STAR in a Sonic music video with Zone Runners!

Last year we ran a contest where people could draw Sonic selfies for our #BADNIK video. It’s time for a brand new song, and once again we want you guys to be in it!


The song is an original composition by Zone Runners that takes a cool spin on The Sonic Show theme tune. We want you guys to be in the video by recording yourself singing (miming) the chorus!

You can be as creative or uncreative as you like. Animate it, do it in cosplay, do it with friends, do it as a puppet, do indoors, outdoors or any dimension inbetween! Once you have recorded your entry, upload it to any video sharing site (like Youtube) and make sure you include “The Sonic Show and Zone Runners” in the title. Then send us a link to your entry to or tweet it to us @sonic_show. Your entry can be public or unlisted, it’s up to you!

Entries must be submitted by the 24th of June

The Sonic Show and Zone Runners crew will feature their favourite entries in the video and ONE lucky entry will recieve a one of a kind tshirt of The Sonic Show and Zone Runners, hand signed by The Sonic Show AND every member of Zone Runners! You can’t buy a prize like that! Prize ships worldwide!

Check out the chorus you need to chant along to below! (music removed, gotta keep it a surprise!)

Mash-Up Monday: Blast Away!

For this week’s Mash-Up Monday, scrape those knuckles and catch some tails for an intense double dose of mashed-up Sonic music, and Sonic music alone!

In both mash-ups, how many songs can you keep track of? Will you manage to count them all? Or will you succumb to the real superpower of music?


Check out Sonic Blast 2 after the jump!

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At SOS 2011 Get Ready To Rock… With JULIEN-K!

Consider me T-Bird in disguise for this one…

Summer of Sonic is delighted to announce alternative electronic rock act Julien-K will be appearing as part of the amazing line up at this year’s Summer of Sonic convention! Julien-K defined the sound of Team Dark with their fan-favourite track “This Machine” for Sonic Heroes, and returned a few years later to perform the song “Waking Up” which was featured on the soundtrack to 2005’s Shadow the Hedgehog title. The band have since worked on a whole host of projects including the soundtrack to the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game, released their first album Death to Analogue and have collaborated with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington on his solo project Dead by Sunrise.

Ryan Shuck, Amir Derakh, Elias Andra and and Anthony “Fu” Valcic will be joining us during their current European tour to perform a music set as part of the afternoon’s entertainment on the main stage. The band will also be appearing later in the afternoon for a meet and greet session to give all you boys and girls the opportunity to meet the band in person as well as grab a few autographs if you wish.

The band will also be playing the London Borderline on the 22nd of June to promote their upcoming album We’re Here With You, so if you’re in the neighborhood go and check them out!

Get ready to rock at this month – Summer of Sonic is going to be a scorcher!

METALHOG! Meagdriver Unleash Yet More Sonic-Themed Metal!

Metal Up Your ASS

For those of us living on planet Metal, and who squealed with delight at the OC Remix Chaos Project’s renditions of tracks such as Malicious Fingers (a progressive metal cover of the Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles boss theme) and Live at the Sandopolis, there is more lead-lined tunes coming your way!

Megadriver, a Brazillian based Megadrive / Genesis tribute band (as if their name didn’t give it away) should be familliar to those on the Sonic music remix scene – a few years back they did a rather thrashy cover of the Green Hill Zone tune. There’s also a couple of nifty videos floating about on youtube of Nino, the band’s founder, and his rather awesome (and unique sounding) Megadrive Guitar! Continue reading METALHOG! Meagdriver Unleash Yet More Sonic-Themed Metal!