Sonic CD: Temporal Duality Now Available

temporal_duality_coverAfter much anticipation, OverClocked Remix has released their latest collaborative work in the form of their 45th album, if only in hopes of finally putting the argument over “which soundtrack is the better one” to rest. And how did they plan on doing that?

By going all out and paying tribute to both American and Japanese scores of Sonic CD in the only way they know how.

Lo and behold, Temporal Duality: A Sonic CD ReMix Album is at long last available for public downloading! The three disc album covers the hedgehog’s epic journey across the time crossed zones of the Little Planet in both musical flavours, so whether you’re a fan of the Ogata/Hataya flare or in the mood for some Nilsen, Young, and Sterling, there is a little something for everybody in this fully rearranged soundtrack.

You can nab the album yourself via the Temporal Duality webpage! Check out the history behind the project, read up on each artist’s thoughts behind their own track, and while you’re at it, nab the entirety of OCRemix’s Sonic themed albums (available on the site)!

That being said, this release kind of puts me in the mood for a music marathon of sorts. With Sound of Speed – Sonic the Hedgehog, Hedgehog Heaven – Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Project Chaos – Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, and now Temporal Duality – Sonic CD, OverClocked Remix has just about chronicled the complete 16bit saga of the Sonic the Hedgehog series… I can’t help but wonder what entry they will cover next in down the line.

On the side, I would also recommend nabbing tunes from the OCR forum’s Blue Bomber Blue Blur Collision Competition, if you’re in the mood for some Sonic and Mega Man music crossover goodness!

If you have already download Temporal Duality, share your thoughts on the album in the comments! Favourite songs? Favourite artist? Good points? Bad points? Sound off down below!

OverClocked Remix: Temporal Duality: A Sonic CD ReMix Album

OCRemix Reveals Sonic CD: TEMPORAL DUALITY Trailer, Release Incoming

20 years ago today, Sonic CD hit the shelves of North America, following its Japanese release two months prior. The hit title that premiered recurring rival and robotic doppelganger Metal Sonic, alongside hammer-wielding valkyrie and blue believer Princess Sally Amy Rose, has been celebrated all around the community this year, predominantly through the Metal Sonic-themed Summer of Sonic convention featuring character designer Kazuyuki Hoshino. However, another Sonic CD tribute was in the works by way of the musical community at OverClocked Remix.

Seven months ago, the folks at OCRemix formally unveiled their 45th tribute album project, following the likes of Hedgehog Heaven, Project Chaos, and Sound of Speed, penned under the name TEMPORAL DUALITY: A Sonic CD ReMix Album.

Founded by Rexy and led by SuperiorX, the album pays tribute to both American and Japanese soundtracks of the game, with the talented team behind the album rearranging the works of Naofumi Hataya, Masafumi Ogata, David J. Young, Mark “Sterling” Crew, and Spencer Nilsen!

Now with the album’s official trailer out, it’s only a matter of time before its release hits! Stay tuned!


If you’re interested in other OCRemix projects, the community recently released the Capcom-supported For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man, which you can purchase on iTunes and Amazon, as well as pre-order a physical copy. Highly recommended if you’re a fan of the other little boy blue!

OverClocked Remix Previews TEMPORAL DUALITY: A Sonic CD ReMix Album

Fresh off their recent success with Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute, the folks at OverClocked Remix have come together for a new tribute album, and this compilation is one for the ages!

Get it? Ages? Time travel? SEGA in reverse? …aw forget it, you’re no fun.

TEMPORAL DUALITY: A Sonic CD ReMix Album is set to release at some point this year, and will feature rearrangements of both American and Japanese soundtracks by some of OCRemix’s best! Fans of either Spencer Nilson’s score, or that of Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata, have every reason to look forward to this album once it hits online servers! Familiar OCR names such as Amphibious, Rexy (who contributed some excellent sounds to our last album), DiGi Valentine, and WillRock are taking part in this, so prepare your bodies! Do so in advance by checking out the preview!


Stoked? You should be. While you’re at it, don’t forget to nab previous OCRemix Sonic tribute albums – Hedgehog Heaven (Sonic 2), Project Chaos (Sonic 3 & Knuckles), and Sound of Speed (Sonic 1)!

Special thanks to TRiPPY for the tip!

Win a M&S Snowboard From OCRemix & SEGA Europe

We told you before that we would tell you when another Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games snowboard would be given away.  Well… I’d hate to not fulfill a promise.

