Hi-Ho Silver Away! Next Wave of Jazwares Figures Hit Toys R’ Us

Jazwares just keep them coming don’t they! Wave two of the 3″ figures are reportedly hitting the shelves of Toys R’ Us state-side, with the line-up including Silver the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Werehog. If you want to see some pictures of them out of the packet head over to the Sonic Stadium Message board, where SSMB’er Aquaslash has been kind enough to post up some pictures.

Finally, we can now get our hands on a Silver the hedgehog we can play with, rather than having to make our own.¬† Personally I think they’re a little on the chunky side, but there again if you’re going to make figures that size, you’re going to loose detail for posability.

Thanks to Foxwhisker for the heads up!