This Product Description for Silver the Hedgehog is Amazing…

So in the new Entertainment Earth product catalogue, there’s a listing for GE Entertainments new Silver the Hedgehog plush. Only there’s a slight problem with the description.


… … how is that..?

Ok lets take it slowly. First of all, they’ve used the classic Sonic logo for a modern Sonic character, which to be fair is an easy mistake to make.

However… Silver the Hedgehog is now the evil boss of the Scrambled Egg Zone and he’s also a robot? A robot version of Sonic for that matter too.

Oh wait, I see the problem. They would appear to believe that this character is actually a robot version of Sonic, specifically Silver Sonic, from the Game Gear version of Sonic 2!

Well I suppose it’s an easy mistake to make, after all just look at how…



…They look look nothing like each other?

Thanks to Blue Blood who sent this in.