November Release For Sonic Colours In Australia

SEGA Australia have issued the above release date schedule(click to enlarge) for their upcoming games and on the list we can see both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours are planned for a November release, which fits the original Late 2010 plan perfectly. No exact date is given, but at least Australian fans know what month to save their money for. Sonic titles don’t usually have a big release gap between regions, so hopefully the rest of the world will see a November launch too. We’ll update when we know more.

Source: GoNintendo
Thanks to Hero of Legend at the SSMB for the heads up!

Sonic Free Riders Screenshots, November Release

The above screenshots have been released courtesy of Portuguese website GameOver for the upcoming Xbox 360 Kinect game, Sonic Free Riders.  You may recognize three of the screenshots from before, but now, we have them without training symbols.   The track appears to be the one seen in the E3 demo, shown at various angles, giving us a better look at the environment and alternate routes. GameOver reports that SEGA is planning to release the game in America at the beginning of November:

If all goes according to schedule SEGA, Sonic Riders Free Xbox 360 lands in the U.S. starting in November.

The report falls in line with Microsoft’s claims of the game being a launch title for Kinect, which is hitting stores that same month.  Until now SEGA’s official word on Sonic Free Riders release date has been “late 2010” in both the U.S. and Europe.

Source: GameOver via SEGA Neptune

Sonic Colours: UK Retailers Begin Varied Release Date Speculation

With Sonic Colours announced comes the inevitable online retailer listings providing varied release date speculation. The official word from SEGA is Late 2010 which normally indicates a November-December launch but the below retailers disagree, here’s the list of dates and prices –

26th November 2010
Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

24th September 2010
Wii: £30.99
DS: £25.99

29th October 2010
Wii: £29.99
DS: £24.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

WH Smith
Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Quite the difference between dates huh? All three retailers are now taking pre-orders if you’re interested but with more listings to come a cheaper deal might pop up and not to mention we’ve barely seen anything of the game yet. We’ll keep an eye out for more UK retailer listings and the eventual U.S. listings but for now take these dates with a pinch of salt until official word is divulged.

ASR Steam Release Silently Pushed to March 2nd

What’s the deal with the Steam release?

If you were looking to download the PC version of Sonic and Sonic SEGA Sonic All-Sonic Stars Sonic Racing featuring Sonic yesterday, you might have already seen the date change and have gotten miffed at it.  The game’s Steam profile changed the release date, with no announcement whatsoever, to March 2nd.

Previously, the release date was changed to yesterday, the 25th, from its original release date of the 23rd.  SEGA and Sumo Digital have not acknowledged the delay at this time and many retailers are listing the PC version “out now.”

ASR’s Steam Profile

[via The Temporal Conduit]

Sonic Classic Collection Australian Release Date, ASR Delayed?

SEGA Australia have issued a release schedule to press and in it we see Nintendo DS compilation Sonic Classic Collection has been given a release date of 11th March 2010. Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing is also in the schedule but not at the 26th February date seen on SEGA’s website, it instead has a date of 4th March for Wii and DS. Could we be seeing a small delay at least in Australia? We’ll try to find a release schedule for the other 3 formats and we’ll update when we’ve got some official clearance on this news.

Source: SEGA Australia release schedule at GoNintendo

Official U.S. ASR Release Date Revealed & R-Tuned in ASR?

Eagle eyed SSMB Member Doctor Eggman has spotted a picture of what could be an R-Tuned track in the latest Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing trailer. Further to support this we have word from Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital’s latest Developer Diary that he and his team got to play an early version of R-Tuned and they were offered levels from the game if they’d like them for ASR. Comparing the small screen from the latest trailer with a screenshot from R-Tuned the tracks do look extremely similar.

In other news, SEGA of America have updated their product page for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing with a release date of 23rd February 2010 for all 5 formats, confirming the speculation of the same date U.S. retailers have been listing.

Thanks to NinMicroSega for the heads up on the U.S. release date and thanks to Doctor Eggman for the well spotted R-Tuned info and images!

