Roger Craig Smith Departs from Sonic Voice Acting Role

In sad news, it appears that Roger Craig Smith will depart from the role of Sonic the Hedgehog’s western voice actor after 10 years in the driving seat.

A post made on Smith’s Twitter account on Thursday indicated he is moving on from his long-held position:

If so, we at Sonic Stadium want to thank Roger for all he has done to embellish the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, and we hope he will remain part of our ever-growing community!

Source: Roger Craig Smith via Twitter

20 Years of TSS: Twelve Ways We Were More Than Just a Website

It’s true that for the last two decades, we’ve been on top of the latest and greatest Sonic the Hedgehog news. But I wanted The Sonic Stadium to be more than just an information resource. My goal has been to create meaningful contributions to expand and enrich the online Sonic community. Which is why you might remember Sonic Stadium just as much for its list of wacky projects as you might for news and opinion.

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Sonic Colours and Franchise Changing News Coming This Week

You may have seen our BIG Summer of Sonic announcement which was first revealed on Radio Redux earlier this evening but those who tuned in until the end of the show will have heard ArchangelUK’s announcement of two forthcoming announcements for the week ahead. First there will be some Sonic Colours news Monday and second there will be “franchise changing news” on Thursday which won’t be particularly about the games, has nothing to do with Summer of Sonic and will be revealed exclusively on the Sonic City Blognik.

What could these announcements be? We’ll keep an eye on the Blognik and report back here, for now let the speculation begin in the comments.

UPDATE: From ArchangelUK in the comments –

I did say “franchise changing” kind of all overdramatically – Its not THAT big, though it does alter some things… you’ll just have to see what I mean. Incidentally those who’ve so far guessed are all wrong. “Sonic 4 is delayed” peeps included.

A Visual Treat For Your Ears

As you’ve probably noticed in the last day or so, I’ve been sneakily adding a few more bits to TSS. Preparing for the ‘big beef up’, if you will. Firstly, I’ve added another new skin to the deck – Two Foxy makes a return to the skin selector. Now all we need is ‘more Tails fans in here’, and we’ll be complete. The Sonic News section has been tweaked too – it looks like a proper archive for news now, instead of the generic blog type theme we had going on. I’ll be doing the same to the other relevant sections too, don’t worry.

Now for the great return of some content. Yesterday I brought back the ‘Screenshots’ section, which can technically be considered a brand new section considering in past years they’ve been compiled within the Game Archive. As a separate section, it will be easier to track images for your favourite games, and when you click on a Screenshot page you’ll notice that it still ties in with the Game Archive in its own little way, linking to information pages and media sections where available.

Today we can welcome back the Music Zone too, which is basically a more decorative way of presenting music downloads via the Media Portal. This section isn’t finished yet, clearly – I’m going to go through it in the next few days and slowly add information pages and tracklists to all the OSTs and game rips we have. At the same time, I’m re-uploading a large chunk of the Media Portal content we actually lost during the recent server wipe (links in the Music Zone lead to files in the Media Portal). Continue reading A Visual Treat For Your Ears

Watch The Sonic Show: Season 2, Episode 4

It is that time once again for another installment in The Sonic Stadium’s own podcast, The Sonic Show.  After a one month delay, caused by me (my bad, but school comes first), the fourth installment of the second season is ready to hit your iPods with style.  What is jam packed into this episode?

  • Turbo, from “Turbo Drive Live,” guest hosts!
  • All the latest Sonic news
  • New Unleashed and Black Knight footage and trailers
  • Slingerland’s Corner goes to college
  • Red Hedgehog visits G.U.N.
  • Finally, Red Hedgehog does some silly shit.

Sonic News? No, this is TSS.

In light of a few random messages we’ve been getting over the last week, we thought we’d better clear up some of the confusion people are having. The Sonic Stadium used to be host to a news service called ‘Sonic News’. This service involved providing readers with the latest happenings in the Sonic universe by being unbiased, serious and generally governed with a rod up its bum. ‘Sonic News’ became the new word for ‘The Sonic Stadium’, as it was the main thing getting updated every now and then, so something was done to combat this (as it was, after all, getting annoying. There is a website accompanying the news service, you know).

We brought back the News area into The Sonic Stadium. So, as we stated in our very first introductory post since we relaunched last month, Sonic News does not exist anymore. It’s not here. You can’t find it. Not even playing Hide and Seek. It’s gone for good. All news will be relayed via The Sonic Stadium, and will provide the facts you need to know coupled with some entertaining writing and perhaps even some thoughtful/homourous opinion.

