TSS Review: Classic Sonic Totaku Figures

With the popularity of Amiibo figures, it was only a matter of time before other companies followed suit. Gamestop saw the profit in this and with their “ThinkGeek” brand made their own line of exclusive, “Amiibo-ish”, non-electronic figures called Totaku. They don’t interact with your games in any way, they just look pretty on a shelf and they have a plus-shaped base that allows you to connect the bases together for a nice display. It’s a neat way to get non-Nintendo figurines to stand side by side with your Amiibo ones. There are many characters in the line-up including Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Parappa the Rapper, Sackboy, Lara Croft, Kratos and many others.

But of course, I’ll be focusing on the classic Sonic trio recently released. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are all here in their classic glory. Each one with their own fine details. I’ll be going over each one individually.


Sonic has his old finger waving pose with a 16-bit ring laying at his feet. There’s striped grass at the base with the checkerboard dirt underneath showing that he’s standing in the Green Hill Zone. This is the same for all three figures. The paint job is fairly well done with a few very tiny blemishes here and there. For instance, the white of the eyes bleed a tiny bit into the muzzle, but only if you’re looking at it from an upper angle. It’s a common flaw in Sonic figures. The ring has several different pixelated levels of colors to make it as exact to it’s game counterpart as possible which is a very nice touch.


Here he comes! Rougher than the rest of them! While he’s not guarding the master emerald, Knuckles is standing over a green chaos emerald. He’s got a cute smirk on his face and looks like he’s ready to enjoy a good fight at a moment’s notice. This is a real solid figure with no paint blemishes at all. Probably my favorite of the bunch.


Last but not least, Tails is seen flying just above the striped grass. Shown in a pose that says he’s ready to go and an adorable smile on his face, Tails paint job is also flawless. The only downside to this figure is that he has no extra object on his base. No ring, no emerald, just Tails.

Overall this figure set looks great. With the plus-shaped bases and striped grass, you can make a nice display that connects the three figures together. $10 American each isn’t too much for these quality figures. They also make a nice gift for the holidays. You can pick them up at Gamestop in the US, EB Games in Canada or GAME in the UK.

New Sonic Funko Pops Listed at Gamestop

An upcoming retail list from Gamestop has somehow leaked, and it has listings for four brand new Sonic the Hedgehog Funko Pops!

There are no images of the products themselves right now (as it is just a very early listing), but we know what the figures will be if they come out. They are as follows;

  • Sonic with Ring.
  • Sonic with Emerald (presumably a Chaos Emerald)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Dr. Eggman

The first two may just be new accessories added to the old Sonic Funko Pop that came out all the way back in 2013, but the last two would certainly be brand new, as the original line only had Tails and Knuckles in addition to Sonic.

If these do make it to store shelves, you may want to make a point of getting them while you can, as the old Funko Pops can fetch prices upwards of $100. We will be keeping an eye out for more news on the matter.

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog Collections [Facebook]

UPDATE: First Sonic Boom Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

UPDATE 2: Sega’s twitter provided a HQ PNG pic of the box for your viewing pleasure:

Bu9BMZQIEAAgIcX.png origUPDATE: Offer also available in Canada at EB Games.


An advert for the gaming store GameStop shows what appears to be the first pre-order incentive for Sonic Boom.


For all customers who pre-order Sonic Boom at a North American branch of GameStop will receive a Sonic action figure which comes with an accessory called ‘The Ancients Crystal.’ Doesn’t seem to matter if you pre-order the 3DS or Wii-U version of the game, you’ll still get your figure so long as stocks last.

Interestingly, the first pre-order bonus is an actual physical item and not digital content, typically GameStop would offer some sort of pre-order bonus code if the game supported them.

We’ll keep you up to date with any more pre-order bonuses or incentives as and when we find them.

Thanks to SSMB member LovieHats for bringing this to our attention.

GameStop giving away free $5 XBLA codes, (MIGHT only work on US accounts, your mileage may vary) (Edit: Over)


Edit @ 6:49PM EST: The promo is over, BUT, it’s actually going on for the next few weeks on Thursdays, so stay tuned for next week for another shot!… if they still have codes to give away! 😛

Original: So GameStop is giving away said codes. What do you have to do? Click on this link (just copy and paste the link on that page to your address bar) and then put in your email address, then it’ll prompt you to sign into your facebook account, do that and then confirm, and then you will right away get the code.

