TitansCreed Community Spotlights The Sonic Show


To those unknowing, The Community Spotlight is that time when TitansCreed interviews individuals or groups who have made a mark on the Sonic community.

For this round, TitansCreed sheds the spotlight on Jamie Egge Mann and Tanner Bachnick, renowned as Discoponies and Tanner of The Sonic Show!

The Sonic Show’s New Groove

Hey, everybody!  The Sonic Show has followed suit with TSS’ WordPress update and has now launched its own, brand new WordPress site!  Updates are now more manageable for Jay to update and for you to view.  The new site is an RSS feed for you to subscribe to, so that you know when the next episode of the #1 Sonic podcast is available, or when Jay scores some rare and/or exclusive media!

The Sonic Show has been on a roll since moving here to TSS.  The show has now been downloaded 170,304 times (season 1 and 2 combined) and the most recent episode (Season 2, Episode 2) has been downloaded 8,125 times, according to the RSS feed.  Episode 1, which debuted back in February, has now reached the 15,000 download mark and is truly impressive.

Look out for Episode Three of the second season to debut after the much-anticipated Summer of Sonic.  The show will feature Unleashed news, new Sonic shorts, and I will continue to read your e-mails.  I encourage everybody who loves Sonic to tune in and to check out the new site!