“Oh dear Svend, but a News site doesn’t apply opinion into their stories”. Quite right Sir/Madam, which is where you made your first mistake. The Sonic Stadium isn’t a news source. It’s a Sonic fansite. We write about Sonic because we are passionate about the series, we collect the games and merchandise, we watch the shows (even the piss poor ones like Underground). And further, we want to be a fansite that connects with you, another fan. If you don’t agree with our opinions, fine. But don’t get confused as to why we’re trying to be funny, or trying to pour some personality into a post to begin with.

We have different awesome writers with different opinions, making for a fruity bowl of Sonic fun. We could heavily edit some of our work to be a bit more ‘unbiased’ – I almost heavily edited the “Sonic and the Black Knight” article from last night. But you know what? What’s the point if fans can’t go a bit crazy sometimes and just tell it like it is? And if you don’t like it, why do you care?

This is, for all intents and purposes, a blog. Not a news site. If you wanted really serious, boringly-told stories with your seizure-inducing gaming session of Sonic Heroes, you shouldn’t be going to a fansite. You should be going to CNN. And you shouldn’t be playing Sonic Heroes.

We hear a lot of people were in fact confused about why the ‘News stories on Sonic News had gone downhill’, and I thought it best to explain why. This is not Sonic News, we have not gone downhill, we are writing to entertain and to inspire your mind. Or something. And if you didn’t read this, at least we’re covered just in case you’re Quexinos and want to complain that facts you provided to Sonic News in 2007 were sourced incorrectly (that’s why the post doesn’t exist anymore, Richard). Got it? Cool. Let’s rock.

Sonic News Ticker is Back

If your life has never been the same since TSS changed its new look, there may be a few reasons for that. One might be that you became rather attached to our Sonic News Ticker, which allowed external websites to link through to our news posts so your pages always stayed up to date.

Well fret no more about the ticker’s future, because we’ve brought it back. You can of course use our RSS Feed as an alternative – either click the huge orange button for our general RSS, subscribe to our specific News Feed or subscribe to our Feedburner. But for those who want to simply have that ticker scrolling along their page and have only News posts filtered through it, just copy and paste the following code:

<script type=”text/javascript” language=”Javascript” src=””></script>

Business as usual. Take it away, Sam.

TSS is looking for dedicated, talented staff!

Sonic News – and as well, Sonic Stadium – is looking for a few passionate and dedicated writers to add to our team!

Applicants must be aware that they will be obligated to update our website with screenshots, videos, and information regarding new games as it is released – alternatively, Sonic News writers will be obligated to write articles regarding activity of SEGA as a company.

Think you’ve got what it takes? We’d like for applicants to be well versed in English, and have a track record for following SEGA in general, not just Sonic – good post history on the SSMB is a bonus, but it’s not required to apply. Applicants must, however, but a current member on our website and can not be banned from any of our sub-sites. Continue reading TSS is looking for dedicated, talented staff!

SONIC NEWS: Have Your Say

It’s been over a year since SONIC NEWS picked itself off the ground and was revived by the TSS Network. The 11th March was its first post announcing its comeback, and now we want your opinions on how its gone the last 12 months.

Do you feel the stories have been written well enough? Do you think that we’ve chosen stories in the past that aren’t worthy of your time, yet we fail to pick out some of the bigger stories? Think we need more community related news here?

Then have your say in the Comments Page below! This is the time where we reflect on how well we’ve done and take on board any (rational) suggestions you may have to make this service as informative, fast and exciting as possible. Share your thoughts and we can improve! Continue reading SONIC NEWS: Have Your Say

Sonic Stadium Sites Hit By Bandwidth Problems

The Sonic Stadium and all its hosted sites suffered two more days of downtime, less than two days after the Sonic Site Awards opened for voting.

Earlier in the month, the recently released next-generation Sonic promotional video made available on the main site, caused a short downtime for overuse of bandwidth, as a result of it unexpectedly not being protected from hotlinking. Direct links on a multitude of sites and blogs resulted in 220 GigaBytes – over half of the Stadium’s quota – being transferred, of that one file alone. Continue reading Sonic Stadium Sites Hit By Bandwidth Problems

SONIC NEWS Shoutout!

It’s very nearly been three months since SONIC NEWS returned to the TSS Network with a fresh new vibe, new look and a new team of dedicated Sonic reporters. We’ve done our best to bring you the best, unbiased news on Sonic the Hedgehog as quick as possible.

We would now like to hear what you think of the SONIC NEWS service. Do you think that since March 11th, the website has delivered in providing the latest updates on the official and fan Sonic universes? Do you feel there is any room for improvement in our service? Continue reading SONIC NEWS Shoutout!


