Sonic Bowling Hits Japanese Mobile Phones

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Proving that the Sonic Cafe titles are still a hit five years on, SEGA’s official Sonic Channel blog has announced a new mobile phone game for Japanese handsets – Sonic Bowling! The game is available on mobile phones on the SoftBank network, but Docomo and au network versions are coming soon.

Developed by ★ Puyo! SEGA, the game is essentially bowling with Sonic characters. The models, Hunter from the SSMB noted, look similar to the ones used in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are confirmed as playable characters, each with their own playing style.

As well as regular ten-pin play, you can upload your scores against the country-wide ranking system, or take part in ten missions handed to you by Dr. Eggman (because obviously he’d be able to take over the world if you sucked at bowling, or something).

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If you have a touch-capable phone, there are optional control methods that take advantage of that, and if you don’t fancy spending 315 Yen on the program just yet, take solace in knowing that SEGA are offering a free trial version so you can get into the swing of the kingpin. For everyone outside Japan though, don’t take solace in the fact that, like other Sonic Cafe games, this is not likely to reach Western networks.

Sonic Channel Blog (thanks to Hunter from SSMB)

Sonic 2 Mobile Released

While we’re all still waiting patiently for SEGA in the west to give us the other half of the original Sonic the Hedgehog on mobile phone, lucky Japanese ketai holders can get the sequel since November 1st.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 pretty much recreates the original Mega Drive classic, with a different looking HUD situated at the top of the screen. 903i models of mobile phone can get a special edition where “Eggman Battle” and “Special Stage Attack” appear as two bonus modes.

Check out the Sonic Cafe page for more info (in Japanese) and images.

New Sonic Cafe games and promotions

If you thought Sonic Cafe was a greasy ‘spoon’, where the Sonic cast go to have early morning fry-ups, whilst promoting ‘Privilege’ car insurance, then shut up and go home!

On the contrary my dear friend, Sonic Cafe is a range of Sonic games ONLY for Japanese mobile phones, and as if content to rub that in the faces of us mere westerners ‘SEGA of Japan’ have began promoting the Cafes latest additions. Continue reading New Sonic Cafe games and promotions

Sonic Bowling is next Sonic Cafe game

Article From XenGamers:

Sega representatives have confirmed plans for the latest sports incarnation featuring their blue mascot Sonic. Specifically, Sonic Bowling is currently in development for java-compatible cell phones. Scheduled for release on July 22 through the Sega Game Cafe service, subscribers can play Sonic Bowling for a monthly charge of 300 yen ($3). The finished version will support four-player wireless matches and will feature several popular characters from the Sonic series. Sonic Bowling is the latest in Sega’s line of sports titles featuring their blue mascot including; Sonic Billiards, Sonic Fishing, Sonic Tennis and Sonic Golf amongst others.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Coming to Japanese Mobile Phones

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