Exclusive M&SATOWG A2 Poster At Pure HMV

Redeem an A2 size poster printed exclusively for purehmv!

While browsing HMV’s Pure HMV reward points store to see what I can spend my 72,514 points on I spotted the above exclusive A2 sized beauty which for 5,000 points can be yours. If you aren’t already registered for Pure HMV you can sign up online or in-store, every penny spent earns you 1 point which you can save to buy exclusive merchandise on the Pure HMV store or money off vouchers to spend.

Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing PC To Be Released A Week Late?


Media retailer HMV are now listing the PC version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing for pre-orders at just £12.99, currently they are the only retailer listing this version which will be released on PC DVD ROM in Europe and PC Download in the U.S.

Looking at the listed release date, HMV have it down for 31st March 2010 which is a week later than the 26th March 2010 release date listed for the other versions on their site and many other retailers sites.

So could we be seeing the PC version released a week late? If so, why? Only time will tell, we’ll let you know when and if more information becomes available.


Sonic Hoodie Coming To HMV

Sonic Hoodie

UK retailer HMV are listing a new Sonic hoodie to be released Monday 6th July. One side of the item has Sonic’s face and his eyes on the other just like one of the Sonic Adventure t-shirt’s. The hoodie is priced at £29.99 on HMV’s website and comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. Wether or not HMV will be selling this hoodie in their stores we don’t know but we will update you on release day. HMV also stock alot of Sonic t-shirts at £9.99 each which you can check out here.