Sound Test Saturday: A Funky Premiere of Green Symphonies!

Hello, readers! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week through April’s first seven days. If not, then hopefully this is the sort of that is sure to boost your spirits! Ladies and gentlehogs, you are now reading the premiere article of an all new weekly column: Sound Test Saturday! Just like Mash-Up Mondays feature music mash-ups between Sonic and any other party, Sound Test Saturdays will highlight music – original compositions, covers, or remixes – made by the Sonic community. That’s right! Sound Test Saturdays will concentrate on music created by you! Continue reading Sound Test Saturday: A Funky Premiere of Green Symphonies!

Sonic Show Presents A Fan-Made Sonic Live Action Movie!

Charahyde Beryl copy

Even though Discoponies is on holiday at a secret location he still has time to post some fantastic things over at the Sonic Show. Today he’s posted something a little unique. Jim Sass, the guy who runs Sasso Studios has put together along with a cast of family and friends, a full-length Sonic fan-movie…

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BlueTube: Knuckledusting Animatic Is Awesome

Project Chaos, the fanmade Sonic 3 & Knuckles remix album released in 2006, is awesome. Undeniably, categorically so. There are a few spotty tracks in it though – Dan Baranowsky’s ‘Knuckleduster’ being one of them. So anything that makes the rubbishy songs on an awesome album look or feel closer to awesome is in fact, awesome news (still with us?). Which is why this, an animatic created by artist ‘Thweatted’ to complement the song, is… well… awesome. Does anyone else need further proof that Sonic the Hedgehog should revert back to his classic style?

SSMB Topic

Sonic Adventures: TSSNET Comic Coming Soon

The Sonic Stadium will soon be host to a new Sonic the Hedgehog comic, due to release its first edition in Spring 2008. Here’s some information direct from the comic’s creators, Cleardream productions.

The comic is based primarily on the Sonic games, however it borrows elements from other continuities to create something fresh, exciting, and unique. The comic also aims to engage more mature readers and long term fans by portraying a more darker side to the Sonic universe as well as having a mature theme. Continue reading Sonic Adventures: TSSNET Comic Coming Soon

Help Name New Enemy Race in Sonic Chronicles

The Sega of Europe Sonic blog, “Sonic City Blognik”, has announced that Sega Europe will be running a poll between March 3rd and March 14th, to allow fans to determine the name for a new enemy raise in Sonic’s upcoming RPG adventure, “Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood”.

The poll will be available on the Sonic City website. The winning name will be announced March 15th.

Sonic the Comic up for Award Nomination

The Eagle Awards, a British comic awards ceremony, has begun taking votes for possible nominees for the 2007 Eagle Awards. Sonic the Comic Online, as well as several creators from the official series, are now selectable in their online nomination form.

Sonic the Comic Online is selectable in the following sections:

  • Favorite Web Based Comic
  • Favorite Comics Related Website
  • Favorite Colour Comic (British)
  • Favorite Cover of 2006 (two entries)
  • Favorite Comics Character (Sonic)

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Sonic 3 & Knuckles Remix Project Released!

Led by SnappleMan and KungFuChicken, Project Chaos is a long in-progress re-arrangement project with a single goal – make badass remixes of the music from good ol’ Sonic 3 & Knuckles! As an extra FastFeet Media exclusive, the tracks are also available for download from the FFM FTP!

The tracklist is as follows:

Disc 1 (Sonic 3)

SnappleMan – Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles (Title)
KungFuChicken! – The Wait is Over! (Data Select)
Rexy – Divided from Grace (Angel Island)
Daniel Baranowsky – Caution-Echidnas May Eat Your Brain (S3 Boss 1)
housethegrate – Walk on Water (Hydrocity)
Daniel Baranowsky – Knuckleduster (Marble Garden)
Hadyn – Three Ring Nightfall (Carnival Night)
Hetcenus – That Freezing Feeling (IceCap)
Gecko Yamori – Elevator Music (Launch Base)
GaMeBoX – Robotnik Radio (S&K Boss 1) Continue reading Sonic 3 & Knuckles Remix Project Released!

Panovation Not Making Sonic MMO

If you’ve been bouncing around internet rumours the past few weeks, you may have heard of a company called ‘Panovation Studios’, a brand new games developer that was reportedly creating an “online Sonic the Hedgehog RPG”.

But the confusion is finally cleared, as Panovation Studios have shut down their online website – the “unofficial-but-official” Sonic the Hedgehog online RPG was never in development.

The Sonic Stadium contacted Mark Greig, chairman of Panovation, for a statement after noticing the studio website had been taken completely offline for several days. According to Greig, the Sonic Online RPG was a complete fabrication by “somebody” that has yet to be caught. It would appear that whoever started these mass rumours played on the studio’s history to make it sound more believeable. Continue reading Panovation Not Making Sonic MMO

Sonic ORPG: Panovation Explained

Some days ago TSS reported on a confirmed Sonic online project, although it was not to be revealed by SEGA or SONICTEAM, but rather a small starting company called Panovation Studios.

A special interview on the SEGA Boards, a complete denial of a project existing by SEGA themselves and masses of rumours fired up by fans turned what was assumed as an “official” title to be slammed as nothing more than vapourware, and even stating that such a project does not exist. Continue reading Sonic ORPG: Panovation Explained

New SatAM-Based Fan Cartoon, ‘Fight 4 Freedom’, Announced

Information has been passed to The Sonic Stadium of an upcoming future Sonic animation appearing on your screens. Except, this animation will be showing on your PC Screens, not your Television. Enter the latest (if there was any previous) Sonic Fan Animation to hit the Internet, Fight 4 Freedom. Continue reading New SatAM-Based Fan Cartoon, ‘Fight 4 Freedom’, Announced

Fan Team Aims to Revive Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog With New Animation

A Sonic fan cartoon, NAoStH is being created! It’s been in development for quite a while but now it’s finally getting into the animation production stage. The episodes will be downloadable in .exe format with DVD style menus and features. Continue reading Fan Team Aims to Revive Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog With New Animation