S&ASR Transformed to Feature ‘Mild Language’ and ‘Animated Blood’

SEGA’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed product page has updated with an ESRB rating of E10+ listing Animated Blood, Mild Language and Mild Cartoon Violence. Could the House of the Dead franchise be making a return appearance in Transformed with blood intact? If we take a look at the rating for the first game, it appears the mild language doesn’t derive from lyrics this time around. Could Shadow be returning to his d**n potty mouth ways? We expect a full rating will appear on the ESRB’s website soon. Maybe they will accidentally reveal a character again like they did with Ulala last time.

Source: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed’s SEGA of America product page (Those outside of the US will need to change the flag at the top right on SEGA’s website to view the page)