Community Interview: SoaH Webmaster Neon Chaos

For today’s Community Interview, we’ve put the spotlight on a fellow Sonic website administrator! Dennis Spielman, aka Neon Chaos, is the webmaster of a great fansite called Shadow of a Hedgehog, and has made a big name for himself in the Sonic community with an impressive downloads section.¬†Warning: Sonic Adventure 2 Spoilers inside. Continue reading Community Interview: SoaH Webmaster Neon Chaos

TSS UPDATE: Shadow of a Hedgehog Stadium?

Added Ace Fox to the Sonic Hoaxers Club, and updated Welsh Sonic’s Page. Myself and Neon Chaos, the webmaster of none other than Shadow of a Hedgehog are in talks of a SOAH and Sonic Stadium hybrid site, expect a trial week of the hybrid site to begin in the New Year, as a celebration.