Sonic Paradox Reclaims Their Old YouTube Channel, Only for Eggman to Hijack It

Alternatively: Sonic Paradox got its old channel back, and uploaded a fun little Eggman animation to celebrate! Watch it below!

Around a year and a half ago, longtime Sonic fan animation community Sonic Paradox had its collective YouTube channel hacked into and stolen.  Hopes of reclaiming their old network would fade with Google technical support not being of any help, and a backup channel was made from that point on.

Thanks to their YouTube partner over the course of the past few months, however everything is now right as rain again: Sonic Paradox has its old channel back!

Well, almost. Rotund evil genius Doctor Eggman just took control of the recently reclaimed Sonic Paradox channel while the staff busied themselves with undoing the damage caused by the original hacker; with their attention focused elsewhere, Robotnik announced his plans to overthrow the Sonic Paradox “dictatorship” and start a new series of Robotnik Shorts. His plan goes about as well as you’d expect, but don’t take my word for it: give it a watch below and see for yourself!

As for what will happen to the videos on Sonic Paradox’s backup YouTube channel, widescreen HD remasters of the original Sonic Shorts Volumes (plus the Knuckles Briefs!), they will be reuploaded onto their reclaimed channel in due time. The backup account, in the future, will instead cater more to livestreaming.

Be sure to subscribe to the returned Sonic Paradox YouTube channel for hilarious Sonic shorts and more in the future!