NYCC: Two SatBK Gameplay Videos! is on the New York Comic Con show floor and have uploaded gameplay videos of Sonic & the Black Knight.  It’s cam footage, but at least it is footage!  The first video shows off the intro/tutorial level of the game and the second has a giant dragon boss!  There are HD versions of each video over at GameTrailers.

You might still be skeptical about Sonic with a sword, but one thing that you have to be sold on now is the graphics.  Even from this cam footage, it is clear that the graphics illustrate what the Wii is capable of, even at high speeds.  I have yet to play the game, but I know that I am impressed with the game’s visuals.

I will have an old friend of mine, Keith, at the convention today.  He’s going to play SatBK and let us know how it stacks up.  From what he hears from other show-goers, he says that it is a mixed bag due to the amount of waggle and jumping.  However, he is still reserving his judgment for his run today.  I will pass his word onto you guys as soon as possible.

IGN Showcases Completely Different SatBK Trailer


Screw “Darkspine Sonic!” I’ll take “Gold Knight Sonic” any day of the week!

It looks like the one-to-one odds that a new super-form would appear in this game have seemingly come true.  This above image was seen in a completely different trailer for SatBK hosted at every Sonic fan’s favorite website, IGN.  Their trailer has the instrumental version of “Knight of the Wind,” more wacky sword play, more castle crashing, darker locales, and (ugh) G…Gol…Gold Knight Sonic.  I wonder what 7 magical McGuffins you have to collect to unlock this particluar super-form?  Anyway, hit the break for the trailer. Continue reading IGN Showcases Completely Different SatBK Trailer