Someone over at NeoGAF posted this as a work around for those outside the US (or just don’t have said account period):

For everyone outside of the US, head to My Account on xbox.com, go to Payment & Billing, and hit Change My Region.

Worked for me.

So as I said, your mileage may vary, but hey, IT’S FREE!

What’s that? What does that have to do with Sonic? Easy! You can buy some games on XBLA with that code alone!

Have a look (based on the NA marketplace site):

Sonic Adventure $4.99

Sonic 1 $4.99

Sonic 2 $4.99

Sonic 3 $4.99

Sonic & Knuckles $2.99

Sonic CD $4.99

Sonic the Fighters $4.99

And a bunch of other stuff like DLC for like a buck or so.

Granted I’m uncertain if they add tax on top of those prices. Nintendo’s eShop does, Sony’s PSN does not.

Happy spending! 😀

Buy ASRT at Gamestop, Get a Hot Wheels Danicar Toy For Free


On October 10th 2012, Sega announced that anyone who purchased a copy of ASRT would receive a free Hot Wheels Danica/Danicar toy from selected retailers. However, as ASRT’s release date drew closer, many had assumed that the promotion had been cancelled as nothing more was mentioned about it.

It has been 25 days after ASRT released on the 3 main consoles, and a week after it’s release on the Vita here in the EU. Sega has now given details as to how you get the toy… You have to buy the game again!

Full press release after the break.

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Pre-Order Sonic Generations PS3/Xbox 360 at GameStop and Get an Exclusive DLC Pack

Planning on picking up the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations? Well, if you’re in the U.S. you can bag yourself an exclusive DLC pack by pre-ordering a copy of the game at GameStop.

Here’s what you can get:

* Casino Night’ Pinball Stage: Play through this all-new mini-game inspired by Casino Night’ from Sonic The Hedgehog 2′, and relive some of your favorite gaming memories in stunning HD.
* Super Sonic Costume: Give your avatar the ultimate make-over with the iconic super transformation’ character.
* Theme: Give your console the ultimate Sonic experience with a theme created exclusively for this pack.

Source: GameStop

Thanks to SSMB member Eternal Awesomeness for the heads up!

RUMOUR: Sonic Generations Coming to Nintendo 3DS?

We’ve just heard word from SSMB member Hero of Legend that his local GameStop store in Canada is listing a portable version of Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS. The game is currently scheduled to just be coming to Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 consoles.

Here’s Hero of Legend’s report:

So I went to my local GS in Canada, and I asked if the person working there could print out their system game schedule, as their websites suck now for new game findings (US and Canada sites).

So I looked in the 3DS section, and found this:

Release Date – Description – System – Price – SKU

12/31/11 – SONIC GENERATIONS – 3DS – 39.99 – 7031719

It’s not in the Wii or DS section sadly. But this makes sense given the 3DS’ PS360 shading capabilities.

A Sonic game was listed to be coming to Nintendo 3DS in a press document at last year’s E3 and recently it was revealed that Nintendo Power’s latest issue hints at the possibility of Sonic Generations coming to a Nintendo platform(s) in its next issue page. Fellow fansite Sonic Paradise also reported in March that the SEGA representative they spoke to in October told them that ‘Sonic Anniversary’ would be coming to Nintendo 3DS. If true, this would all tie together perfectly.

If we hear any more news regarding this, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Source: SSMB

Thanks to Hero of Legend for the heads up!

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing/Sonic Unleashed PS3 2 Pack Released

A combo pack of games has been quietly released in the U.S. over a week ago on November 19th at popular video game retailers GameStop and EBGames. Released by COKeM International Ltd, the pack contains 2010’s well received kart racer Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and 2008’s not so well received (half of the game at least) Sonic Unleashed. This duo retails at the discount price of $34.99, saving you $5 on the RRP they both sell for separately, and could be a great gift idea for PS3 owning Sonic fans this Christmas.

Grab it now at GameStop and EB Games.

Source: PS3Stuff

GameStop Interview SEGA’s Aaron Webber (RubyEclipse)


GameStop (that’s not a typo, I do mean GameStop not GameSpot) are at E3 and have managed to grab the above interview with SEGA of America Community Manager Aaron Webber or RubyEclipse as alot of you will know him. Aaron is asked about Valkyria Chronicles 2 on PSP and Vanquish on Xbox 360/PS3 but if you skip to the 3:13 mark he speaks about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Aaron reiterates the announcement a short while back regarding the games extra development time that’s been added to implement fan feedback to the game while also reaffirming the fact that the E3 demo contains just a few changes with more to come. As soon as we hear about the further edits we’ll let you know.

