Sonic Generations Becomes an ‘Essential’ Download on PSN Today

UPDATE: The game is up on the PS Store and actually costs £14.99.

SCEE has revealed a list of the first budget PS3 Essentials titles that will be released for download from the EU PS Store later today, and Sonic Generations is one of them. Sonic’s 20th Anniversary game will be available at the cheap price of £15.99.00/€19.99/AU$24.95. Sonic Unleashed and SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection have also been announced for the PS3 Essentials range, but it appears they will be coming at a later date. Gamers who prefer physical media will also be able to pick up PS3 Essentials games in stores.

Source: EU PS Blog

Freak-Out Friday: That Tornado’s Carrying a Car!

Worst part of this is: I’m not even joking. No, seriously.

That Tornado is really carrying a car.


I see what you did there, Megamaniscrazy

Special thanks to Masaru Daimon on the SSMB for the tip!

Sonic Generations Nominated For Two Golden Joystick Awards

“YES! I’m making my way back to the top, baby!”

It’s that time of year when the annual Golden Joystick awards roll around once more, allowing gamers across the globe to vote for their favourite games from the past year in a number of different categories. This year’s awards will be of particular interest to Sonic fans though, as the blue blur’s 20th anniversary title – Sonic Generations – has been nominated not once, but twice!

That’s right, not only is Generations a nominee in the Best Action Game category, but the City Escape level (be it classic or modern!) is also up for a gong as Top Gaming Moment.

If you were one of the many who thoroughly enjoyed Sonic’s time-travelling adventure, then you can place your votes for the game via the following links:

Vote for Sonic Generations as Best Action Game

Vote for Sonic Generations as Top Gaming Moment

Best of luck to Sonic in his bid for these Golden Joysticks!

Mash-Up Monday: Oppa Eggman Style

Something has found Planet Wisp… And it’s damn addictive to listen to.

PSY’s phenomenally popular Oppa Gangnam Style crosses with Planet Wisp Act 2 from Sonic Generations!



Thanks to Faseeh for the tip!

Found an interesting mash-up somewhere on the web, or have one of your own? Send it over to!

Sound Test Saturday: Chills, Spills, and Thrills

Welcome back to Sound Test Saturday! I’m glad just about everyone appreciated the Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts and the work that has been poured into it! On behalf of the team, I wish to thank you all for the warm reception and support of the album!

Now let us return to our previously scheduled programming, and give the rest of the community a bit of focus, shall we?

Today, four remixes have been picked out for you all! True to today’s theme, only some of the most thrilling and spine-chilling of tunes have been picked out!

For Act 1, we return our attention towards a drummer who premiered on Sound Test Saturday with a most righteous cover of Hydrocity Zone Act 2! This time, with a groovy drum cover for the introductory act for Planet Wisp from Sonic Colours, we welcome back the one and only funkflash!

I had no words for this drum cover at first. Planet Wisp is one of my most favourite tunes out of the entire franchise due to its beautiful melody being handled by a piano, and hearing funkflash play along with the Act 1 track has rendered me speechless. While I love the original on its own, funkflash here has basically nailed the smooth feeling of Planet Wisp and, essentially, remastered the piece through his drumming prowess. Excellent, just as last time!

It reminds me of the last time a musician’s take on Planet Wisp was featured on the site… Similar feelings have been experienced.

In any case, let us turn our attention to Act 2 with a collaboration between Joshua Taipale and alexlp2k10 (or General Offensive! on Soundcloud) that is guaranteed to blow your mind!

For Underwater Maze Escape, here’s their take on Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 3 from Sonic the Hedgehog 4!

If Lost Labyrinth didn’t leave much of an impression on you for its music, it damn well should now, because this is one of the most righteous takes on this track ever! Incorporating a bit of Ancient Maze of Mystery (LL Act 1), Josh and Alex have done an amazing job at remixing this one together, with Alex handling the electronic tunes or Josh providing some breathtaking guitar magic. I oughta play this tune over the stage and see how it goes! Definitely one worthy of your playlists!

Act 3 now, and it’s one that definitely fits this week’s theme! Essentially breathing new life into Hydrocity Act 2 from Sonic 3 & KnucklesHeroBoy1092 turns this midi into a piece worthy of Sonic Generations!

With an entirely different approach on the track, here’s a Modern remix of Hydrocity Zone, for your listening pleasure!

