Long-Lost High Quality ‘Sonic and the Secret Rings’ Gameplay Videos From 2006 Re-Discovered

E3 2006 was a crazy-exciting time for Sonic for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest was the blue blur’s first run on Nintendo’s Wii console. Sonic and the Secret Rings was an interesting new style of platformer, and so there was a lot of interest in its reveal. Now, we’ve managed to find some long-lost videos of the game’s first-ever gameplay from E3 2006 – check them out!

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Sonic 2006 wins Gamespot peoples choice award

Congratulations are in order for Sonic Team as the fandom rejoices at the apparent return to form for the 2006 Sonic game aptly named Sonic the Hedgehog (working title). Apparently this is not just a mentality shared by the fans, because the many game journalist that attended the E3 show were more than optimistic for the spiky ones first next generation outing.

The popular game site Gamespot held a vote, called E3 2006 Peoples Choice Winner, whereby its members were able to vote for their favourite game from a wide selection of those showcased during E3. In total 20 games were voted hottest in show, although none were ranked in terms of the number of votes. Sonic made it into the line-up winning the members of Sonic Team a celebratory hamper which they were keen to show off on Sonic Channels staff column and its E3 article. Continue reading Sonic 2006 wins Gamespot peoples choice award

Wii me and PS3

There’s been a mixing pot of Sonic news lately, none of which has been deserving of a full-blown article, which is why Sonic News has rounded them up into handy little news reports.

SEGA’s FPS a phantom of it’s former self?

In Japan there have been rumours suggesting that, due impart to an absences from E3, Fifth Phantom Saga (developed by Sonic Team) for the PS3 had been canned. HarihariSonic of Japanese Sonic fan site Act Select quelled these rumours by revealing SEGA were still listing the game down on its products page of their Japanese site.

For anybody interested in Fifth Phantom Saga you can visit the official Japanese site here: Fifth Phantom Saga

Sonic Wild Fire E3 demonstration

Gamespot has a video of the Sonic Wild Fire demonstration members of the press were show during E3 available to download for registered members here. Continue reading Wii me and PS3

E3: The Silver Surfer

Hot from the E3 show floor, our US correspondent Newton has discovered more about Silver’s role in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog for PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360.

Sonic is constantly referred to as the ‘Iblis Trigger’, and this means that something the blue blur does will bring to life some evil coming (most likely the huge lava-esque demon creature seen in the E3 Trailer). Silver has travelled from the future to the exact point the ‘Iblis Trigger’ occurence is about to take place in order to stop Sonic from making it happen.

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LIVE FROM E3: Sonic Wild Fire

From LAdude: Sonic Wild Fire to be the first game that features Sonic in a solo adventure in 15 years, since the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

From Psychobob: The latest intrigue comes in the form of Sonic Wild Fire, an Arabian Nights inspired adventure covered in this earlier report by Kieran R. Since then we have had new gameplay footage, reports from IGN, an interview curtsey of Gamespot, and SEGA’s Sonic Channel promoting the official Sonic Wild Fire site. And let us not forget SEGA of Americas Sonic the Hedgehog page. Continue reading LIVE FROM E3: Sonic Wild Fire

E3 2006: SEGA annouce Sonic Wild Fire for Wii

SEGA have dropped the bomb again with their announcement earlier today of yet another new Sonic title, Sonic Wild Fire for the Nintendo Wii. SEGA currently have not released any screens or media other than the below image of Sonic holding a Wii-mote, but have been rather generous with story and gameplay details. Continue reading E3 2006: SEGA annouce Sonic Wild Fire for Wii

E3 2006: SEGA announce Sonic Rivals for PSP

The lead up to E3 never fails to disappoint us fans on the Sonic front, and it seems 2006 will be no exception. SEGA today announced what could be the first of more brand new Sonic titles, Sonic Rivals, for the Sony PSP. Much has been revealed in this first Sonic-related E3 2006 press release from SEGA, including game details, the story background and even some early screenshots. Continue reading E3 2006: SEGA announce Sonic Rivals for PSP