Sonic Revolution is confirmed

Thanks to the quick thinking of ‘Gamestatin’ German forum goer and lifelong Sonic fan ‘Knucklessupersaiyan’ Sonic News is able to bring you this report. Knucklessupersaiyan (Luca Koch Wanderbusen) contacted us with a full account detailing the events that occurred on Gamestatin after the information, mentioned in this article, was released.

Countdown to Chaos

About 4:15 CEST on the 30th March, the small German gaming site ‘Gamestatin’ lifted the vale on SEGA’s long kept secret: the Sonic Revolution project. Within minutes of the news breaking Gamestatin’s forum became a flurry of activity amongst German SEGA and Sonic fans alike, but ultimately it was not the news itself that would cause the ensuing controversy, but rather what SEGA did next. Continue reading Sonic Revolution is confirmed

SEGA Mega Drive games on Revolution

In news that will no doubt carry some irony – not just because SEGA and Nintendo have been rivals for years, but because Sonic’s fast and SONIC NEWS isn’t in this instance – Satoru Iwata, president of the house of Mario, has revealed the Nintendo Revolution will include the facility to download SEGA Mega Drive games.

At his keynote speech during the Games Developers Conference in San Jose, Iwata went on to say that the next Nintendo console will include an online download service, where players can access a huge back catalogue of past Nintendo titles (Warning: Rare may not be included). Continue reading SEGA Mega Drive games on Revolution

It’s a Sonic Revolution

Rumour has it that a Sonic game is in development for Nintendo’s next-gen console: the ‘Revolution’.

The large videogaming site ‘IGN’ recently revealed that ‘Sources’ close to SEGA had confirmed that SEGA are indeed creating a new Sonic game for the unusual little console.

SEGA have given no confirmation that such a game exists, but reports place Yuji Naka as director on the project; if this is the case then Yuji is certainly stretching himself thin, what with the development of ‘Fifth Phantom Saga’ and the next-gen Sonic title for PS3 and XBOX360. Continue reading It’s a Sonic Revolution