I’ve never heard Hydrocity being played like this. Remixes I’ve heard, though great, were still somewhat close to their source material, but this right here is definitely one of the greatest interpretations of the piece ever. I can see Sonic going all over the water with this song: sliding down the slides, running, even surfing despite the are being confined! Kudos to HeroBoy for remastering an ish midi into something grand!

Speaking of Sonic Generations, we oughta wrap up this week’s playlist with a music video! So how about a cover of… Owl City’s Fireflies?

Released on the eve of the 20th Anniversary title’s release, Golden Rings is both a parody and a homage to Sonic the Hedgehog and his legacy. Some will get a good laugh while others feel like this track truly hits home.

Shadowlink4321 once again takes the stage while Tigura21 of Smash King fame handles the music video! Roll film, and have a good week everyone!

(Those who prefer it without autotune may find it absent here, with Shadowlink4321′s vocals intact!)

Be sure to return next week for the next instalment of The Sound Check! We’ll be with Dr. Mack Foxx as he speaks of his and EspioKaos’s Sonic Piano Reduxes!

Found an interesting cover, remix, or original tune somewhere? Have something of your own? Be sure to send your findings and wares over to me at!

Mash-Up Monday: Flowering Night of Crisis

Need something fast-paced, intense, and outright crazy to start your long and dreary week? Well, we got just what you need right here on Mash-Up Monday! But, first things first…

How many of you have ever heard of Touhou?

Specifically known as Touhou Project, it is a bullet hell shooter series renowned for its high difficulty, a large cast of characters, and most of all, its crazy music! …no. Seriously. Look some of its music up on YouTube. You will not regret it.

This week, we will feature one of the most synonymous remixes of the series, Night of Nights, combined with a song sporting a much more orchestral touch, yet recognized for being fast-paced and blood-pumping: Crisis City Act 2 from Sonic Generations!


Found a really cool Sonic mash-up somewhere in the depths of the World Wide Web? Got something of your own you would like to share? If your answer to either question is “yes”, then send what you’ve got over at!

Freak-Out Friday: Werehog Generations

It has been four years since the beast has been unleashed… Now he has come out to play a new game.

Hoping to redeem himself in the eyes of a community that once shunned him, Sonic the Werehog takes to the streets of Speed Highway with all the speed, power, and ferocity he can muster!


Special thanks to Indigo Rush for the tip!

Played through by Melpontro; Werehog model and animations ported by samothethief.

Mash-Up Monday: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

As the title says, we’re going Daft Punk for this week’s Mash-Up Monday!

We have a pair of really cool mashups combining Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger with Sonic music! I hope all of our fans and readers around the world will enjoy this to the point where they’d just keep listening to each track one more time!

First one up is the Chemical Plant Zone mix, with Stardust Speedway Bad Future after the jump!


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Competition: Win a Summer of Sonic Goodie Bag + Crush 40 Signed Merchandise!

Sore you couldn’t go to Summer of Sonic? Bummed out that you can’t go to Sonic Boom? Nothing can compare to being there on the day, but we hope to give two very lucky readers out there a little piece of the UK experience with our Summer of Sonic goodie bag!

We have a pair of these to give away, which include the Summer of Sonic tote bag, an Archie comic, a Summer of Sonic programme, a stick of Summer of Sonic rock, a Sonic birthday card and a code for Sonic Generations on the PC. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re throwing in one of the awesome 20th anniversary pin badges that have only been available at a few events, along with the brand new Crush 40 EP containing their three new tracks and a Crush 40 poster. What’s more; you will also receive the autographs of both Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli!

So what do you have to do to nab these awesome prizes? Well, all you need to do is answer these three easy-peasy questions about this year’s Summer of Sonic Event!


1) Which two SEGA characters were announced for Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing: Transformed by Steve Lycett?

2) What are the names of the two character theme songs that were performed by Jun Senoue and guest singers during the Jam with Jun?

3) Which two of our invited guests in attendance were involved with the UK Sonic the Comic?


Send your answers to all three questions to the usual competition address at along with your name. The competition will close at 5:00pm BST on Friday 20th of July, and two winners will be chosen at random out of correct entries; winners will be notified by email soon after. This competition is open worldwide, so wherever you are on the planet, feel free to enter!

Good luck!


I’ve always been a fan of the Old Spice commercials… I’ve always been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog… and I’ve always been a fan of body odour protection.




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Sound Test Saturday: 21st Anniversary Edition!

My readers, this day is what all true Sonic fans strive for!

Yes, today is June 23rd, and you all know what that means! The Blue Blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog, is celebrating his 21st birthday today!