SEGA Europe & Australia Reveal ASR Release Date

SEGA Europe and SEGA Australia have just revealed on their product page’s for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing that the game will be revealed on all 5 platforms PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PC Friday 26th February 2010. Continue reading SEGA Europe & Australia Reveal ASR Release Date

ASR Wheel Europe Only, Dev Diary #2 Due This Week and Europe Release 26th Feb?

Remember the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing themed Wii Wheel revealed at that we reported about? Well SEGA Online Community Manager ArchangelUK has revealed today on the Sonic City Blognik that the peripheral will only see a release in European territorys and will give more details on how you can get it soon. ArchangelUK also reveals that the second part of the Developer Diary will be released this week so expect a report from us on that.

GAME and their other store Gamestation’s websites have updated their listed release date of 2010 to 26th February 2010 today, this is in no way official until SEGA reveals a date but normally this close to release they are normally on the spot. This date is also very different to the March 26th date most retailers have been speculating for months now. Most U.S. retailers are listing a 23rd February release date so if this 26th Feb date is right then we in Europe won’t have long to wait after the U.S.

Argos Displays UK ASR Box Arts. UK Release Feb 19th?

UK box Xbox 360

UK retailer Argos is now displaying what could be the final UK box arts for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing but one major difference to the leaked U.S. box art is the absence of Banjo & Kazooie on the front. So could SEGA of America be using the bear and bird as a selling point on their box art while SEGA Europe don’t feel the same or could Banjo Kazooie’s appearance on the cover have been scrapped for the final box art?

Another difference is the lack of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo on the DS version compared to the leaked U.S. box art that contains the logo.

One more difference is on the PS3 box which oddly contains both the old left side Playstation 3 banner AND the new top header PS3 banner compared to the leaked U.S. box art that only contains the new top header PS3 banner.

Argos’s listed release date has been changed from March 26th to February 19th so could a release date be coming soon from SEGA Europe?

Argos links –
Xbox 360

We’ll let you know of any developments, meanwhile check out the hi-res boxes of the Wii, DS and PS3 versions:
(Click the thumbnails for hi-res)
UK box PS3 UK box Wii UK box DS

Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing PC To Be Released A Week Late?


Media retailer HMV are now listing the PC version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing for pre-orders at just £12.99, currently they are the only retailer listing this version which will be released on PC DVD ROM in Europe and PC Download in the U.S.

Looking at the listed release date, HMV have it down for 31st March 2010 which is a week later than the 26th March 2010 release date listed for the other versions on their site and many other retailers sites.

So could we be seeing the PC version released a week late? If so, why? Only time will tell, we’ll let you know when and if more information becomes available.


M&S Olympic Winter Games Dated

The sequel to the rather-good-if-massmarket-preaching Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games has had its release date confirmed, thanks to a post on the official Sonic City Blognik sporting a snazzy advert. The Nintendo DS and Wii versions of the game will arrive on store shelves on the 16th October 2009.


In addition to this, the official website for the game has been updated, and box artwork have been released for both the Wii and Nintendo DS versions, both of which you can download in high quality from TSS’ Game Archive.

SEGA Europe reveal SATBK UK release date

SEGA Europe have revealed the UK release date of the next installment in the Sonic Storybook series on Nintendo Wii, Sonic and the Black Knight. The game will hit UK stores Friday 13th March. Let’s hope the release goes well despite being released on the 2nd of this years Friday the 13th’s and on the same day as Resident Evil 5’s release.

SEGA Europe’s product page

Thanks to MK Skillz at the SSMB for the tip.

Will any of you be picking Sonic’s sword slashing adventure up? Let us know in the comments.

SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection dated

SEGA Europe have updated their product page for their upcoming retro collection game SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection. The game will hit European shelves 20-02-09. The collection will feature many titles from SEGA’s 16 Bit history in HD visuals including: Continue reading SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection dated

Sonic World Adventure Xbox 360/PS3 dated

For those hardcore Sonic merchandise collectors out there who want a copy of Sonic Unleashed under the name Sonic World Adventure, SEGA have announced a release date for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions that were delayed from their 18th December date a while back. The new date is 19th February 2009. The Wii version however is still going to be released to the original plan of 18th December 2008. 19th Feb is a long way away to say their still getting the game we’ve got in quality standards as SEGA said in a press release given when these versions first got pushed back.

