Miyamoto: ‘Avoid SEGA-style design’

Nintendo mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto has gone on record to tell Wired News that the motivating factor behind the quality control in their games is to avoid the styles of other developers. Namely SEGA’s. Quoth:

I’m always instructing my game designers on the history of the characters and worlds we’ve created. Often we’re in development and I’ll say, ‘Oh, this looks like a Sega game. We need to make it look more like Mario.’

It’s a double edged sword really, I guess he has a point. On the one hand, SEGA have been doing nothing but running their old franchises into the ground lately. On another, it’s good that Nintendo distance their style so much so that no-one else’s name is tied in with Nintendogs or Wii Fit or whatever waggle fad is cool these days. And on a third hand I just created out of plasticine and sticky tape, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games felt MUCH more like a Nintendo game than a SEGA one, and that ended up stealing Nintendo’s own lunch money.

Of course, there’s a 100.1% chance he’s using SEGA as a mere example of avoiding another company’s style and not running the boys in blue into the ground, but of course we’ll wait for the million and one fanboys to start cursing Ninty’s name in the street bearing torches. Give it ten minutes.

15th Anniversary: Revenge of the Wii (Wired, via Kotaku)

Yuji Naka Interview reveals Miyamoto talks

Following on from our news report on the 18th March, the UK Nintendo Official Magazine that promises a full interview with Yuji Naka has been obtained since the magazine’s release in 14th February.

TSS and SONIC NEWS has had the magazine and full interview for a month or so now, but discussion has so far been limited to the SSMB Forums on this issue.

The interview is based mostly around the release of the new Sonic Team game, Feel the Magic XY/XX (Project Rub in Europe). There are also questions expanding on Sonic DS, more on Naka-san’s meetings with Shigeru Miyamoto, and a small tidbit on NiGHTS and Burning Rangers. The latter part of the interview sparked massive false rumours last month, particularly on GameSpot Communities, about a NiGHTS 2 and Burning Rangers 2 being developed.

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Yuji Naka Hints at Sonic & Mario

In the latest issue of NOM Magazine, Yuji Naka has a quick exclusive interview. Yuji Naka discusses a new Sonic GameCube title, as well as the new Sonic DS game. There is also a strange hint at a possible Sonic & Mario video game, we can only dream. Below is the article:

Sonic Team head, Yuji Naka, revealed two new Sonic the Hedgehog games for Nintendo in an exclusive interview with NOM in London at the end of last year.

“We are in development with a new GameCube Sonic game, which we hope to release before the end of 2005,” Naka exclusively revealed to us. “Sonic Team is also currently making a Sonic game for the DS. We are taking our time to make sure the game makes good use of the DS’s many new features.” Double whammy!

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