Gamespot AU interview Bioware’s Joel MacMillan

Gamespot AU have interviewed Bioware’s Joe MacMillan about Sonic Chronicles. There’s nothing really new here but Joel did mention the Realtime Button Input system for your POW moves will get harder as you level up those moves.

GS AU: Tell us about the combat system. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s a mix of turn-based with some real-time action.

JM: That’s correct. Combat’s been engineered to play out as ‘Rounds’, to help illustrate a feeling of speed. To accentuate that, there’s a Realtime Button Input system we have that coincides with combat. During the team’s Power Moves, the player will have to successfully accomplish a small Button and Stylus sequence in order to deliver a maximum damage attack. It’s actually a lot of fun–as the player levels up their power moves, the Realtime Button Input gets more difficult. It’s a good way to keep the player on their toes.

Not very rewarding for your level-ups but hopefully this means the POW moves will get more powerful in connection with the harder inputs.

Full interview can be found here.