So, let’s have a bit of an extravaganza ourselves! 21 is the magic number, so why not go for that many tracks, just for today? A great number of these tracks have been tipped by you guys, and I thank you all for your contributions!

Due to the sheer amount of music to be featured beyond the jump, I’ll refrain myself from commenting on each track. Instead, I will leave you all with this. If everything goes according to plan here, Sound Test Saturday will be moved to SEGASonic: Radio next week. Yes folks, SS:R will return sooner than you think! And with the big move, we will introduce a new feature on our weekly music column: interviews! First ones up are Freen in Green, followed by xTrickyWolfy and Ring Energy should all go well!

If there is any particular artist you would want featured on a future Sound Test Saturday, if there are any remixes, covers, or originals you want to share, if you have work of your own you would like to see up on the site, then do not hesitate to notify me at!

That being said, Happy 21st Anniversary, Sonic the Hedgehog! Still unstoppable after 21 years!


Title: Green Hill Zone
Author: TheSymphonicGames
Tip: Faseehudeen

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Mash-Up Monday: A Generation of Escape

Courtesy of KatamariParadox, this week’s Mash-Up Monday will feature a four-way mash of all known versions of City Escape’s “Escape from the City”: the original, the instrumental, the Classic, and the Modern!

Thankfully, it isn’t just all four sprawled across one another. Bits and pieces of each iteration of the track contribute to a complete piece!


See if you can spot the original Endless Mine in there.

Those seeking a download can head over to the Soundcloud page!

Found an interesting mash-up somewhere on the web? Want to have one of your own combinations featured? If so, then send it over to!

Sound Test Saturday: Generational Stylings

Sonic Generations was a game that set incredibly high expectations for the fans for one reason, and one reason alone: the stages chosen to represent Sonic’s best moments in two different styles. This stretched not only to the gameplay and level design, but to the music as well.

The final release’s level selection was met with high praise, what with highlighting some of the greatest parts of Sonic’s history… but of course, not everyone is left satisfied. As a result, many people from the music community have decided to take matters into their own hands. Already numerous dubbed “Classic” and “Modern” remixes of Sonic favourites have sprouted around the web.

That is why, for this week’s Sound Test Saturday, we will acknowledge a few of these artists who have payed tribute to Sonic Generations and the history of Sonic in their own special way.

With that, let’s begin with a remix that literally raised the bar much higher than some would favour… a White World mix of Sky Troops from Shadow the Hedgehog!


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…wait, wait, no! Not “slam jam“, you got me all wrong! What I mean is “Jellyfish Jam”!

That’s right, we’re going down to Bikini Bottom, to the absorbent, yellow and porous sponge living under the sea, for this week’s Mash-Up Monday! “Jellyfish Jam” from Spongebob Squarepants combines with Speed Highway Act 1 from Sonic Generations.

I hope this makes up for what I’ve put you all through on Friday… but who am I kidding? I love torturing you guys every once in a while!


Tune in for additional jams next week!

Found an interesting mash-up somewhere on the net? Mashed one together yourself? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, then send them over to!

It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Freak Out on Friday!

Spin-jumping on enemies,
Boosting right through baddies,
Gotta make my mind;
Whose path should I take?

It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Freak Out on Friday!
Everybody’s escapin’ to the weekend, weekend!
It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Freak Out on Friday!
Everybody’s escapin’ to the weekend!


Take my lead, take my lead, yeah!
I’ll set you free, set you free, yeah!
Run, run, run, run,
We’re escapin’ from the city!

Oh god, I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry!!!

What If: Sonic Generations had a Windmill Isle stage?


The video above contains what at first appears to be a normal run through of Windmill Isle, but when you look closer you discover that it’s not Windmill Isle… at least not from Sonic Unleashed. That is a re-creation of Windmill Isle running in Sonic Generations!

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Sonic Generations Sound Team Questions and Answers!

Three months ago, the community team down at SEGA gathered questions for the musical talents behind the 20th Anniversary title Sonic Generations. As many as 300 questions were submitted by eager fans, spanning from the composers and arrangers’ personal favourite tracks as well as what other songs from Sonic’s history they would’ve liked to tackle.

Today, these questions have been answered by a majority of the Generations sound team. To see what questions Jun Senoue, Tomoya Ohtani, Kenichi Tokoi, and Alex Makhlouf have answered, their replies are available in full at the SEGA Blog, as well as Original Sound Version.

Mash-Up Monday: F**k Rooftop Run

Mashup Monday this week brings you what, from looking at Youtube, was apparently the logical conclusion with these two songs.

