Sonic Comic Review: Sonic the Hedgehog #237 and #238 “Loyalty”

Okay, Stop me if you’ve heard this before…
So Sonic and his friends go to the Shazamazon to help two tribes fight off the Dark-Egg Legion. However, these tribes known as the Wolf Pack and the Felidae (Lead by Grand Chief Lupe and Queen Hathor) have an uneasy truce with one another and are always at the brink of…oh you HAVE heard this story before! Like, two years ago, right? Well, get ready to hear it again as Sonic comics 237 and 238 give you that always puzzling question…”Was this trip REALLY necessary?”

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Mobius’ Most Memorable Mommas

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Now, we know Sonic is not exactly you’d relate to on Mother’s Day. After all, the only official mother in the Sonic games is Cream’s mom, Vanilla. But in the land of Sonic cartoons and comics, anything goes and just about every character you can think of has a mom and dad. So, the questions remains, which Mobius mama is the top pick of all time? Read on to see who my five favorites are.

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