eBay Watch: Rare 3D Electronic SEGA Sonic Sign

Now isn’t that a bobby dazzler? (What? Nobody uses that term anymore?) A rare piece of Sonic merchandise that was most likely used to advertise Sonic’s early games has hit eBay and it’s in pretty good condition according to the seller who describes it as the following –

MORE INFO by tuesday PLEASE DO NOT BID till more photos and info added thanks-This is in as new condition in as much it has only been turned on once by me today in its retail lifetime, i bought this ten years ago from a clearance and it was old stock, this dates possibly 1980’s will advise later in auction, i believe its a shop sign, quite heavy, full working order with a 3 D type effect when light, really bright and eye catching when lit . This is a very rare item, thanks.

Tuesday has passed and there’s been no update to the description since the 18th Jan but judging by all of the photographs it’s in great condition and look’s like a gem that would sparkle in any fan’s collection. If you have the GBP 175.00 starting bid the seller is asking for and the GBP 28.00 shipping fee then you should get in there quick before the legendary hat wearing Sonic fan known as T-Bird get’s his mitts on it. The price could go up though as it’s being sold via auction, bidding ends in 7 days 9 hours from the time of this post.

Link found via GoNintendo

Blue Sonic-Branded Dreamcast on eBay


Sonic Adventure 2 was a big deal back in 2001. Hype was at fever pitch among the Sega faithful, the game had very positive reviews (remember when that happened?) and countless merchandise was released for the game that was to coincide with Sonic’s 10th Anniversary. There were limited edition statues, glass cubes, CD soundtracks and booklets… we even discovered goblets most recently! One of the biggest and most sought after of the bunch though, was an ultra-rare blue Sega Dreamcast in Sonic’s name. Signed by Yuji Naka, the only one actually seen in the wild was on an episode of Thumb Bandits, given away as part of a contest.

Now, you can obtain that very console for your collection. If you have a spare grand and a half.

On everyone’s favourite backyard sale, a chap is letting go of this very rare item – which includes a white and blue Sonic themed controller, a copy of Sonic Adventure 2, the usual bits that came with a Dreamcast and of course the blue console with a Sonic imprint and Naka signature – for £1,500. What recession?

Sega Dreamcast Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Rare – eBay (ta, Jemnezmy)

eBay: Bid On Rare “Sonic the Hedgehog #0 & #1” Comics

eBay user, the-comic-crypt has put a rare Sonic comics up for auction in “Sonic the Hedgehog #0” and “#1,” which are the first full comic appearances of the blue blur.  As of April 14th, the comics are going for around $30 combined and will be up until this Friday, April 17th.  The-comic-crypt has assured potential buyers that the comics are in fantastic condition.

If you’re a fan of the Sonic comics and do not own these two issues, I recommend placing a bid on ’em.  Be prepared to spend somewhere in the mid-hundreds (in  dollars) on each, as the-comic-crypt mentioned that his last auction of Sonic #1 finished at $141.

Bid on Sonic #0.

Bid on Sonic #1

Ebay Watch: Rare Sonic goodies to be had

sonic15th Anniversary Ltd Ed Statue

I admit, news has been slow lately so I thought I’d dig around Ebay and see what Sonic treasures there are to be found and I managed to find a few gems for you lot to get your grubby little mits on. One of the item’s I found was a 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog 15th Anniversary Limited Edition statue, one of only 2,500 made. The item still has the certificate of authenticity too and looks to be in mint condition. The statue is currently going for $19.99 and has no bids at the moment so get bidding while you still can.

The 2nd item I dug up was an original 1994 Sonic the Hedgehog sketch from a Sonic artist Manak NR. I don’t know much about this one or wether this was an artist from the comics or games. After researching around the net I could only find an artist from that time known as David Manak who designed for the Sonic 3 comic adaptaion. The item is currenty going for $9.99 and has no bids at the moment.

The 3rd item I came across is a SEGA Gold Collection edition of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Mega Drive. I’ve never seen one of these before but it looks pretty cool and very collectible. It even has a little gold Sonic at the bottom right of the box. The item is being sold at a ‘Buy It Now’ price of $10.00, pretty cheap if you ask me.

Now hop to it bargain hunters! *God damn I hate that show…*