An Interview With Ken Penders

2013 Comic Con Day 4 005

Near his friend Elliot S! Maggin’s booth in the artist alley at the San Diego Comic Con sits a man who is currently criticized, respected and envied. Criticized by some Sonic comic fans who feel that his recent copyright case with Archie Comics is taking away many of their favorite characters from the Sonic book. Respected because in his tenure on the Sonic comics, he created such a legacy of characters that the comic suffers a bit with them gone. And lastly, envied by other comic creators who would give their drawing arm to have the chance of owning their creations back. To them, Penders is living out a dream come true.

With his famous mustache gone, replaced with long hair and a ponytail, also sits a man who some feel may be a bit too confident in his abilities than he realizes. His video and movie projects “The Republic” and “The Lost Ones” have still been unreleased for over five years and are still in production. Could the Lara-Su Chronicles (an upcoming series of graphic novels based on Knuckles daughter and relations set in an alternate future) suffer from the same fate? And what of his art? Many people have been very critical about his latest promotional pieces. How does he feel about that?

Read on to see Ken Penders side of the story.

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Ken Penders Continues Legal Action Against Archie

At NYCC, Archie Comics Editor in Chief Mike Pellerito said that the Penders legal challenge was ended with one phone call with Archie’s legal department. Today, Penders has released a statement on his website that “it’s not over”.

This will be short and sweet.

Contrary to claims made recently at the NYC Comic Con by Archie’s Mike Pellerito, I continue to maintain copyright ownership of characters I created and this issue has not been resolved.

My claim has merit and I continue to use every legal means at my disposal to protect and preserve my rights. It’s bizarre that Archie would make a public statement that indicates otherwise.

More later at the appropriate time.

Despite these claims, it should be noted that, according to research done by TSSZ, Penders has only been granted copyright ownership of one of his characters, Hershey the Cat. It should also be noted that many of the character’s he’s named in the past as falling under his copyright, he has not actually filed a copyright claim for. Archie has continued to release stories penned by Penders through it’s Archives series, most recently his most well known work “End Game Saga”, and will be featuring several Penders made characters it next month’s issue of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Atop the Fourth Wall Reviews Sonic Live!

Any long running comic series is going to have some duds. I’m not talking about weird changes in the canon, or rushed pace, or anything like that. I’m talking about issues so mind bogglingly bad, that it’s amazing they went all the way from concept to publication. Sonic has regrettably had quite a few of these comics, one of the most infamous of which being none other then Sonic Live!, by Ken Penders. Sonic Live!

Every writer has his or her problems and bad tendencies, and Penders from far from an exception. Though he wrote some of my favorite stories in the comic back in the day, these problems would even permeate some of these stories. They are all on display, and at their worst, in this comic, which has now been gloriously torn apart by Linkara on his show “Atop the Fourth Wall”. Atop the Fourth Wall is a comic review show on That Guy With the Glasses, a wonderful collection of reviewers. The website’s namesake, the Nostalgia Critic, actually reviewed both Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and SatAM a year ago. Regrettably, embedding code doesn’t work on TSS at the moment, so I’ve had to embed the videos in lower quality via Youtube. To see the video in it’s original quality and to leave comments in a place where Linkara will see them, go here.



Thankfully, the comic hasn’t had a story like this in a very long time, though hopefully Linkara will consider taking a look at Sonic Super Special #15.

Interview: Ken Penders

At the San Diego Comic Con in aisle 3900, across from Konami’s booth, lies Floating Island Productions. There, the head of the production company and former writer of the Archie Sonic series, Ken Penders, sits.  He is drawing a commissioned art piece of Captain America for a fan, the occasional ping-pong ball flying in from the booth next door.  To the left of his booth, a preview is shown for his upcoming internet show, “The Republic.”  The rest of his booth shows his past history with the blue hedgehog. Boxes of Sonic comics can be seen, while piles of original cover art lie at the front center of his table.

What you won’t find is the promotional poster for the upcoming Echidna book, a book involving Locke, Julie-Su and other characters related to Knuckles. “With what’s going on at the moment, I decided it would be best to leave them behind.” Chalk one up to common sense.