Last night, if you couldn’t reach SONIC NEWS for your latest information, log onto the SSMB for some chatter or load some pages from The Sonic Stadium properly, it was because something went awry behind the scenes that spun the whole site and network into server overload.

The cause was a piece of code that TSS administrators had been applying to a new version of the website, that promises smoother browsing, quicker navigation, support for SSMB members and a large emphasis on site-member interaction.

The bug has been fixed, as we apologise to all the visitors and SONIC NEWS feed visitors and webmasters who had any inconvenience caused by this blip. SONIC NEWS is now back in operation, and will continue its planned coverage of the E3 2005 event next week. The Sonic Stadium’s interactive revamp has not been affected, although for all those interested, a completion date has still not been finalised.

Thank you, all

I’ve been informed today by my partner (who I developed the backend used by Sonic News with) that he’s negotiating a deal with a client, with us making minor modifications to it and selling it, for what I like to refer to as Nakabux. This deal could be the start of a nice little business venture for us, and I’m pretty damn excited as I’ve never sold any of my work before.

If you guys didn’t exist, we likely wouldn’t be making that engine as good as it is. So, thank you, for just being there and encouraging us to make the site better and our pockets deeper.


Hi folks, just a quick heads up that everyone’s favourite Sonic news source, SONIC NEWS, is back online right now! Everything you loved about SN during and before it’s move to TSSZ is still here, plus some wicked new features:

  • TSS Account: If you have an SSMB Account (which, if you’re posting here, means you obviously do), then you can log into SONIC NEWS too! Check the familiar blue navigation strip underneath the website links in the header. If you’re not logged in, you can log in on the spot. If you’re already logged into SSMB, you’re logged into SONIC NEWS too, and you can see your username in the blue strip! Unique features are planned for SONIC NEWS, so keep an eye out.
  • Comments System: SSMB/TSS Account members (when logged in) are able to post comments for any SONIC NEWS article. Visitors need to register and become a part of the SSMB in order to post comments – this saves any unnecessary spam.
  • Website Services: We have a Headlines List and a News Ticker for visitors to use – in either PHP or Javascript code format. Like TSSZ, we offer services for sites top use our news. We also have a new RSS feature for anyone who cares to want it.
  • Search Function: Search our archives, or surf through them in our aptly named ‘Archives’ section.

Be sure to email the staff with news and hot tips for our reporting use, you will be credited completely. Keep an eye on Sonic News as we catch up with the news, first. Then start getting busy.


After months of inactivity, SONIC NEWS returns to provide Sonic Team fans with the latest information on blue hedgehog related happenings.

The changes are more than cosmetic – now members of the SSMB Forums and TSS are able to interact with the site with the new TSS Account. The TSS Account is a new feature being spread across The Sonic Stadium Network, which allows members of the SSMB Forums to take advantage of unique features within all TSSNET minisites.

Continue reading SONIC NEWS Returns

SONIC NEWS: Coming Soon

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates in a month or so. Things are kinda slow on the Sonic front anyway, save for the NOM Yuji Naka Interview that everyone at GameSpot seemed to misinterpret (apparently NiGHTS 2 and Burning Rangers 2 was in development). The SSMB was the first place to check this out and completely debunk those rumours, as it appears Naka-san actually said nothing of the sort at all. Oh, you crazy kids. Head to the SSMB for more mature Sonic discussion and lovin’.

On another note, work on TSS “Interactive” (the codename I apparently seemed to have given the project) is well underway, but work’s stalled a bit to focus on more important things. Namely, the re-launch of SONIC NEWS, one of the best resources for the latest Sonic Team news. A team of reporters will now be on the case to bring you the latest of Sonic around the world, in the stead of pioneer Sonic_Hedgehogs. We’re working on the new SN mini-site, and should have a full relaunch within a week or so. I know, crazy innit. Of course, we will let you know closer to the time.

Continue reading SONIC NEWS: Coming Soon


As you may or may not have read, The Sonic Stadium is undergoing a vast metamorphosis. The end result – when we ever finish – is to provide a much bigger TSS website, that will be easier to update (which means updating will be more frequent) and also interactive, so that you will be able to submit things via the site itself. An integration with the SSMB will also see the account being renamed to the TSS Account, in order to imply Universality between all TSSNET sites. Which, funnily enough, is the plan.

As part of this renovation, a well-known favourite will be returning to TSS Space. Yep, the world’s favourite news resource, SONIC NEWS, will be returning very soon under a brand new mini-site, and will also incorporate the TSS Account. B’man and I have been working hard many nights to even get to this stage, and it would appear SN will be finished much quicker than normal – literally a matter of one or two weeks!