Warning: Swearing. Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending how you feel about it – these mashups use the uncensored version of the song. Never let it be said that we at TSS don’t care about your virgin ears!


Modern version after the jump!

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TSS Interview: Alex Makhlouf (Cash Cash) – Part 1

Sonic Generations saw many memorable tunes reworked for both classic and modern stages much to the delight of the fans, old and new. This week, TSS caught up with Cash Cash’s Alex Makhlouf, performing artist extraordinaire and the driving force behind many of the remixes on Sonic’s 20th Anniversary title.

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Soundtrack Review – Sonic Generations: Blue Blur & Anniversary Releases

Soundtrack collectors have had their pockets rinsed dry over the last year with the release of a whole plethora of Sonic albums to sate the appetites of those looking for the sounds of the old and new.

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Sonic PC Digital Downloads Galore! Sonic CD, Sonic 4, Generations DLC and…Spiral Knights?!


What a huge morning for Sonic fans! Sega has just announced a bucketload of PC Sonic digital content available now. Sonic CD is now on steam! For a limited time, purchase Sonic CD and you get DLC for Spiral Knights that lets you dress your knight as Metal Sonic. Want more Sonic in your spiral Knights game? You can also purchase a Tails Knight! Also, Sonic 4: Episode 1 finally arrives on your PC as well as the DLC content for Sonic Generations. Talking about my Generations, there’s a demo available for that as well. Happy Sonic PC DLC day!

Source: Sega

[SOLD OUT!] Order Sonic Generations Soundtrack From For Free Gifts!

[UPDATE: You snooze, you lose! The has completely sold out!]

[UPDATE 2: The store has sold 100 CDs – twice the initial amount put aside for this – while only the first CDs sold will receive the stickersheet, SoA from confirms that everyone who placed an order will receive a ESP Sonic guitar plectrum!] have a limited number stock of the new Sonic Generations “Blue Blur” 3CD soundtrack currently available. For $55 and $8 shipping (UK and US), you will receive an exclusively signed copy of the CD with a personalised message from Senoue-san should you wish one.

The first fifty orders will also receive a Sonic Generations sticker sheet along with a VERY exclusive black ESP Jun Senoue/Crush 40 Sonic the Hedgehog edition guitar pick!

To purchase your copy head to the store

Better hurry though – these won’t last long!

Sonic Generations OST Releases in Japan

Earlier today, Sega music label Wave Master released the Sonic Generations Original Soundtrack: Blue Blur in Japan.

The soundtrack features music from both versions of the game and spans three discs. Like most soundtracks in Japan, however, it doesn’t come cheap, with an RRP of ¥4200 (about £35).

It’s available for import from CDJapan, Play-Asia and YesAsia. Tracklist after the jump.

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To Be Remembered For Generations: Goodbye 2011!

It’s always difficult condensing 365 days worth of events into a thousand words…particularly after a whirlwind year like this! We all certainly expected a lot from SEGA for a 20th anniversary year, most of us were really taken by surprise by the massive torrent of treats that had been prepared for the end of Sonic’s second decade.

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Freak Out Friday: Time Eater Adventure

This may be possibly the most late Freak Out Friday yet, but that doesn’t change the nature of this video.


We all know… it?… as the lamest final boss in a long time. Mefiresu on YouTube didn’t see that, however – instead, he saw Sonic Adventure’s new hero…

Sonic Generations On Offer in Steam’s Holiday Sale

The Steam digital distribution service is well known for its good-value game sales. Last month’s release Sonic Generations is part of their latest Holiday Sale, at a price of £6.79 in the UK.

If you were ever planning on getting the PC version of this game, now’s the time to do it. The sale period ends at 10pm tonight.

Also on offer until January 2nd are the other Sonic games on Steam, including Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut at £2.99, and Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing at £7.49.

Sonic Generations Statue Room Codes

A few weeks ago we posted about the secret Statue Room that is accessable in Sonic Generations by holding down select while in the Collection Room. The UK Sonic Generations site hints at codes being available from Marks & Spencer, but as of this point there has been no indication to how these are obtained.

According to Hogfather on the SSMB, the codes are printed on particular merchandise tags e.g. on T-Shirts and pants tags.

If you haven’t already scoured the internet to get the hacked codes (because that’s cheating, isn’t it?), then don’t worry, because the Japanese Generations site has begun to give out some of these codes!

The site allows access to codes for classic and modern Sonic and Tails, as well as Modern Eggman, while giving links to other codes or directions to items that need to be purchased to gather the other codes such as games magazines.