OCRemix announced yesterday that they would be partnering with SEGA Europe to give away another one of these bad boys.  The contest’s site explains how you can enter to win:


1. Email us ( with the following info:
* Your name
* Your YouTube account name, AND
* The name & description of a cool made-up snowboarding trick!

Trick Examples!

“IceCap Dash” – Sonic does a 360 rotation while spin dashing on the board!
“Space Harrier” – Hang in the air for more than 5 seconds, with a rocket pack attached to your back!
“pixietricks” – Sonic gets some air and jumps off the board, while Amy Rose jumps and lands on the board in mid-air! <3

You don’t need to be this literal. Be creative & cool and have fun with it! Your snowboarding trick idea can be Mario & Sonic-based, Olympic Games-based, OC ReMix-based, it can be ANYTHING! The coolest snowboarding trick sent in will win!

2. You ALSO must be subscribed to the OC ReMix YouTube channel. YouTube is how we’ll contact you if you win! Click to subscribe!

Entries are due on Monday, January 18th, 2010, 11:59PM EST (GMT -5).  You can enter as many tricks as you’d like, but try to keep it to ONE e-mail.  The OCRemix judges panel will decide the winner and inform you via YouTube.

This contest is not limited to the UK.  It is open to everybody!

The Official Snowboard Contest Page

A Hidden Palace Piano Piece for the Ages


Fresh of the OCRemix grill is a remix of Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.  What makes this piece intriguing is how it squeaked by the judges panel at OCR, as the song plays it real loose to the source material, according to djpretzel:

 Some of you in the peanut gallery may snicker (pun) derisively when the judges get out their metaphorical – and in some cases, actual – stopwatches and break a ReMix down to ensure it’s more arrangement than not.

I don’t see the issue.  I hear Hidden Palace’s melody for a good minute.  I can’t understand why this song was on the judges’ panel so long.  Aside from the hiccup at the judges panel, this piano piece is beautiful.  It’s an emotional, thoughtful, and mellow arrangement of a tune that we’ve all come to know and love.

Download “Hidden Within” by XenonOdyssey at OCRemix

Classic Rock Brings Together Mystic Cave, Chemical Plant


The latest hotness from OCRemix is “Mystic Chemicals,” a real “live” piece who’s sound calls back to the early days of bands like Led Zepplin.  The drums are heavy and loose (sometimes too loose) as the guitar wails away on that familiar Mystic riff.  Chemical Plant gets worked in midway through the song for a rockin’ good time.  XMark did a great job in capturing the feel and sound of 60s/70s rock.

Download “Mystic Chemicals” at OCRemix

“Hydrocity’s Nightclub” All Kinds of Hip


The latest Sonic remix to hit OCRemix, the popular video game music site, is a funky remix of Hydrocity Zone by Dr. Manhattan.  “Down to Hydrocity’s Nightclub” takes the already catchy tune of Sonic 3’s high-speed water level and throws in some killer organ licks, screaming brass, drum fills, and some dirty bass grooves.  This remix is one that you want in your playlist.

Download “Down to Hydrocity’s Nightclub” at OCRemix.

Fanatics: Sand In My Shoe

We are leaving DeviantArt territory for January 7th and are now hitting up OCRemix for some Sonic tunage! Jose the Bronx Rican, a key remixer on the Stree Fighter II: HD Remix soundtrack by the OCRemix community, tackles Sandopolis and succeeds in creating a smooth, jazzy, Middle-Eastern piece. Jose comments:

“After varying degrees of success working on HD Remix and “Freshly Baked,” I learned enough about my soft studio to gain confidence in creating decent tunes in far less time than usual (though still looking for better sounds on the cheap). This is the result. The bare-bones WIP Dave heard way back at Baltimore Meet ’07 was finally worked on again, and, a month later, it’s finished.

I’ve been dying to do another Sonic tune. “Sand in My Shoe” is unapologetically 80’s: an R&B sound inspired by England trio Loose Ends, specifically their 1986 hit “Stay a Little While, Child.” I emulated that song’s style of production. Its middle-Eastern influences, “Lawrence of Arabia” vibe and irresistably incessant 808 drum loop I thought were perfect for an arrangement of Sonic & Knuckles’ “Sandopolis” BGM. Every little thing programmed and mixed in FL Studio.”

That’s some cool stuff, my man. Everybody, go and listen to “Sand in My Shoe”. It will not disappoint.