Continue reading SONIC NEWS: Want Ads

“Dull, Without Substance”, yet oh so good. TSS.

I went into GAME the other day, foolishly thinking it was 4th February (Sonic Mega Collection +‘s release date). But still, I got a free T-Shirt out of pre-ordering there. AND, I got to meet a great gal working there. We were talking about Sonic for ages, and it was great. A shout to to her, BTW. Anyway, there goes my big boycott of GAME, well and truly buggered.

But it’s not all bad news. Apparently, according to some rather misinformed people, the news that OUR Sonic News section provides to TSSZNews is apparently the only thing keeping TSS alive. Also, The Sonic Stadium is dull, without personality, and has no substance or information at all whatsoever . I’m sure you all feel the same right, clicking those links and actually knowing that TSS is the biggest information resource for Sonic the Hedgehog, with the most intellectual and fun-loving community alive. 😉 Still, it doesn’t really matter, those doomsayers keep coming back to TSS all the time to check our information and downloads, so we must be doing something right. Continue reading “Dull, Without Substance”, yet oh so good. TSS.

Sonic News Reform

Yes, Sonic News is still here, but in a cleaner form! You’ll notice that most of Sonic News has changed. This is the new, improved version of Sonic News, for we have, like The Sonic Stadium, gone PHP stylee.

What does this mean to you? Well, for a start you’ll be able to get your news fix much quicker and faster than ever before (and considering how fast Sonic News is in the first place…), as well as cool extras such as being able to add your own comments and thoughts on the many Sonic and Sonic Team headlines passing through here.

You can also let a friend know about any of the articles we have, just by clicking on ‘Send to Friend’ and filling in the details. The news prior to this month (August) has been removed temporarily – now that archives will be added automatically, it seems fitting for us to archive the news headlines that we had to manually update.

Soon the ‘Articles’ section in the MEDIA Channel will be moved to Sonic News too, where it will belong most – for it’s great move, you can submit any editorial articles that you have written – be it your theories on the Sonic Universe, a thought about the Online Community, or just general Sonic theory-ness.

Sonic_Hedgehogs Returns, STC is Revived!

Still working on the User thing, guys, sorry about that. Told ya things may be slow. Just to say two very important things – Sonic_Hedgehogs, owner of Sonic News, has officially returned to The Sonic Stadium to run his section again. Yum! And, even more exciting news… the best Sonic comic in existence has now officially returned – only this time, instead of Fleetway returning like we all hope, a bunch of great STC fans have taken the time to make their own ‘Sonic the Comic’, based on the Fleetway verse. Enjoy…

TSS and Sonic News Update: Sonic Stadium News Group Is Open!

Hi there – expecting The Sonic Stadium or Sonic News here, were you? Wondering where Andrew’s and Dreadknux’s sites have gone? Well, you’re looking at them! Dread and Andrew have become such massive buddies over the past year, that we decided to ‘merge’ both Sonic News and The Sonic Stadium – together! All the greatness you’d expect from a double team combo such as us two. Continue reading TSS and Sonic News Update: Sonic Stadium News Group Is Open!


We have finally landed on your screens! The Sonic Stadium News Group takes off, and promises a lot of coolness! To all of you that have just visited, welcome. Launched on the date of 23rd June, which is Sonic’s birthday no less, this Sonic site is something special indeed. It is the result of months of hard work from webmasters Dreadknux and Sonic_Hedgehogs, after they decided that two of the most popular up-and-rising websites, The Sonic Stadium and Sonic News, should be merged together. Continue reading OFFICIAL SSNG ANNOUNCEMENT: A New Site Emerges

The Sonic Stadium News Group – It’s Coming, Baby…

Hee hee! The time is almost upon us! SSNG is soon to be unveiled in a matter of a month! Here’s the lowdown for those that don’t know what SSNG is: There has been some rumours about a new Sonic site emerging. The first announcement of this came from TSSZ, when Sonic News and The Sonic Stadium, both very respected Sonic fan sites, closed down for no apparent reason, unexpectedly. Continue reading The Sonic Stadium News Group – It’s Coming, Baby…

Community Interview: Sonic News Webmaster Sonic_Hedgehogs

Famous for Sonic News. Growing to be the biggest Sonic News sites online… until it hit problems. After a chat with Dread, the two became best of buddies, and the two worked alongside each other heading up SSNG. Now though, Sonic News is back and kicking, as an active and integral section of The Sonic Stadium. You love it. ^_^ Continue reading Community Interview: Sonic News Webmaster Sonic_Hedgehogs