Empire City & Adabat DLC Hits U.S. and Japan PSN! EU Waits

SEGA of America must be feeling generous as the new Adventure Pack released on Xbox Live today has hit the U.S. Playstation Store today too aswell as the Japanese Playstation Store. The European Playstation Store also updated today but hasn’t received this pack or its long awaited Mazuri Adventure Pack.

If you U.S. PS3 Unleashed owners are interested in this new Adventure Pack it’s another double pack like the Apotos and Shamar Adventure Pack, costs just $2.99 and consists of 5 daytime stages and 4 nighttime stages. SEGA have revealed in the packs description on Xbox Live at least(don’t know if its the same on the Playstation Store description) that this will be the last piece of downloadable content –

Download all-new Empire City & Adabat adventures! For the final downloadable pack, play five daytime & four nighttime stages that range from a high-rise metropolis to an exotic jungle strewn with ancient ruins.

That’s Xbox Live, U.S. and Japan PSN wrapped up but we’ll keep you posted on if and when the European Playstation Store get’s its two missing Adventure Packs.