Yakuza 3 Demo on PSN

Popular German gaming site ‘Gamefront’ reported earlier today that SEGA are planning to release a downloadable demo of the highly anticipated PS3 exclusive Yakuza game sometime this January.

The game is set for release in Japan on March 6th of this year and the demo has not yet been confirmed it’ll be showing its face on the US or EU Playstation Network.

Those unfamiliar with the series can check out the Japanese website for the upcoming game here or brush up on your knowledge of the previous titles at Wikipedia.

Yakuza has become a big franchise for SEGA, with promise that this third title in the series will not disappoint.

Phantasy Star Universe Demo Hits Xbox

Own an Xbox 360? Have Xbox Live? Itching to try out PSU, but you don’t want to throw down $60 before you try it? Nows your chance to test it out, as it turns out that Sega has a new demo PSU up on Xbox Live’s Market Place. It will be up on Marketplace until Monday.

As an added bonus, anyone who logs in, plays, and buys a Guardian License will receive a free “Real Handgun”, seen above. Hm, that hand looks awfully familiar…

If you already own and play the game, just download the demo and play it for a few minutes to get the item yourself. I’m sorry I didn’t get this up sooner, I only just found it.

Sonic The Hedgehog XBox 360 Demo Released

After taunting us with barrages of screens and trailers, SEGA has finally come good with a playable demo of the much anticipated upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog title. Available now via the Xbox 360 Marketplace in the US and Japan, the demo weighs in at 315MB including a short playable Sonic stage and a trailer for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, included as part of Microsoft’s current “Bring it Home” campaign for the upcoming X06 event.

Given that it’s one of the smallest downloadable demos available, there’s no excuse why any Xbox 360 owner or Sonic fan shouldn’t grab it immediately. As first comments about the demo are just beginning to slowly trickle in, check back later today for some early impressions.

Over the next few days TSS will too be overhauling a major content update, make sure you check out the TSS Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic And The Secret Rings pages later this week for the much overdue but well worth the wait updates.

UK Sonic Adventure 2 Release Possibly May; Demo to Launch with PSO

Those of you waiting for SA2 to be arriving anytime soon, it ain’t gonna happen. Don’t you just HATE rumours? >_< According to the ODM (Official Dreamcast Magazine), the game is expected to be pushed to May in the UK. That’s a probable mean delay, but hey, hopefully Sonic Shuffle will be released in-between as a fill-gap? Or maybe not… 🙁 Continue reading UK Sonic Adventure 2 Release Possibly May; Demo to Launch with PSO

Sonic Adventure 2 Demo Released in USA

Hey, we have an UPDATE here, people! The most anticipated Sonic game ever has been released in the USA in the form of a demo. Those lucky Americans able to play a preview version of Sonic Adventure 2. My web buddy Kulock has reviewed it, for any of you desperate to find out how it plays. CLICK HERE to find out from the Moogle man himself! Continue reading Sonic Adventure 2 Demo Released in USA