The Japanese text announcement translates(in Google translator at least) to –
PLAYSTATION3 version / Xbox360 version, Release Date Announcement
2008 Release Date November 7 to tell us postponed, and was released in the spring of 2009, PLAYSTATION3 version of Sonic Adventure World and is the Xbox360 version of the “February 19, 2009” make the decision to release MASHITA.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will notify here.

Before the Release Date: Spring 2009
After the change of the Release Date: February 19, 2009
※ Wii version of the 2008 will be released on December 18


Discuss over at the SSMB topic.

Sonic Unleashed: US 360 Release Date Broken?

It appears that certain retailers in America are flatly ignoring Sega’s release date for the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed, with images from NeoGAF and other community websites of retail copies in their homes. The Wii and PlayStation 2 versions of the game were released on Tuesday, but the Xbox 360’s was to be held back until the 24th or 25th  November (depending on who you believe; North American retailers usually put new stock on shelves every Tuesday).

So, what happened? If it’s true, it’s possible that various GameStop stores are confused in thinking that the 360 version of Unleashed is to be on sale with the Wii and PS2 ones. Regardless, if Sega were able to get the 360 stock to stores early in the first place, it would make the original staggered release date somewhat pointless.

In any case, it reminds us of the good old Dreamcast days in Europe, where retailers completely disregarded Sega Europe’s release dates and put games on shelves a whole week before official sale. Ah, Shenmue, how perfect the extra week I had with you was.

Good luck in getting a copy early though, all you American readers – if Sega start slapping retailer’s wrists for this release date break, you may soon find yourself at a store reluctant to sell you one.

Official NA Release Date: Broken! It’s out – SSMB (Image from NeoGAF)

Sega Dates Unleashed in Japan

At a press briefing of Sega’s own, Sega have announced their Japanese line-up for 2008/9 and among them is Sonic Unleashed or Sonic World Adventure as it’s being named over there. The game will be released in Japan December 18th 2008. Here’s a Google translation of the Sonic Unleashed announcement –

Action on behalf of Sega games, Sonic’s latest film series. The album is Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic UEAHOGGU The two types of character to operate the Games to proceed. PS3/Xbox 360 and Wii versions are slightly different, Wii version of Sonic the UEAHOGGU me to let my part, to wave attack when the Wii remote control features intuitive operation. But the attacks also NANDO is wielding a little bit tired (laughs). Features of the series is the same sense of speed with the fans of this series, if the contents of any problems with it? Release date is scheduled for Dec. 18, 2008. Priced at 7,140 yen (PS3/Xbox 360) and 6,090 yen (Wii).

A new screenshot from the Xbox 360/PS3 version was also shown

and an old Wii one

Reading the announcement it look’s like the Wii version Werehog will involve some waggle attacks among other things when using the Wii Remote. With the Japanese release date announced, hopefully the U.S. and Europe will get a date soon.

Source: Watch.Impress

Samba De Amigo Wii delayed in Europe

Sega Europe have finally posted up a release date for Samba De Amigo Wii on their site and it’s not the one shown in their earlier release schedules. The Gearbox developed rhythm game game is now going to be released alongside Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood on the 26th September instead of the original date of the 19th September. No news yet on why the game’s been delayed but if we hear something we’ll let you know.

Samba De Amigo Wii’s product page

AAUK clears up Sonic Chronicles EU release date confusion

Kevin/ArchangelUK of Sonic Wrecks/Sega Europe’s community team has updated the Sonic City Blognik and has cleared up the confusion surrounding the European Sonic Chronicles release date. AAUK confirms that the game will be released 26th September as originally planned. So, I guess we’re going to have to wait, which by looking at how the game is shaping up will definitely be worth it.

