SEGA & Playtech Partner Up for Online Poker is reporting that gaming licensor and developer Playtech has reached a deal with SEGA to create and, online suites of SEGA-themed card and casino games.

Obviously, SEGAcasino will feature casino games and classic and SEGApoker will have card games that support 35,000-person tournament play.

Mor Weizer, CEO of Playtech, said, “SEGA is one of the most highly respected brands in gaming today and the brands name speaks for itself. We’re ecstatic to have reached this agreement with SEGA Games Limited.”

“With our integrated platform and enhanced games suite, we feel that we’ve given them the tools to expand their product offering, provide a secure and safe gaming experience, and ultimately bring greater value to the SEGA community.”

Slow news week, folks.  How are the wife and kids?