ASR To Have 20 Characters And 24 Tracks?

gamestop walmart

U.S. retailers Gamestop and Walmart have updated their product pages for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing with some new tid-bits of information. If the information is true the game will have 20 characters and 24 tracks total.

Here’s the information as listed on their site’s –

* Party racing fun Battle it out in single player, challenge your friends in 4 player split-screen or compete in 8 player online action! Game modes include Grand Prix, Arcade and Time Attack.
* All your favorite racers Choose from 20 different characters from the Sonic & SEGA universe including Sonic, Tails, AiAi and Amigo.
* High Velocity Vehicles Every character drives their own unique vehicle including sports cars, bikes, monster trucks, planes and even a giant banana to perform special maneuvers!
* All-Star moves Race by a competitor with a variety of pick-up weapons (missiles, mines and other obstacles) or one of the 20 unique character moves such as Tails’ tornado, Samba’s conga line, and much more!
* Stunning visuals Race over medieval castle ramparts, under lush rainforest canopies and through bustling cityscapes as you battle through 24 challenging tracks from the Sonic and SEGA Universe.

The information looks like a legit press release of sorts that SEGA could have passed on to retailers but we’ll wait for a full confirmation from SEGA/Sumo Digital. In terms of the character and track totals, we could hopefully see more via downloadable content though if the leaked box art info is right plus Sumo Digital have previously expressed an interest in it so fingers crossed.

Sonic Unleashed: US 360 Release Date Broken?

It appears that certain retailers in America are flatly ignoring Sega’s release date for the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed, with images from NeoGAF and other community websites of retail copies in their homes. The Wii and PlayStation 2 versions of the game were released on Tuesday, but the Xbox 360’s was to be held back until the 24th or 25th  November (depending on who you believe; North American retailers usually put new stock on shelves every Tuesday).

So, what happened? If it’s true, it’s possible that various GameStop stores are confused in thinking that the 360 version of Unleashed is to be on sale with the Wii and PS2 ones. Regardless, if Sega were able to get the 360 stock to stores early in the first place, it would make the original staggered release date somewhat pointless.

In any case, it reminds us of the good old Dreamcast days in Europe, where retailers completely disregarded Sega Europe’s release dates and put games on shelves a whole week before official sale. Ah, Shenmue, how perfect the extra week I had with you was.

Good luck in getting a copy early though, all you American readers – if Sega start slapping retailer’s wrists for this release date break, you may soon find yourself at a store reluctant to sell you one.

Official NA Release Date: Broken! It’s out – SSMB (Image from NeoGAF)

What is ‘Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection’?

A hawk-eyed TSS reader has informed us about “Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection” (highlighted), which is listed in Gamestop’s latest release schedule. Priced at $29.99 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and due for release on the 10th February 2009, it appears SEGA haven’t yet given up on providing all of Sonic’s classics to current consumers. It makes sense – with half the community bitching about how much better the Mega Drive games were (which I can’t say doesn’t hold merit) it seems wise to let new gamers experience the hedgehog’s glory days. For fans, it opens up a whole new world of speculation — will SEGA provide loads of meaty bonus content ala Sonic Jam this time? Will players actually be able to play Chaotix without locating a 32X? What the heck does that mean for those that purchased Sonic 1 and 2 from Xbox Live Arcade?

Before we all go jumping the gun though, it’s important to note that SEGA haven’t officially announced such a title. Having said that, retailer’s secret schedules are regularly a source for getting to know of new projects ahead of time. Jot this down in your Sonic filofaxes as a ‘rumour’ for now. Many thanks to our anonymous tipster who sent this in – top stuff.

Sonic Chronicles pre-order bonus at Gamestop

U.S. video game retailer Gamestop are offering Sonic Chronicles pre-order customers a character themed 3-pack stylus set . Each stylus is colour matched to the character tag hanging off the top. They come in Sonic, Knuckles and Shade flavours bearing official Sonic Chronicles artwork.

You can pre-order the game here .

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is due for release on Nintendo DS this September.