AAUK also informs in the new update that he is off on holiday until mid-september “Because I thumping well deserve it!”, which we’ve got to admit he does. From everyone at TSS/SSMB – “Have a great break, enjoy yourself and take care mate!”


Full Sonic Chronicles box-art revealed and new release date?

So I went into one of my 3 local GAME stores(All 3 in the SAME shopping centre, why?) today and noticed they had display boxes for Sonic Chronicles all over the counter with the full box art and a 5th September release date sticker on the front. I snapped a couple of pics of the front and back covers for you guys to see.

Look’s like Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection has been scrapped as there’s no logo but there is the multi-card wireless 1-2 player connection logo on the back for close-by connecting, so no Chao trading over the interwebz. Another Sonic game rush job? It’s also odd that they put a screenshot of Green Hill on the back with the older more detailed map in the top screen rather than the newer cartoony simpler design.

For those who can’t quite read the text on the back cover it says –

“A brand new journey of battles, exploration and discovery!

Select your team of sonic and his friends to fight new enemies.
Explore new worlds and defeat a mysterious new menace.
Explore over 20 areas with up to eleven new characters.
Defeat enemies with combo power moves.
Collect and trade Chao with friends.”

aisha13 over at the Official Nintendo Magazine forums is also reporting that the latest Argos catalogue has Sonic Chronicles down for this new 5th September release date. Let’s hope this new date is true so we can get our filthy hands on the game next week but lets hope this doesn’t mean the game’s been rushed.

In other news, Bioware have released the 3rd of their video insider episodes, you can check it out here.

Sonic Chronicles and Samba Wii Release Dates

Sega Europe have announced a release date for their upcoming game Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood. The Nintendo DS exclusive Bioware RPG will be released in Europe Friday 26th September. Expect a full review from us at release. You can check out info and media on the game at the official website here. You can also check out our hands-on with an early version here.

Sega Europe have also announced a release date for the upcoming Wii version of popular rhythm game Samba De Amigo. The Gearbox developed game will be released Friday September 19th in Europe. You can check out the games official site here. Again you can take a gander at our hands-on with an early version here.

Expect full-reviews of the games from us at release.

Source: Eurogamer

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity European release date confirmed

Sega Europe have added a release date to their official websites game page for Sonic Riders Zero Gravity on Wii and PS2. The game is listed for release on Friday 22nd February this month, the date Sega Europe released in their Q1 schedule so it looks to still be on track.

Sega Europe’s overview of the game –
“New gravity-altering powers can transform walls into tracks, or create a “black hole” that sucks players through for the ultimate speed boost, and allows for an entirely new way to gain a leg up on your competitors. Continue reading Sonic Riders Zero Gravity European release date confirmed

New Sega Europe release dates

Sega Europe have revealed release dates for their upcoming games in Q1. The games and dates are as follows…

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Wii)- January 18th
Ghost Squad (Wii)- January 18th
Phantasy Star: Ambition of the Illuminus (PC, PS2)- January 25th
Universe at War: Earth Assault (PC)- January 25th


The Club (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC) – February 8th
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS) – February 8th
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Wii and PS2) – February 22nd
Bleach: Shattered Blade (Wii and DS) – February 28th

Universe at War: Earth Assault (Xbox 360) – March 7th
Condemned 2 (Xbox 360 and PS3)- March 14th
Viking: Battle for Asgard (Xbox 360 and PS3)- March 14th
Sega Superstars Tennis (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii and DS)- March 28th

Stay tuned to Sonic News for more news as it happens!

Sonic Riders: ZG and Sega Superstars Tennis dated

Nintendo Europe have released their Wii and DS release schedule for Early 08. Sonic Riders Zero Gravity and Sega Superstars Tennis(both formats) are down for a March 08 release. The March release of Sonic Riders Zero Gravity will mark 2 years since Sonic Riders was released in Europe March 06. Will the 2 year gap provide a great sequel? Only time will tell.

Here’s the full release list: Continue reading Sonic Riders: ZG and Sega Superstars Tennis dated

Sonic Rivals 2 release delayed again!?

