates and BIG update above, see announcements here – announcements will no longer pertain to updates, as a quick list of what has been updated can be found to the side, as the latest Sonic News headlines and soon SSMB topics and a site poll. Every page has accustomed to the new layout – best way to see is to explore yourself. 🙂 And remember to send us stuff – we’re going to be set on updating much now, since the staff’s to come back soon and all. So, whoppee. Hope you like!

SSR and TSS’ 4th Birthday – Your Suggestions?

I know it’s months away but, that gives us enough time to set things up and shiz… Right now I am trying to get 99% of the sonic music downloaded. If you have any suggestions for games, competitions, funny stuff, casts, etc. please post them here and I hope that the SSR team (Dread, Fastfeet, Spawnofsonic, Sonux, me, etc.) will take it into considerations.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO STUPID THINGS like “why not do funny things like faf about?” or “Plez play Open your Heart 1,000,000,000 times ’cause itz my fav” because:

  1. It just looks stupid
  2. We’re gonna do that anyway
  3. Music requests are for when we are already casting

I will check back here regularly to see what ideas you guys have and I will comment on what you have said and I will rate it out of 5.

Sonic Scansday & HUGE Update

First off, the response to the Sonic Scansday has gone, for the most part, pretty well. Remember if you have any magazine adverts, old artwork from comics and mags, comic scans or other print media that can be scanned, be sure to wing them our way. On the back of this, some people who don’t seem to like Sonic can’t understand that if you don’t like Sonic, then you shouldn’t be here. These people’s behaviour is what’s scientifically known as “Being A Dumbarse”. Here are the rewards from this weeks Scansday:

More from Scansday next week. Get your submissions in! Continue reading Sonic Scansday & HUGE Update

Update and TSS Network

Hiya everyone, second day of TSS’ return, yay! Right, let’s get the updates and site news out of the way. 

  • Cyberblade is still a lazy bum, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait a bit for your SAGE 8 Part 2 coverage. Honestly, something that should take a couple of hours… If he hasn’t done it by Thursday you can officially lynch mob him in the SSMB ^_^
  • Some links have been updated, in the Links Database and the main affiliates – Sonic World and Sonic Planet.
  • Fixed the dead links that I was aware of, if you find any more let me know. Also, realised the whole Site History section wasn’t even uploaded – D’oh! So I did that for you 🙂 Also, opened the Guestbook – I thought there was a problem with it, but it seems that there’s just an anti-flood thing on it =)
  • The TSS FTP Service is offline until further notice. You may find it online every now and then (I haven’t actually gotten the word from Fastfeet that it’s totally offline) but on the whole it’s down. It shan’t be too long until it’s back online though, and we’ll let you know when that happens 🙂

Continue reading Update and TSS Network

Weeee’re Baaaaaaaa-aaaaccckkkk!

Well, it’s a fabulous honour to say “Welcome back to The Sonic Stadium!” It’s been a long three/four months, but it looks like through thick and thin, we’ve managed to find our feet. And it’s all worth it in the end – before we crashed we provided thousands of people with Sonic goodness. And now we’re back to provide even more!

But things have changed somewhat. The navigation bar will be different depending on what page you are on, and the main sectors of TSS will show up just like they are now on this page, whenever you’re at the root of TSS. This is to kill the navigation problem that people were having – if you get lost, there are links to the Site Map just below the “TSS Network” button in the header, so hopefully TSS is easier and more fun to surf around. Continue reading Weeee’re Baaaaaaaa-aaaaccckkkk!


Well, did you miss us? It has been rather a struggle, but The Sonic Stadium is back to give you, the Sonic fan, even more information and blue hedgehog related stuff than before!One of the reasons for the downtime was because of an incompetent host that we were on, we shan’t name names, but their company name was right about you only wanting (or being able) to Host there Once. =P

Anyway, we were kicked off and found salvation from the uber-generous and ever-loving Shayne Thames, of Sonic Anime.net fame. Without Shayne’s help, TSS wouldn’t be here today, so a huge hug goes out to her.

While we were down, we also has a good look at the layout of the previous TSS. Most pages weren’t finished, some had completely different layouts to many other pages, and it was basically unorganised. We’ve managed to re-organise the server folders etc and all the pages are as if they were one. If you look to the right there – that’s where the navigation menu is, that is.

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Bit of Spring Cleaning…

Pinch Punch, First day of the month… *is burned*. Expect good tidings, loyal TSS’ers – the ‘hacker’ business seems to have stopped, and therefore life can revert back to normality. Well, not quite. The Sonic Stadium is having a bit of an early Spring Cleaning, which means a lot of moving about of the files, and re-organising the site to make it easier for you to navigate – after all, TSS is the place to be for Sonic, but what good is it if it’s a tough dog to surf through? Exactly. Hence, a few sections are (and some in the future) will be down temporarily as we shift the pages about.

But, we’re shooting through the re-organisation process – yesterday work started, and now you can now look at the Sonic Manga Comics section again. Speaking of which, look at the top Navigation bar. We listened to what you said, and now it’s easier to get to what you want. Just click on Comics to go direct to the Comics Info section for instance – no faffing about with ‘Click this link, then this link, and then that link, and then round the second block past McDonalds…’ business. TSS is evolving, and it will reap rewards to you in the end of it. Watch this space…

Can You Believe This Guy? (Mystic Mobius)


Check the latest Update – of the Affiliate saying “Sonic Staduims affiliate link is gone, and the webmaster knows why and what it will take to get it back on.

Now, may I just ask – what the hell? o_@ This guy is crazy. Let’s go back to what really happened – because this guy hasn’t said why he’s taken our affiliate link down, lest we knew the truth… well luckily I’m here to tell you what happened! 🙂

The webmaster – JL, caught me on AIM. He was pleasant enough – was asking for a place in the Monthly Awards. Of course, since there was no other contenders, he was the one that won for the month.

But, every moment that blood ran through my veins he got me on AIM, merely to ask me whether the award had been done yet. I finished it, and gave it to him – it even says on the site updates. Not that this is why he got peeved at me – I’m just gently taking you in to show you what an ass he is.

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