METALHOG! Meagdriver Unleash Yet More Sonic-Themed Metal!

Metal Up Your ASS

For those of us living on planet Metal, and who squealed with delight at the OC Remix Chaos Project’s renditions of tracks such as Malicious Fingers (a progressive metal cover of the Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles boss theme) and Live at the Sandopolis, there is more lead-lined tunes coming your way!

Megadriver, a Brazillian based Megadrive / Genesis tribute band (as if their name didn’t give it away) should be familliar to those on the Sonic music remix scene – a few years back they did a rather thrashy cover of the Green Hill Zone tune. There’s also a couple of nifty videos floating about on youtube of Nino, the band’s founder, and his rather awesome (and unique sounding) Megadrive Guitar! Continue reading METALHOG! Meagdriver Unleash Yet More Sonic-Themed Metal!

Sonic Shredded by MegaDriver’s Nino

Spot anything cool in this picture? Nino of Brazillian heavy metal band MegaDriver love’s Sega and the Mega Drive so much he rocks out with a guitar devoted to Sonic the Hedgehog.

This awesome axe sports a 24-fret maple neck with EMG 81 active pickups, a Floyd Rose Lo-Pro bridge and a Brazilian body of “Angelim Pedra” wood. It even has a cool Sonic 1 sprite paintjob at the top as seen here –

Jealous? I know I am. Nino we salute you.
You can view MegaDriver’s official site with video’s, galleries and MP3’s of their performances here.