Last month we saw Sega Europe change the release date of Sonic Rivals from 02/11/07 to 30/11/07 but now they have again changed it on their site to Winter 2007. This is the first Sonic game in a long time to have been given so much delays, could they have big plans for the game or do they simply want to perfect the game? As long as it makes the game better I’m all for it.

In other news Sega Europe have finally changed the release date for the Wii version of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games on their site from Winter 2007 to 23/11/07, so it’s officially official now.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams delay confirmed

It’s been long speculated that NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams for the Wii was going to be delayed at least a month. Going by the date changes at several retail outlets, that appears to be the case.

GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy all have the game listed for a December 18th, 2007 release. The game was originally supposed to see an October release, before an “overhaul” saw the game pushed back to November 13th, 2007. While dates on retail websites are hardly an end all, be all confirmation, a date change like this from several completely different retailers is about as good as an official confirmation from SEGA.

So be sure to mark your calenders, people. Or just pre-order the game from one the links I so graciously provided.

As a side note for our UK readers, has NiGHTS listed for a December 21st, 2007 release, so you might not have to wait quite as long as the rest of Europe, which is scheduled to get the game in early 2008.

Naturally, if the date changes, we’ll make an update about it.

Finally, I would like to apologize for my lack of news updates lately, as I’ve been a bit busy.

NiGHTS release dates confirmed?

I’m sure all of you are well aware of the rumored delay of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams into 2008 in Europe. This news came from a reliable source from, and has since been all but confirmed by one of my own source, and the boss-man Dreadknux.

However, all these sources confirmed the games delay only for Europe. That is, until now.’s same source has now confirmed the release month for the US release is now December, the same month as the game’s Japanese release.

While there is no exact date for the American release, the Japanese release has a December 13th, 2007 street date from SEGA. While no European release date has been given, Amazon Germany has the game listed for a January 11th release.

Sonic Rush Adventure box art revealed!

It is not at all uncommon for online retailers to break the finer details of any given game; Sonic included. EBGames/ has recently revealed the box art for Sonic’s latest DS adventure, “Sonic Rush Adventure”. You can see it at the game’s page, here.

Ahoy, matey!

In addition to the box art, EB Games has also revealed SRA’s release date in the US: September 19th. The retail site also has NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams listed for November 13th.

SONIC The Hedgehog Confirmed For PC In Australia

Up until now details surrounding the PC release of SONIC The Hedgehog have been vague and scattered, however SONIC NEWS have discovered numerous sources which have confirmed the title’s impending release in Australia.

THQ, whom are responsible for distributing SEGA and Sonic titles in Australia have listed SONIC the Hedgehog for PC in their upcoming release list for retailers. Numerous Australian online video game retailers (Listed below) have in turn listed SONIC the Hedgehog for PC with a Thursday 15th March release date with an RRP of $79.99. Curiously enough, the title will be released on PC more than a whole week before its local PS3 debut.

This new information combined with the earlier pieces of evidence can be taken as confirmation that SONIC the Hedgehog will indeed be appearing on PC very soon. Continue reading SONIC The Hedgehog Confirmed For PC In Australia

Sonic Next-Gen PC release date and specs announced!

Finnish gaming magazine Pelit announces release date and system specs for Sonic Next-Gen for the PC in their latest issue. The game ships from SEGA on February 28th. Along the fact of the confirmed release date from SEGA (who announced it as February 2007 recently) the magazine has also released the game system specs.

OS: Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
CPU: Pentium3 1GHz or faster
Memory: 128MB RAM or more
HDD: 3GB or more
12x CD-drive
64 MB Graphics card (DirectX 9.0c compatible)
Sound card (DirectX 9.0c compatible)

Sonic Stadium will keep you updated on the PC release of the game.

Sonic and the Secret Rings release date revealed!

Sonic and the Secret Rings, formerly known as Sonic Wildfire, and Sonic’s latest (and first) adventure on the new Nintendo Wii system, may be arriving earlier than initially expected!

