SEGA Announce Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing!


Well, you’ve been waiting for this one folks!

SEGA have just announced the follow up to last year’s SEGA All-Star’s Tennis with their new title: SEGA All-Star’s Racing! Once again the huge line up of famous faces from SEGA’s past are pitted against each other on the race course for some high-octane action! Don’t expect to be confined to the ground though! It looks like anything goes in this racer, with the line up of vehicles including cars, planes and…bananas?

The game looks set to include the obvious multiplayer title, but with a few twists, as Gary Knight, European Marketing Manager at SEGA states: The team have pushed the boundaries on what you would normally expect and created a different and unique party racing title whereby you really can’t take anything for granted!”

The game looks set for an early 2010 release, and will be heading to the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, XBox 360, PC and Nintendo DS!

Be sure to head over to the Official Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Website to watch the trailer, read up on the game and see some nice flashy in-game screenshots!

So, the next question is, which characters will be making it into the game, and what will they be driving?

Personally, I’m hoping for Big the cat in the Froggy Mobile…

Holoska Adventure Pack Now On EU PS Store


European PS3 users have been very patient while they have been lagging behind with Sonic Unleashed downloadable content packs. For the past couple of weeks the European Playstation Store has been two packs behind Xbox 360 users and PS3 users from other regions but today you can now download the Holoska Adventure Pack. Unfortunately the Mazuri Adventure Pack is still to come but with no downloadable content released today on Xbox Live or the Playstation Store in other regions at least you EU PS3 users aren’t far behind now.

U.S. PS3 Unleashed owners get Mazuri DLC


U.S. PS3 owners of Sonic Unleashed have caught up to Xbox 360 owners again with the Mazuri Adventure Pack released on the Playstation Store yesterday.

Here’s some information released on the Official U.S. Playstation Blog

Sonic Unleashed Mazuri Adventure Pack ($2.99)
Download an all-new Mazuri adventure! From tree-tops to sand-stone structures, four daytime & two nighttime stages await you in this exotic town built on reddish-brown soil. This pack includes three brand new stages and three new missions. Be sure and download the other location packs to unleash the full Sonic experience!
Note: These stages are accessed in Mazuri, so unlocking Mazuri is a requirement to play these additional stages.
File size: 678 MB

U.S. PS3 Unleashed owners can also purchase and download the Holoska Adventure Pack which was released on Playstation Store two weeks back.

EU PS3 owners haven’t received any packs this week so will have to continue waiting for their Holoska and Mazuri packs.

Check back next week for further Sonic Unleashed downloadable content updates!

U.S. Unleashed PS3 Owners Get DLC


We have just received news that U.S. PS3 owners of Sonic Unleashed have finally received the Chun-nan and Spagonia downloadable content packs in the Playstation Store. Xbox 360 owners in the U.S. have been enjoying these stages for 7 weeks now, even European PS3 owners of the game got the Chun-nan pack a week or two ago.

The Chun-nan Adventure Pack costs $2.99 and it’s file size weighs in at 367 MB and the Spagonia Adventure Pack also cost’s $2.99 with the file size almost double that of the Chun-nan pack at 707 MB.

The Spagonia pack has yet to be released on the European Playstation Store but we’ll update you as soon as it is.

Thanks to Spicylicious at the SSMB for the update!

SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection dated

SEGA Europe have updated their product page for their upcoming retro collection game SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection. The game will hit European shelves 20-02-09. The collection will feature many titles from SEGA’s 16 Bit history in HD visuals including: Continue reading SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection dated

SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection for 360/PS3 Announced

Because you simply cannot own enough copies of Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive, SEGA have announced today they are developing the SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection for the XBox 360 and PS3 consoles. Looks like our original rumour story wasn’t that far off the mark.

As well as being the first opportunity for players to have a go on Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 3D Blast on current generation consoles, this compilation will also include other kick-arse titles from SEGA’s extensive 16-bit catalogue, including Streets of Rage 1, 2 & 3, Alien Storm, Golden Axe 1, 2 & 3, Ristar and Ecco the Dolphin. Not only that, there will be a whole host of unlockable 8-bit Master System titles as bonus material too!

Some fans will be a bit miffed that they have already shelled-out a few hundred Microsoft points for these games already, but I think that will probably be drowned out by the fact there are well over 40 titles to play; that’s a lot of gaming for your pennies! Plus, there will also be a set of achievements for XBox owners to collect – always another incentive to play through those classics once more!

The collection is due out early 2009, check out the Official Website for more info.

Me? I’m thrilled they’re putting Dynamite Headdy on there! YEEEEAAS!!!

Sonic Unleashed to get PS3 Trophy support on release

Joystiq’s PS3 blog PS3 Fanboy have updated their list of upcoming games that have PS3 Trophy support and among the list is Sonic Unleashed. No sign of a list of the Trophies yet or the Xbox 360 Achievements list yet but no doubt they will be the same like alot of other multi-platform games. Good news though for PS3 fans looking to get the game and get their moneys worth or owners of both consoles who might only opt for the Xbox 360 version over the PS3 version for Achievements. We’ll update with both lists as soon as they are available.

PS3 Fanboy
Source: Sega Nerds

TSS Reviews: Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

It has arrived. After changing the formula with Sonic Heroes and getting mixed responses, the Team have gone back to basics and stuck with what works. The result is a mixture of Sonic Adventure’s town stages and level structure and Sonic Adventure 2’s involving plot lines. Now we’ve hit the next generation of consoles, does the tried and tested work in Sonic the Hedgehog? Continue reading TSS Reviews: Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)