LiVECAST: The Music Plant Zone 105 – Sound Check with The Blast Processors

Ya know, that tab is called “Videos and Podcasts” for a reason! Time to put the latter half of the title to good use!

Folks, welcome to The Music Plant Zone, SEGASonic:Radio’s remix-centric LiVECAST, taking up the mantle for BlitzChris’ Blitz n’ Pieces. Essentially integrating Sound Test Saturdays, and The Sound Check on occasion, into a one hour Saturday show, that time is spent highlighting various Sonic, SEGA, and other remixes and original tracks put together by the community.


Last night, I’ve had the honour to interview the Toronto-based SEGA music cover band called The Blast Processors, who have recently released their first EP via Bandcamp. Claiming to have come from the year 2101 in the middle of a civil war (a ripple effect of the Nintendo vs. SEGA Console War), the band is composed of Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Saturn, and The Menacer, and specializes in rock music.

You can check out The Sound Check with the Blast Processors for yourself in the Depository, where we spent most of the time discussing their EP, MAGFest hopes, an upcoming album possibly slated for release by the end of the year, the Worlds Collide Sonic and Mega Man comic crossover, and, as Team Reaverbot, their Mega Man 25th fan game, the interview sprinkled with lots and lots of Seaman.

Also included in this Sound Check are the four tunes of their EP: The Last Stand of Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Death Egg Robot of Sonic 2 fame), Sonic Boom, For Family Slain (played live as a tribute to Golden Axe), and Casualties of War (Flying Battery Zone with the Sonic & Knuckles mini-boss theme)!

Support the band by purchasing the EP (for only $3 CAD, mere pocket change!), following them on Twitter, and liking them on Facebook. To those in the area, The Blast Processors are planning some gigs not too far off in the future, so it’d be advisable to keep track!

On a related note, one of the band members also put together a free of charge Worlds Collide-themed album, where 6 select tunes from both Sonic and Mega Man franchises are redone in the opposite’s musical style! You can also download the OST of Mega Man 25th there.

Don’t forget to check out the new SEGASonic:Radio page for the station’s complete schedule. Expect a bigger SS:R presence on the site, to be phased out over the coming weeks!

SEGASonic:Radio 9 Hour Livecast for TSSMA12 – Saturday 4pm GMT

While the core of SEGASonic:Radio is still undergoing refurbishment, tradition marches on from last year as the next Sonic Stadium Music Album approaches! And you know what that means?

Around this time last year, SS:R Bossman BlitzChris streamed the entirety of the 2011 album before its release, the show having clocked in around 2 to 3 hours to a very excitable audience. In December, I teased with a 1 hour preview of the upcoming album during the SS:R Christmas Blast. By the Livecast, it clocked in at around 4 hours…

Since then, the fun has been doubled.

Clear your schedules, fake sick for work, and nestle yourself nice and comfy-like in the safety of your own home, for The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012 will be streamed in its entirety this Saturday at 4pm, GMT! The 140+ track megalith behemoth of a compilation will air on SEGASonic:Radio’s The Music Plant Zone, with me as your gracious host!

The album itself clocks in at around 8 hours, split down into 10 discs!

See you all in the chatroom on Saturday!

SEGASonic Radio is Back! Sort Of!

Oh, how long have you yearned for that fix of live broadcasting that only the SEGASonic Radio elite can provide, eh? HOW LONG. Well, a month and a bit actually, since the ‘Zone Radio Network went belly-up on us and never quite made it back. Poor little budgie. But fear not, because through the power of B’man we have taken ‘de law’ into our own hands and taken SSR back. So SSR is on local servers, or something. It’s also in OGG format. Ooh, Open Source tastes fruity doesn’t it?

SSR LiVECASTS will resume soon, as all it required on the part of our DJs is a little tweaking of certain settings on their broadcast software. I’m currently making a new SEGASonic Radio website for DJs to let everyone know when their show’s going to be delayed for the seventh week running too, but that’s not ready yet. For now, enjoy a decent (for once) quality stream using the following link! You may need a program that can run OGG, like VLC or Winamp.

The Sonic Hour will have it’s final show of the series this Sunday at 6pm GMT. It was going to be a month and a bit ago, but… well, look what happened. Be sure to hit the IRC Chat room (also linked in the top of any TSS page) and join us for our final hurrah of the year!

P.S. Yes, we didn’t have the Sonic Site Awards this year. Did you notice? Serious question.

Summer of Sonic Gets Live Internet Broadcast

Did you hear about the spectacularly awesome Summer of Sonic a little too late, or really wanted to come but couldn’t because you live too far away? Couldn’t bear the thought of missing Richard Jacques talk about his life story? Well guess what? You’re in luck.

The Summer of Sonic team have been testing a method of providing a live video feed to everyone who otherwise can’t attend the convention in person. That test being successful, you can expect a bird’s eye view of the show floor as stuff happens during the day. If we get a few willing volunteers, we may have someone walk around with said camera within the hall to give you a closer look in on the action. The best part is, you won’t miss the main stage shows such as the mega-Q&A I will apparently be hosting, and the live Sonic Hour show. Due to quality issues though, it’s unlikely we will be able to provide a live video of Richard’s awesome performance – you have to see it yourself to believe that.

Interested now? Yeah I bet you are. Gimme that funky chunky donkey.

Sonic’s Birthday: SEGASonic Radio Celebrations

17th Anniversary logo created by Professor-J from The Sonic Show

Because we’re cool like that, SEGASonic Radio is having a special weekend dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog in honour of his 17th Birthday on the 23rd. Sounds a bit silly having that sort of dedication on a radio station already dedicated to the blue hog, but don’t kill the moment eh?

There will be several two-hour slots every evening from 5pm GMT starting Friday 20th (that’s tomorrow) to Sunday 22nd, with a special joint LiVECAST with Roarey_Raccoon, Urtheart and SpeedKnux on Monday 23rd (Sonic’s big day) at 8pm GMT. Be sure to listen to SSR and hit up the IRC Chatroom (links at the top of the page) when the fun begins. Hit the link below for full details.

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SSR and TSS’ 4th Birthday – Your Suggestions?

I know it’s months away but, that gives us enough time to set things up and shiz… Right now I am trying to get 99% of the sonic music downloaded. If you have any suggestions for games, competitions, funny stuff, casts, etc. please post them here and I hope that the SSR team (Dread, Fastfeet, Spawnofsonic, Sonux, me, etc.) will take it into considerations.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO STUPID THINGS like “why not do funny things like faf about?” or “Plez play Open your Heart 1,000,000,000 times ’cause itz my fav” because:

  1. It just looks stupid
  2. We’re gonna do that anyway
  3. Music requests are for when we are already casting

I will check back here regularly to see what ideas you guys have and I will comment on what you have said and I will rate it out of 5.