Originally scheduled for launch around Spring of 2007, then later revealed as February 27, GameSpot recently announced that the game will, in fact, launch a week earlier – on February 20th! Good news for all you impatient little buggers, eh? =P

Sonic and the Secret Rings is Sonic’s latest adventure on next-gen consoles, and makes use of the Wii’s unique control scheme to maneuver Sonic through an “Arabian Nights” type setting. Stay tuned to Sonic News for further updates on Sonic and the Secret Rings, as well as other Sonic-related events!

New SatAM Boxset Information

Here it is SatAM fans, the moment you’ve all been waiting for since the announcement of the SatAm box set: The box art, special features, retail price, and release date have all been revealed.

Firstly, the special features are as follows:

  1. Way Past Cool! A Conversation with Sonic Writer Ben Hurst
  2. The Fastest Thing Alive: A Conversation with Jaleel White.
  3. Printable Heads or Tails Pilot Script
  4. Storyboard-to-Screen: The Doomsday Project – The complete episode shown with the animated storyboards
  5. Original Storyboards for an Unproduced Opening Title Sequence
  6. Original DiC Concept Art Galleries
  7. Easter Eggs Galore!
  8. Packaging Designed COMPLETELY by The Fans!
  9. Deleted/Extended Sequences for Drood Henge and The Doomsday Project. These sequences were never produced. They’ve animated the storyboards and bookended them with the scenes that would have come directly before and after to give you an idea of where they would have gone within the story.

Continue reading New SatAM Boxset Information

Sonic The Hedgehog 06 gets a launch date

After much speculation about when our favorite blue anthropomorphic speedster would arrive on next gen consoles, the date has finally been revealed by Sega: November 17th, 2006.

Serving as Sega’s own big birthday gift to their own mascot and his fans, Sonic the Hedgehog will serve as not only a homage to Sonic’s early days, but as a reinvention of the series.

Sonic the Hedgehog was first shown in playable form at E3 06. According to Sega, the game has improved much since its E3 demo. We’ll get to see how much improvement has been made when the game is released this November.

SEGA of America Sonic Riders update

SEGA of America have updated their long neglected Sonic Riders game page, finally unveiling some previously unknown game modes and officially confirming the rumored February 2006 US release date.

The brief updated features list is as follows:

  • All-new air board racing. New blend of snowboarding, surfing and high-speed racing combat.
  • Innovative “Turbulence” air-system. Catch the drift of your opponents and leave them in your wake!
  • Insane tricks. The more difficult trick you pull off, the more points you get!
  • 4-Player Ultimate Battle. New rival group, the Babylon Rogues sets the stage for scorching head-to-head multi-player battles up to 4 players. Continue reading SEGA of America Sonic Riders update

SEGASonic:TV Episode 4 Release Date

If you fancy watching some fanmade Sonic television on the Internet, then you won’t have long to wait for your latest fix. Fastfeet Media, producers of the popular online show “SEGASonic:TV”, have today announced that their fourth episode is due for launch on Friday 26th August.

“SEGASonic:TV” released its first episode in November 2004, and the gap between the third episode and this latest edition has been a gruelling six months for fans of the show. But under the direction of producer ManicVJ, this time has been used effectively to revamp the show and give it more potential. Continue reading SEGASonic:TV Episode 4 Release Date

Sonic Release Date Delights

Today, SEGA Europe announced when the next three Sonic the Hedgehog titles are due for release in our continent.

The gun-toting Shadow the Hedgehog has been given a release date of 25th November, as has the blue blur’s DS debut, Sonic Rush, making for a bit of a Sonic day in Europe. For more information on Shadow the Hedgehog, click here and for all the latest on Sonic Rush simply click here.

As for when you may expect to play Sonic CD and Sonic the Fighters via Sonic Gems Collection, the new compilation will arrive in Europe at a much earlier date of 30th September. Read all about it here.

According to our sources, Sonic Gems Collection was just released today (17th August) in the US, with Shadow the Hedgehog also getting a November release and Sonic Rush a tentative ‘Fall 05’ slate across the pond. Let us know what you think of Gems in the comments.