You’re All Talk and No Meat ^_^

Hands up those who thought the old ZX Spectrum was dead? Oh, a lot of hands there. Well, I don’t blame you. But, thanks to some talented guys online, Sonic is set to hit the classic 1980’s UK micro computer! No lie. Of course, it’s not SEGA, but rather some groovy Spectrum enthusiasts giving a go of porting Sonic 1 (the 8-Bit Master System/Game Gear version) onto the Speccy. Click here to check out Sonic ZX, and thanks to Psychobob for finding this webpage. As well as looking to the future of console gaming, it seems Sonic is also speeding backwards through time too.

Aside from that surprising but cool news, this is a pretty boring period for us Sonic fans isn’t it? I mean, at least the Americans got Sonic Advance 3 a few weeks back. PSO III: CARD Revolution is out now in stores, but only in GAME stores (bunch of butchers… gimme a freckin’ job!), so until the 25th June (Sonic Advance 3’s UK release) we’re just sitting on our thumbs here for something Sonic-y. Continue reading You’re All Talk and No Meat ^_^

Sonic Scansday Deluxe: Day 2

Good job we dedicated two days to this bumper Sonic Scansday eh? I promise you you will have the most fun with today’s update – all comic scans related! First off, the Fleetway Comics section has been improved, with Issue 7 and Issue 8‘s scans replaced with TSS’ own high quality scans now. Alongside that, courtesy of regular submitter Robert Frazer, we have two new Fleetway issues too – Issue 20 and Issue 78 are now online for you to read.

Finally, the Manga Comics section is due a bit of a makeover and information reformat, and you can read new Sonic manga at the information page for the SEGA Gag 1P Comic book, that includes Sonic and NiGHTS manga, both of which you can read right now. And that’s not even it yet. An website on the TSS Network returns today, and we know it has it’s fans for it’s innovative…ness. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here.

Update and TSS Network

Hiya everyone, second day of TSS’ return, yay! Right, let’s get the updates and site news out of the way. 

  • Cyberblade is still a lazy bum, so unfortunately you’ll have to wait a bit for your SAGE 8 Part 2 coverage. Honestly, something that should take a couple of hours… If he hasn’t done it by Thursday you can officially lynch mob him in the SSMB ^_^
  • Some links have been updated, in the Links Database and the main affiliates – Sonic World and Sonic Planet.
  • Fixed the dead links that I was aware of, if you find any more let me know. Also, realised the whole Site History section wasn’t even uploaded – D’oh! So I did that for you 🙂 Also, opened the Guestbook – I thought there was a problem with it, but it seems that there’s just an anti-flood thing on it =)
  • The TSS FTP Service is offline until further notice. You may find it online every now and then (I haven’t actually gotten the word from Fastfeet that it’s totally offline) but on the whole it’s down. It shan’t be too long until it’s back online though, and we’ll let you know when that happens 🙂

Continue reading Update and TSS Network