Sonic the Hamilton

I like almost all music.  “Almost, you say, Slinger?”  Yeah, I cannot stand country whatsoever.  When you go to karaoke night at the bars every Wednesday night, the hicks in Nebraska love to sing their Garth Brooks.  I’m rather open about rap and hip-hop, as the beats and grooves can prove to be rather cathartic at the end of the day.  That, and it can really pump me up before I step onto the field.  I have been talking a lot about Charles Hamilton lately, because I like his sound and he has been making news with the release of his new mixtape, “Sonic the Hamilton.”  I have had a while to check out his new tracks and I urge you to give this Hedgehog-lovin’ rapper a shot.

As a mixtape, I expect a lot of songs to use sampling.  A majority of this mixtape does that and it is rather successful.  A well-executed sample can add new dimension to a song and allow people to relive the source material.  Many of Hamilton’s samples are, of course, Sonic tunes and when I heard the familiar Genesis tracks, I could not help but not my head with the beat. Continue reading Sonic the Hamilton

Sonic loving rapper, Hamilton: “I’m Not Crazy”

MTV caught up with The Sonic Stadium’s favorite rapper, Charles Hamilton, for an interview, where he professed his love of Sonic.  Although what he is saying may perplex you at times, he assures you that he is definitely not “crazy.”  He discusses why he chose Sonic the Hedgehog as his inspiration and goes into detail on the time he “woke up” as Sonic one day.  What I find interesting about the interview is when he breaks down his meaning of Sonic.

“Sonic” means “sound” and a hedgehog buries himself underground.  Thus, Charles buries himself into sound.  A novel concept that I certainly would have never thought of.

Anyway, Charles has been recently signed to Interscope records and I hope we can hear some more of his Sonic-inspired tracks in his next album.  Hint hint, Charles, you should rap over Lava Reef.

Watch the interview at

Catching up with Charles Hamilton

What has Sonic enthusiast and budding superstar, Charles the Hamilton, been up to lately?  Well, he recently released the first in a series of mixtapes, entitled “Death of a Mixtape Rapper.”  These eight mixtape releases will lead up to his label debut in 2009.  In light of this release, DJ Booth caught an interview with the 20-year old up-and-coming rapper where he discusses his musical inspirations, the fallout with his mother, and his continuing adoration of the blue blur.  At the end of the interview, DJ Booth asks Hamilton to freestyle, which he promptly does with incredible flow.