As many have already guessed, it does look like you will have to buy items in order to procure some of these codes . Maybe looking on the internet might be cheaper on your wallet…

Anyway, for those who don’t fancy clicking all the links, here are some of the codes that have been found so far:

Classic Sonic: 171 045

Classic Tails: 359 236
Modern Eggman: 613 282
Modern Sonic: 204 390
Modern Tails: 632 951
Sonic’s Friend’s: 249 651

283 015


Have you found any pass codes out in the wild? Let us know in the comments! (Please do not link to passcode sites…we are quite capable of googling this if we wanted to!)

Sonic Generations Now on EU PS Store, Free Sonic CD Theme Also Available

SEGA has released the PS3 version of Sonic Generations for download as part of yesterday’s EU PS Store update. Those of you who enjoy the convenience of on-demand gaming can now purchase and download Sonic’s 20th Anniversary title for £31.99/€39.99. The game weighs in at 8704MB and is available in all European locales.

In other news, SSMB member Hogfather informs us that SEGA has also released a free Sonic CD PS3 XMB theme on the EU PS Store. The theme is based on the game’s Stardust Speedway race between Sonic and Metal Sonic and changes now and then from a bad future design to a good future design. Continue reading Sonic Generations Now on EU PS Store, Free Sonic CD Theme Also Available

Sonic Generations Casino Night Pinball DLC Coming to Steam

SEGA has revealed via their official blog today that the Casino Night Zone Pinball DLC that Xbox 360 and PS3 owners of Sonic Generations got with pre-orders and other editions of the game will be available to PC owners later this month. The mini-game will be released December 26th 2011 and will cost USD $1.59, GBP £0.99, EUR €1.59, AUD $2.99.

In response to fans querying future DLC in the comments section, SEGA’s Lods replied “We cannot confirm anything in relation to dlc. Thanks”. If any further DLC is announced, we’ll be sure to let you know about it.

Source: SEGA Blog

Thanks to SSMB member The Dead Snow for the heads up.

Sonic Generations PS3 Themes & Xbox 360 Avatar Items Available This Week

SEGA has revealed that they will be releasing some Sonic Generations themed content for sale to style your PS3’s XMB and Xbox 360 Avatar with this week. On December 7th (tomorrow), European PS3 fans can purchase a Classic Sonic and a Modern Sonic Dynamic Theme, each costing £1.59/€1.99. On December 8th, Xbox 360 owners worldwide will be able to buy items to dress their Avatar with, each ranging from 80 MSP to 240MSP.

Super Sonic Avatar Costume – 240 MSP
Classic Sonic Avatar Costume – 240 MSP
Classic Amy-Rose Avatar Costume – 240 MSP
Sonic Generations T-Shirt – 80 MSP
Sonic Generations Cap – 160 MSP

You can find two videos of the PS3 Dynamic Themes at the SEGA Blog link below.

Source: SEGA Blog

Will you be downloading any of this content? Let us know in the comments section below.

Sonic Generations Retains 25th Position in the UK Chart

Despite a full week of sales for the Nintendo 3DS and retail PC versions, Sonic Generations has failed to move higher in the UK Top 40 All Formats chart this week and instead retained its position at no.25. In the Top 30 PS3 chart, the game held on to its place at no.13, while in the Top 40 Xbox 360 chart it stepped up two places from no.21 to no.19. In the Top 10 Nintendo 3DS chart and Top 20 PC chart, it’s not good news, as Sonic Generations has fell from no.4 to no.8 in the former and dropped off the latter completely.

However, it’s good news for Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, with the Wii game having moved up two places from no.13 to no.11 in the Top 40 All Formats chart and retaining its no.2 spot in the Top 30 Wii chart.

Source: Chart Track

Sonic Generations Climbs Back Up The UK Chart

With some discounts on the console version this past week and the release of the Nintendo 3DS and retail PC versions, Sonic Generations has jumped back up 12 places in the UK Top 40 All Formats chart this week, from No.37 to No.25. Continue reading Sonic Generations Climbs Back Up The UK Chart

Sonic Generations Already Seeing Huge Discounts in the UK

The game was only released on the 4th of this month, but already Sonic’s 20th Anniversary title Sonic Generations has been deeply discounted at various retailers. Chart Track records so far have shown the game has struggled to compete for gamers’ money against the many other headline titles released this month. Could this be why retailers are reducing their prices of Sonic Generations so low? Continue reading Sonic Generations Already Seeing Huge Discounts in the UK