UPDATE: Sonic Boom Free To Play Mobile Games Coming?

 UPDATE: 24 hours later, the account which posted this information has since been made ‘private.’ Read into that what you like.


A long time ago, it was hinted that there would be some mobile games based on the Sonic Boom brand. Whilst there has been no further confirmation on their existence, this LinkedIn listing suggests that they do/did exist in some form.

According to a listing on LinkedIn, the Director of Live Operations at Sega Networks and Three Rings Studio (both of which are Sega mobile game development studios), states that he was a point of contact for a number of Sonic Boom projects including F2p Mobile Games.

As you can see in the screen grab above, this person was the mobile F2P contact point for Sega trans-media projects, such as Sonic Boom, listed in brackets are Cartoon Network, Nintendo, toys and merchandise and the yet announced F2P Mobile games.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if this means that the games are still in production or if this was a cancelled project since there has been no other word on mobile games related to Sonic Boom since Boom was first announced over a year ago.

We’ll update you if more details come to light.

Source: LinkedIn

New Job Ad Suggests Future Sonic Boom TV Seasons Planned


A new SEGA job advertisement for a ‘Director of TV Series Production and Distribution’ has appeared over at LinkedIn displaying a keen interest to continue work on the Sonic Boom TV series. Season one is already airing in parts of the world and this fresh job advertisement strongly suggests SEGA is planning season two. The ad also states that upon evaluation the company would maybe be willing to work on further seasons and what they describe as ‘other opportunities’.

This person will act as project manager and coordinate/communicate with all parties ensuring the animation production and distribution is kept on track and the various parties are kept up to date with new developments as the TV series is in production.

Help CCO of Sonic to evaluate business models for new opportunities/subsequent seasons of Sonic Boom with recommending continuity plan of Sonic Boom.

Despite planning further seasons, SEGA is still yet to give word on when fans outside of the US and France can expect season one to air in their countries.

Would you like to see more seasons of Sonic Boom? Let us know in the comments.

Source: LinkedIn

Hardlight Working on Sonic Dash for iOS?

Sonic Dash Hardlight job posting

It appears SEGA’s UK-based Hardlight studio is working on another Sonic game for iOS called Sonic Dash following their last title Sonic Jump. In a few job advertisements for the studio posted this afternoon on LinkedIn, Sonic Dash is listed as one of their two recent successes, with Sonic Jump being the other game. SEGA has since removed the title, but luckily we screen-capped the information in the above image.

Company Description

Studio Overview

Hardlight is SEGA’s third UK based studio and is focused exclusively on creating high quality, innovative game experiences for mobile and handheld platforms.

The Studio comprises small, agile teams working on new IP & well-known SEGA IP. Project durations are 5-10 months, building on the success of their first projects on iOS – Sonic Jump & Sonic Dash – Hardlight is now working on some new & exciting projects.

The team follows an ethos of staying compact, agile and focused – combining talent from a variety of game genres and backgrounds, and welcomes applications from candidates of all levels of experience.

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