The Mystery Behind Gas Stations Using Sonic Sound Effects

If you’ve ever stopped for a snack at a local gas station convenience store, chances are you’re familiar with that jingle that plays every time the clerk scans your item. You might also be familiar with it if you’re a Sonic fan, because they both use the sound byte whenever a golden ring is collected.

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Zone Quantity, Mystery Images, and “Broniks” in Latest Sonic 4 Site Leak

This news has been bouncing around from site to site and more speculation has been running wild.

The Wiire is reporting that “Vash” from has decompiled the flash website of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and looking at the code, you can make many guesses as to what it all means.

Here’s the first bit of code that looked weird:

preorderBtn1 = new preorderBtn();

Pre-order?  Like, as in, a retail release?   The next line of code that catches my eye is “bronik.”  It is my new word (until I find one that exceeds it in cool):

<broniks text=”BADNIKS” />

One of the big questions revolves around the length of an “episode.”  The code leads us to believe that there will be 4.


The final thing found within the site is a series of buttons within some mystery image that is currently not in use:

Could this represent the 4 zones of “Episode 1?”  Could it be 4 characters (who would be the green one)?  Are Sonic and Tails teaming up with Mario and Luigi (lol)?  Do the buttons represent the four platforms that this game will release on (Wii, 360, PS3, and iPhone)?  Your guess is as good as mine.

[via The Wiire]

Sonic Team Saving a Surprise for Nintendo’s Space World

Seems like Sonic Team has a little surprise up its sleeve for the upcoming Nintendo show, Space World, in Japan. The developer will be showing off four games, three of which we know about (Phantasy Star Online for Gamecube and Sonic Advance and Puyo Puyo for Game Boy Advance). Which leaves one more unannounced title to speculate about. Interesting. Could the Gamecube be getting a Sonic game, perhaps?