Ken Penders is a hard man to peg. When you meet him in person, he’s always friendly and outgoing.  Though I’m not too happy with some of the things he has said and done this year, I have a hard time being mad at him. I still see the man who greatly helped develop what Sonic and Knuckles’ world has become today.  The man who signed at my store, who loved the job he lost and is very optimistic about his future endeavors. The man who recently lost someone near and dear to him.

There is another side to Penders, however.  A side that seems self-absorbed.  A man who doesn’t seem to want to share, like a child playing in his own corner of the sandbox. He himself says he never read any of Ian’s work and only read the other writers’ works when it might affect one of his stories.  Penders only seems to care about Penders’ world.

Although he does not want to bring up the current copyright case, he did have this to say:

“I just want to let you and everyone know, these copyrights are official. I own these stories and characters. The U.S. Government recognizes it as such… Whatever some of the fans have been saying on the forums, they don’t know everything. They are misinformed on some things. That goes for what Ian posted as well.”

I decided to push the subject a bit and asked if he had signed a “Work for Hire” contract while at Archie. “No comment” was his reply.

Here is the 3-part interview. Sorry for the poor audio. It’s actually much better than what we had for the Aaron Webber interview (which was so horrible that it ended up as a transcript), but the background noise is still pretty bad.




Although I gave Penders ample time to talk about his future projects, I was surprised at just how much he wanted to focus the conversation on Sonic and Knuckles. You can tell he truly loved that world with a passion and was hurt to be taken from it. It even shows in the title of his production company. No one can read “Floating Island Productions” and not think of Knuckles’ home.

Off camera, Penders had this to say

“I hope that in the end, we can come to an agreement that will be beneficial for both myself, Archie Comics and Sonic fans.”

Let’s hope so.

(P.S. I honestly do like Ron Lim’s work on Silver Surfer and X-Men 2099. I just think his art on Sonic is horrible.)

Ex-Archie Writer Ken Penders Claims Copyright to Archie Characters & Stories

Ken Penders, as most die-hard Archie readers will know, is one of the more prolific writer/artists to have contributed to the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comic universe over the years. However it has come to light today that Penders, in a statement on his website, will be pursuing copyright claims to the stories and characters he has been responsible for creating in the past. For those who don’t follow Archie comics – this is a substantial amount of material, not only including popular characters such as Julie-Su and Geoffrey St. John, but a large amount of the Sonic & Knuckles story arcs. Penders also claims that plotlines used in the Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood title were adapted from his works.

To quote the statement on Penders’ Web page:

As for how it affects the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG titles published by Archie Comics, while it does not prevent them from publishing the SONIC series, they are not allowed to use any of my characters, concepts or stories without further discussion with my representatives. For now, they cannot reprint any of my stories in any media whatsoever, nor can they use any of my characters. Julie-Su, Geoffrey St. John, Hershey, Rob O’ the Hedge, Lien-Da, the Dark Legion along with the rest of the characters and concepts I created – including the alternative universes and future timeline – cannot appear in the series.

This could potentially affect a large number of factors in the future of the comic’s publishing, as many editions of the Archie Archives books as well as current and future story arcs, currently being written by Ian Flynn include works Penders claims property of.  Penders also states he is seeking intellectual property advice from an LA-based attorney, and also warns of cease and desist letters being issued to anyone using these characters and concepts without permission.

This is of course not the first time there has been ill feeling between Penders and Archie Comics, with Penders lashing out at Ian Flynn earlier this year.

What are your thoughts and feelings on this situation? Let us know in the comments!

You can read the rest of Penders’ statement on Ken Penders Official Website.

Again, I would like to request that comments keep in mind that both Ken, Ian and other writers and artists actively use and read the internet; out-an-out flaming and insults will be removed. Cheers! -T

The Next Ken Penders Online Chat Session

Though this chat session is this month and SSNG isn’t officially open till next month, we all know you people are sneaking in here. ^_^

I’ll be online Wednesday, May 29 at 7:00 EST in the chatroom if anyone’s interested. I’ve been so busy with work the past couple of months that it feels strange when I’m not. It’s all I can do to even respond to e-mail as well. Anyway, hope to see you there.

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