Yuji Naka Signed Sonic Gear Going Under The Block

Signed Sonic the Hedgehog paraphernalia amongst other video game related treasures are set to be auctioned next Saturday the 17th as part of the upcoming Hollywood Arts Dream Awards.

Straight from the press release:
The Dream Awards will host an auction on eBay with several game industry items including an audio cameo in the upcoming game HALO 3, a Master Chief statue, a tour of the Bungie Studios and signed video game paraphernalia of games such as Guitar Hero 2 and by artists such as Yugi Naki, creator of Sonic the Hedgehog. (I’m sure they meant Yuji Naka, father of Sonic the Hedgehog) Continue reading Yuji Naka Signed Sonic Gear Going Under The Block

Thank you, all

I’ve been informed today by my partner (who I developed the backend used by Sonic News with) that he’s negotiating a deal with a client, with us making minor modifications to it and selling it, for what I like to refer to as Nakabux. This deal could be the start of a nice little business venture for us, and I’m pretty damn excited as I’ve never sold any of my work before.

If you guys didn’t exist, we likely wouldn’t be making that engine as good as it is. So, thank you, for just being there and encouraging us to make the site better and our pockets deeper.