Sonic Boom Livestream: Going Live, Right Now


If you’re not lucky enough to be at this years Sonic Boom event. Sega have provided a livestream of the event.

And it’s happening right now.

Currently Crush 40 are rocking the stage. If you’re currently rocking the place in St. Louis right now, hope you’re having fun. If you’re having to watch the live stream. We’re currently having a bit of a ‘party’ down at SSMB right now. So turn on the stream, get on SSMB and come join us for the fun.

Live Stream Link: (You do not need an account or need to register to watch. Stream is worldwide.


Takashi Iizuka Coming to Sonic Boom!

Rich Moore and Iizuka 5

Well somebody is certainly getting their air miles! Hot on the heels of Summer of Sonic’s announcement. The Sega Blog has also confirmed that Mr Iizuka will be in attendance at the Sega’s Sonic Boom event.

As with Summer of Sonic, Mr Iizuka will be answering questions in a live Q&A event. In addition to this, as with Summer of Sonic, fans will have the chance to email their questions to Sega which will be pitched to Mr Iizuka on the day (see the Sega blog for more details on that one).

Tickets for Boom are still available and can be purchased here.

Source: Sega Blog

P.S. Is it just me, or in the image I’ve used does at the start of the article… does it look like Ralph is reacting to Iizuka?

Play Sonic Lost World at Sonic Boom!


Announcements for Sega’s event in the United States, have been a little quiet lately. But that all changed as of an hour ago.

Sega have announced via the Sega Blog and the Sonic the Hedgehog twitter page that Sonic Lost World will be playable at Sonic Boom 2013. In addition to the announcement that guests can play Sonic’s next adventure, Sega also re-affirmed that Boom would have a costume competition, Crush 40 would be playing live and that visitors will also be able to get their hands on ‘some sweet merchandise’

Sonic Boom is being held at The Pagent in St. Louis MO. Tickets are $29 and are on sale now. Please check the ticket page for details on the starting times as this event takes place in the evening unlike Summer of Sonic which is a daytime event.

Source: Sega Blog.

Crush 40 are coming to Sonic Boom! Tickets now on sale


Boom! Now the announcements start! Sega & the official Sonic the Hedgehog twitter account have announced that fan favourite Crush 40 will be coming to Sonic Boom this year. Although no details were given as to what Crush 40 will be doing, it’s safe to assume that they will be performing, afterall, the venue is a concert hall. However, don’t forget, Sonic Boom does other stage events and both Jun & Johnny have taken part in booth SOS & Boom stage activities at previous conventions, so they might appear in other regards.

Tickets for the event have also just gone on sale and can be purchased from Ticketmaster, according to TicketMaster, a single ticket will cost $29.

Tickets can be purchased from TicketMaster as of now.

Sonic Boom 2013 Ticket Details


Sega have announced on their facebook when tickets for Sonic Boom 2013 will go on sale.

Wednesday, July 3rd at 10am CT

And thats it. No really, thats all the details they gave! I have no idea on price, where you can get them from or how many will be available. Of course I’ll update this with more information when I get it, until then, keep checking the Official Sonic Boom facebook page and Sega Blogs for more information when it’s posted.

Sonic Boom facebook page

Summer of Sonic & Sonic Boom Announced & Dated!

sos2013Why announce one convention… when you can announce two! Summer of Sonic 2013 was teased a few months ago, however, today it’s been officially announced and dated by both the Summer of Sonic website & The Sega Blog.

The date is Satruday August 3rd 2013. The Location is The Westminister Central Hall in London.

With Sega officially announcing the date, expect more details such as event activities & guests to be announced very soon, as well as ticket & travel info to be posted on the official SOS website very soon.

For more infromation check out the SOS website.

Now onto news for fans in America.


Sonic Boom 2013 has also been announced and things are all change again. The location is The Pageant, St. Louis, MO. The date is August 10, 2013. A trivia contest and cosplay contest was also confirmed.

More details on both events are to be announced at a later date. But now that Sega themselves have announced both events, expect there to be a lot more details on both events announced very soon.

As for where you can get upto date info on the events.

For Summer of Sonic.

For Sonic Boom

And here at TSS we will provide information and coverage for both events.

Soruce: Sega Blog & Summer of Sonic’s website.